Swap Shop

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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
If you would like to be on Swap Shop, please keep the following rules in mind:

Please, no businesses. If you have a business ID#, or offer your services as a regular means of business, you are not allowed to call in. Please call the Sheridan Media office at 672-7421 for regular radio advertising rates.

Tuesday, June 27th

Write-In: 06-27 -2017

WTD: Lawn mowing, lawn care, lawn cleanup and removal of any unwanted junk
WTD: Tree trimming or tree removal
WTD: Dig post holes for fencing
W: Flatbed trailer or pickup box trailer
W: Galvanized corrugated sheet metal
Call: 307-461-2908 7

FS: Dresser with mirror $170
FS: 2-drawer bedroom night stand $45
FS: 3-drawer chest cabinet $80

Carrol Realty
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FS: One piece enclosed wall unit $50
FS: Wing back chair $45
FS: Oak side arm chairs $30
FS: Low profile file cabinets $20
FS: Cane side arm chair $10
Call: 307-673-0442 5


1. FS: 97’ Chevy 4x4 pickup
FS: Maple bedset
Call: 307-672-5844

2. FS: Fresh goose berries
Call: 307-751-4111

3. FS: Portable air compressor
FS: Roofing gun
FS: Rototiller
FS: Riding mowers (2)
FS: 4-wheelers (2)
Call: 307-751-8107 or 307-672-0338

4. FS: Pre-hung door
FS: Freezer
Call: 307-621-0807

5. FS: Taurus 9mm handgun
FS: .22 rifle (new)
Call: 307-751-6959

6. FS: 96’ Jeep for parts
FS: Roll of electric wire
FS: Plastic feed tubs
FS: Mobile home axle
FS: Pickup box trailer
Call: 307-620-2740

7. FS: 25’ TV (old)
FS: 3-shelf bookcase
Call: 307-461-3470

8. FS: Car stereo (Kenwood)
FS: Kuerig coffee machine (new)
WTD: Painting
Call: 307-673-1697

9. Fs: Bowflex
FS: Microwave
FS: Hot/cold water dispenser
Call: 307-752-1655

10. Needs hay bales stacked ($15/hour)
Call: 307-673-0981

11. FS: Hay (small bales ) $5 each
Call: 307-751-4242

12. FS: 07’ Jeep compass $1500
FS: R/C airplanes and accessories
Call: 307-752-1714

13. FS: Chevy citation $400
FS: Laying hens (4)
Call: 307-752-2351

14. FS: Air compressor 60lbs (needs work)
Call: 307-751-4957

15. W: Stamp collections
W: Indian artifacts
Call: 307-672-8029

16. W: Raccoon traps
W: Kitchen smoothie maker
Call: 307-620-2100

17. FS: 26’ mountain bikes (2) $75 each
FS: Coat rack
FS: Patio chair with cushion
Call: 307-751-0081

18. FS: Fuel tank with tool box and hand pump
Call: 307-751-1915

19. FS: 11ft railroad ties (22) $14 each
Call: 307-217-2070