There were 21 junior teams competing in Denver last Saturday (March 26th) at the Maestas Team Challenge Taekwon-Do Tournament.

Sheridan Taekwon-Do Club sent two teams. Each 5-member team competed in Team Patterns, then each competitor individually in power breaking and in sparring, within their age/rank divisions.

Total points were accumulated to achieve a team score.

Adults competed in individual Patterns, Breaking, and Sparring.

Here are the results from the Maestas Team Challenge:

Wyoming Wolf Pups:

Piper O’Dell (team captain) – 1st in Sparring

Brody Juergens – 1st in Sparring, 2nd in Breaking

Nikole Crivello

Kadence Bickel – 3rd in Breaking

Nathaniel Lydic – 3rd in Sparring

The Pups range in age from 7 to 9 years old.

PHOTO - L to R: Piper O’Dell, Kadence Bickel, Nikole Crivello, Nathaniel Lydic, Brody Juergens.

Wyoming Junior Pack: 3rd Place All Around Team

Samara Ordahl (team captain) – 2nd in Sparring

Gabriel Rochelle – 1st in Sparring

Nandy Crabb

Jared Juergens – 3rd in Breaking

Michelle Jeliazkov – 2nd in Sparring

The Junior Pack range in age from 10 to 11 years old.

PHOTO – L to R: Nandy Crabb, Samara Ordahl, Michelle Jeliazkov, Gabriel Rochelle, Jared Juergens.

These teams were coached by Mrs. Elizabeth Eckert, with Mr. Jess Johnson assisting. Eckert and Johnson are I Degree Black Belt students at Sheridan Taekwon-Do Club.

Other adults attending the tournament were Mr. Val Jeliazkov, who took 1st in Patterns, White/Yellow/Green Belt division;

Mrs. DeeDee Connell, who took 1st in Patterns, 1st in Breaking, and 3rd in Sparring, III-IV Degree Black Belt division;

Mr. Orrin Connell, who spent the day officiating.

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