BIG HORN MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUN - The over all 100 mile winner of Big Horn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail run set a new race record Mike Wolfe from Helena Montana was the overall winner with a time of 18:43:37 which is a new course record.

Two first time Sheridan 100 mile racers finished in their first attempt. Tony Garber has competed in each of the races distances as he talks about his experience. And he talks about the process of building up to the 100 mile distance. And we asked if this was something he would continue to do.

Also finishing her first 100 mile race was Sheridan's Darci Arsene I asked her about her race experience. Arsene has experience in distance running and talks about the mental challenge of going 100 miles.

The 19th Annual Big Horn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail run will take place the third weekend in June 2011.

SRD - Long time Sheridan Recreation District youth sports specialist Whitey Wells retired from the District last week. Friday afternoon friends and co-workers held a BBQ get together for Whitey and I had a chance to visit him where else but at Thorne-Rider park.

Wells says he had a great 15 years at the district. And he says with all the activities available for kids in Sheridan county no one should ever says there is nothing for kids to do.

One program started by Whitey several years ago was their kids fishing day which began as a one time program that developed into one of their best summer activities.

And finally Wells says there are lots of things he'll miss including all the people he was able to work with.

BIG HORN POLO CLUB - The Big Horn Polo club played he “Polaris Cup “ Sunday afternoon. Banner Log homes took the cup beating Perks “Horse-pital” 14-3. The match MVP was TY MacCarty.

This Sunday June 27th they will play the “Paul Nicholson” Memorial cup at 2:00.

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