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Crunch Time

There are 4 days left until the 2019 General Session of the Wyoming Legislature is finished. Sheridan Media’s Rustin Burr checks in with his report from day two in Cheyenne.

A Day at the 2019 General Session

The 65th Wyoming Legislature only has 5 days remaining in the 2019 General Session. Sheridan Media’s Rustin Burr is in the state’s Capital and provided a report from his first day.

Jennings Talks Completed Bills

Over 50 bills from the 2019 General Legislative Session have been signed into law by Governor Mark Gordon, with more on to be signed in the coming days.

Kinner on Committee Bills

As the 2019 General Session nears the end of the road, at least one local member of the 65th Wyoming Legislature would like to see committee sponsored bills make it to the finish line.

Women Suffrage Day Bill

Wyoming is known as the Equality State and a big reason for that relates to women.

Western Talks SF118

Senate File 118 was recently passed by a unanimous vote through the House Revenue Committee.

Kinner: 7 Days Left in Session

The 2019 General Session of the 65th Wyoming Legislature is drawing to a close with less than two weeks remaining.

Kinskey Talks 24/7 Bill

A bill that would change the way the Wyoming judicial system treated substance abuse cases has made its way almost to fruition in the state legislature.

Jennings Comments on Remaining Legislation

With the 2019 General Session coming to a close, there are still plenty of bills that are being worked on by the 65th Wyoming Legislature.

Kinner Supports Veterans Facility Placement in Buffalo

The legislation that would place a veterans skilled nursing facility in Buffalo, Sheridan, or Casper has gone through a rocky road. There have been several attempts to switch the location from the committee recommended placement of Buffalo but as of yet, those amendments have all been unsuccessful.

Senate Prepared Bills to Ensure Spending Stays Minimal

Local Representative Mark Kinner was confused by what he called the Senate “suspending their rules” to ensure that there was a contingency plan if the two bodies did not come to an agreement on the state’s supplemental budget.

House Bill 220

The National Retail Fairness Act has passed the Wyoming House and is now in the Senate Corporations Committee. Local Representative Mark Kinner explains what House Bill 220 would do.

Western Talks Campaign Finance Reform Bills

Wyoming Promise is an organization that believes campaign finance reform is needed in order to make elections free and fair. A bill that they support has made its way through the Wyoming House and has been introduced and referred to committee in the Senate.

Jennings Voices Support for SCSD2 Principal Academy Funds

Before the Wyoming House of Representatives passed their version of the 2019 Supplemental Budget on third reading, Local Representative Cyrus Western added an amendment to appropriate $100,000 to Sheridan County School District 2.

SF 43 Would Expand Hathaway Scholarship Eligibility

A bill that would expand the state’s Hathaway Scholarship Eligibility is making its way through the 65th Wyoming Legislature.

Kinskey Talks SF 147

Local Senator Dave Kinskey is the Sponsor of Senate File 147 and it passed the Senate on 3rd reading by a unanimous vote.

Jennings on Supplemental Budget

The Wyoming House and Senate bodies have different ideas of how much funding should be appropriated in the 2019 Supplemental Budget. There is also disagreement within the bodies as neither House Bill 1 nor Senate File 1 passed their body of origin unanimously.

Kinner: House Confused by Senate Actions Regarding Budget

Although it is not the main item of the 2019 General Session of the 65th Wyoming Legislature, the supplemental budget bill has received a lot of attention from legislators in both the House and the Senate.

Jennings Pleased HB299 was Defeated

House Bill 299 regarding investment of public funds was a bill that at least one local legislator was concerned with.

Kinskey Comments on Mountain Daylight Time Bill

A bill that would be a first step towards stopping the spring forward, fall backwards mechanics associated with Daylight Savings Time in Wyoming, has made its way through the full house and has come out of committee for debate on the Senate floor.