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Elk Populations Booming Ahead of Hunting Season

WyoFile.com- As elk hunting season begins sportsmen and -women will find — or seek to find — more than 104,800 elk in the state, a figure 31 percent above Wyoming Game and Fish Department objectives.

Analysis: Friess Chooses National Issues for Governor’s Race Announcement

WyoFile.com- Jackson based GOP megadonor Foster Friess announced his candidacy for governor recently following a wide-ranging and seemingly unscripted speech at the Wyoming Republican Party Convention.

Draft Budget Relies On Savings, Avoids Major Cuts

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WyoFile.com- The Joint Appropriations Committee drafted a budget bill last week that would put money back into some agencies hard-hit by previous cuts but also require Gov.

Pot Penalties Could Expand

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WyoFile.com- The Joint Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider two bills that could close an edible marijuana “loophole,” clearing the way for more felony pot prosecut

Could Bannon’s Prince Disrupt Wyoming’s GOP?

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WyoFile.com-A former chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party said Erik Prince and his anti-establishment backer, Steve Bannon, don’t understand Wyoming, and their entry into a senate race could damage political discourse here.

Lawmakers Skip Revenue Meeting for Phoenix Convention

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WyoFile.com- Three lawmakers on the Joint Revenue Committee missed a committee meeting about new options for the state’s fiscal situation in Buffalo in order to attend a convention on changing the U.S. Constitution in Phoenix last week.

Residents Worry State Coal Ambitions Overshadow Public Input

WyoFile.com- A seven-member state council, with two members recusing themselves, is slated to decide the fate of a controversial new coal mine permit when it convenes today in Cheyenne.

Legislature’s Auditing Committee Works Behind Closed Doors

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WyoFile.com- Lawmakers last Wednesday voted to withhold from the public a report on the effectiveness of a state program for treating developmental disabilities in children.

Bebout: “Silent Majority”Opposes Tax Increases

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WyoFile.com- The powerful president of the Wyoming Senate, who led successful opposition to new revenue for education four months ago, told key lawmakers last week he remains opposed to new taxes.

New-Carbon Jobs May Not Rescue State’s Coffers

WyoFile.com- For a state wanting to diversify its economy to reduce dependence on the energy industry, any venture that would bring new jobs seems like a good thing. But whether new jobs help or hurt Wyoming’s constricting revenue pool would depend on who fills them, various government officials say.

Coal lawyers try to stifle citizens’ comments against mine

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WyoFile.com- Dr. David Bagley, the chairman of the Environmental Quality Council, overruled Ramaco lawyers’ objections and said the four area residents would be allowed to testify in the proceedings on the mine permit.

Rearing captive sage grouse could offset losses, True says

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WyoFile.com -The newest member of Wyoming’s sage grouse team said he would seek to use grouse raised at his bird farm to offset or mitigate the effects of development, if farm rearing is successful.

Can Wyoming citizens help stop “dark money?”

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WyoFile.com -Ken Chestek says he was blindsided by political mailers attacking his opponent in last fall’s race for House District 46.

Vore Buffalo Jump Prepares for Spring Student Flood

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WyoFile.com - Jackie Wyatt has seen the sinkhole hundreds of times. She’s looked at the bone beds.

Mead Calls Legislature’s Spending Cuts Unnecessary

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WyoFile.com - The Legislature’s proposed budget cuts are unnecessary and could hurt Wyoming citizens and slow efforts to diversify the state’s economy, Gov.

Lawmakers Put Mountain Biker Fees on Hold

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WyoFile.com - The Wyoming Legislature hit the brakes late Tuesday on a bill to charge mountain bikers using public lands.

For Wyoming Coal’s Future, a Gillette Senator Looks to the Past

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WyoFile.com - Few in Gillette mind waiting at train crossings, sometimes for 10 minutes or more. Few here worry about coal dust blowing off the tops of the cars and polluting local waterways.

The Ghosts of Wild Elections Past - Nationally and in Wyoming

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WyoFile.com - Elections are a big deal: this is a democracy, after all. So no wonder they get wild.

More Than Just a Trophy: Hunting for Empowerment

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WyoFile.com - The morning fog had finally burned off and Tonya Lewman could now see everything, the sagebrush glittering as the frost melted, the hills rising from prairie and a small group of antelope near a draw in the di

Two Elk Developer Charged with Federal Criminal Fraud

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WyoFile.com - Federal prosecutors have charged Michael J. Ruffatto, developer of the once-proposed Two Elk coal-fired power plant near Gillette, with criminal fraud for bills he submitted under a 2009-2010 federal stimulus grant to research carbon storage on his site in rural Campbell County, according court documents obtained by WyoFile.