Sheridan county junior golf results 07/20/09

Girls 8-9
1-Kayla Allen
2- Peyton Bomar
3-Jillian Desafano

Girls 10-13
1-Megan Meyers
2-Sarah Rawlings
3-Emily Speigleberg
4-Jamy Shassetz

Boys 7-9
1-Brock Bomar
2-Drew Mavrakis
3-Kyle Custis
4-Nick Gale

Boys 10-12
1-Jack Mavrakis (won in a chip off)
2-Drew Boedecker
3-Joe Shassetz
4-Caleb Morel
5-Andrew Boint
6-Jacob Ahlstrom
7-Colton Bates
8-Wheaton Williams
9-Zach Ahlstrom
10-Zach Gale
11-Dalton Legerski

Boys 13-14
1-Andrew Giorgis
2-Forrest De Bolt
3-Hayden Legerski
4-Dylan Lindley

Boys 15-older
1- Chris Cremer
2-Cole Smith
3-Jonah Lehmann
4-Braydon Drell / Micheal Korp
5- Henry Rawlings
6-Jess McKensie
7-Trey Porter
8-Tanner Tippets

The next event is Monday at Kendrick golf course, registration forms are available at all three Sheridan county courses the cost is 10 dollars per player

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