Ted Wenckus

Marketing Specialist

Ted Wenckus

After finishing school at the University of Wyoming in photojournalism, Ted moved to Chicago where he partnered in management and ownership of one of the nation's top 5 commercial design and photography studios.

Their business produced catalogs for Sears, Montgomery Ward, Spiegel and several other top catalog companies, mostly involving table-top and room set design and photography.

After 30 years, he retired from that company to move back to Wyoming, the land he loves, and to be closer to his family. Ted currently lives in Story. He started with Sheridan Media in 2000 and is excited to use his extensive advertising and marketing knowledge here in Wyoming in a slightly different but related field.

On the advise of his wife and friends, as to not scare women and impressionable young children, the picture to the left is of his dog, not Ted himself.