Christmas Wish

Submissions for this form are closed.

This program is for people who may have fallen on temporary hard times.

  • Such as Illness, death in the family, sudden unemployment… people who would most likely just resign themselves to a small or no Christmas. People who wouldn’t ask for help… just tighten things up and get by.

Privacy is respected.

  • Neither the writers of the wishes or the recipients are ever divulged but it is vital that you include your name and phone number with your wish. Follow-ups calls must be made and without a name from the wish submitter, WE CANNOT FOLLOW-UP. Unfortunately, it seems every year we receive wishes that we want to help, but have no way of contacting anyone… and that does not help the people that wishes are submitted for. Please, please put your names and phones numbers on your wish.

We assess each wish individually

  • In years past we have provided gift certificates for groceries, Christmas trees, gifts for children… help with bills.. and some things as simple as a gift basket…


  • Our wish submission portion of the Christmas Wish campaign has come to an end, but you can still donate to help those in need. It is because of YOU, and your generous donations, that this campaign is possible. Monetary donations are best, as that allows flexibility with what can be done to best benefit wish recipients. Volunteers are the heart of this program. They shop and wrap… that is so very important. We welcome all help. Please contact Jim, Margo, or Liz at 672-7421 if you’d like to help.

Submitting wishes

The deadline for Christmas wish Submissions has ended.