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Notorious Miss Wyoming-World Set Bar Very High for Crazy Antics

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There have been many weird stories and odd people during the 127 years of Wyoming’s history.

For example, there was the guy who parachuted onto the top of Devil’s Tower in 1941.

Future of Energy as Seen From a Texas Point of View

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The cold wind is blowing, the snow is piling up and the temperatures are plummeting in Wyoming as I write this . . . from Texas, where it is 74 degrees!

We make an annual trip to north Dallas each January and it seems that I always learn something about energy that can be applied to Wyoming.

Looking back at 2016: Beyond the Obvious

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When I look back on 2016, it seems to me that Wyoming people need to face a true reality check.

It is time for people to realize that the current “bust” might be what we should be considering the “new normal” here in the Cowboy State.

Welcome to Donald Trump Country; New president offers economic hope

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Wyoming got good economic news early Wednesday morning with the national election of Donald Trump as president and Liz Cheney as our new U. S. Representative.

Liz Cheney Bounces Back from 2014 Political Fiasco

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The biggest political mystery to me over recent years is who in the world convinced Liz Cheney to go after incumbent Mike Enzi in the 2014 U. S. Senate race?

People You Meet, Events You Experience Create the Individual That You Become

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Back in 1978, I hired a group of young men in their mid-20s who all grew up to be powerhouse publishers. But back then, they were raw, ambitious and a handful to deal with, for sure.

Sheridan County Fair Results

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Beef Fitting Results

Grand Champion Team – Haley Timm, Jhett West, Nick Albrecht
Reserve Grand Champion Team – Kayce Pearce, Braden West, Moray Ankney

Round Robin Results

Senior Grand Champion – Gabrielle Koltiska

Sheridan County Fair Results

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Beef Show

Champion Senior Showman – Kayce Pearce
Reserve Champion Senior Showman – Haley Timm
Champion Intermediate Showman – Braden West
Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman – Olivia Chase
Champion Junior Showman – Jhett West

Sheridan County Fair Results

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Static Exhibit Results – Overall Champions

FFA – Paden Koltiska
Photography – Emma Balstad
Western Arts – William Albrecht
Food & Nutrition – Samantha Lamb
Fiber Arts – Emmalee Hoopes
STEM – Cade Relaford
Visual Arts – Alexina Birkholz
Animal Sciences – Annamae Hoopes

Camp 3 Rotation

May 8, 2016 – The climb to Camp 2 took seven hours the last of which was hell. Though we left at 3:00 am the sun was up as was the temperature. The heat radiating through the Western Cwm by 9:00 was draining.

What Do You Do When Those Good Mining Jobs Go Away?

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Part 1 of 2 - It is a recession when you lose your job. It is a depression when I lose mine. – Old saying.

Wyoming, Russia and Saudi Arabia; Three Approaches to Fossil Fuel Decline

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As a state that relies on fossil fuels for much of its economic success, it is interesting to equate Wyoming’s energy job recession with nations with a similar destiny such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.

State GOP Delegation May Have Up-Down Vote on Donald Trump

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Have you ever seen anything like the current political race for president of the United States?

State Strikes Deal to Secure 18.5% of Arch’s Bond Obligation

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by Dustin Bleizeffer | Wyofile.com

Friendly People All Over Northeast Part of the State: Douglas-Bill-Gillette-Sheridan

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It is amazing the difference a year can make in Wyoming when it comes to the economy.

Clay James was Mr. Hospitality for the Tetons and for the State

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My first chance to watch the late Clay James in action was when he was helping to preserve world peace from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 1989.

Fed Scientists Question Grouse Strategy

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by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. | WyoFile.com

Natural and human factors make it unlikely a proposed federal network of greater sage grouse conservation habitat will stay intact, the government’s own scientists say.

Today’s Information Superhighway Often Requires a 24/7 Workweek

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When I told my kids that I was going to write a column about their 24/7 workweeks, they looked at me like I was a Neanderthal.  Most of them have been available by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, cell or other means 24/7 from their bosses or colleagues for as long as they can remember.

2015 Sheridan County Fair Results

Sheridan County Fair Results to Date