SC Rodeo Results

The Sheridan College Rodeo teams traveled to Gillette, WY last weekend for the first college rodeo of the spring season.

The Women’s team had an great showing splitting second place with Chadron State College. Gillette’s women’s team won the event.

The women team was led by Sophomore Teddi Schwagler from Mandan, ND.

Teddi was second in the long round in the Breakaway roping with a 2.9 second run, she missed her slack in the short round and placed 6th in the average. She also tied for 7th and 8th in the goat tying with team mate Jayne Lauweryssen from Big Valley, Alberta.

They both tied their goats in 8.6 seconds, there was 7/10ths of the a second between first and 10th place in the goat tying going into the short round. Teddi tied her goat in 8.7 seconds in the short round to place 6th in the round and 6th in the average.

Teammate Jayne Lauweryssen tied her short round goat in 8.4 seconds for 5th place in the short round and she placed 5th in the average. Jayne and her team roping partner Zeke Thurston missed the short round by 1/10th of a second.

The Novotny girls Annie and Allie both made it back in to the short round in the barrel racing. Annie’s time in the long round was 15.46 splitting 5th and 6th place, Allie’s long round time was 15.51.

In the short round Allie’s little mare ran hard and turned in a time of 15.34 1/100th off of the winning time of 15.33, Allie placed 2nd in the round and was 2nd in the average. Annie’s horse ran a 15.54 in the short round placing 3rd in the round and 3rd in the average.

The women’s team moved up to 4th place in the standings after the weekend.

The Men’s team had trouble in Gillette with only two men making it back in to the short round. Sophomores Logan Schaper from Killdeer, ND and Taygen Schuelke from Newell, SD made it back in their events.

Logan placed 10th in the steer wrestling with a time of 6.9 seconds, Logan drew a rubber necked steer in the short round but managed to get him thrown in 8.8 seconds placing 5th in the short round and 6th in the average.

Taygen Schuelke was bucked off of a hard to ride bull in the long round but made the short round in the saddle bronc riding. Taygen was 62 points in the long round placing 5th, he scored 67 points in the short round to split 3rd and 4th in the round and he placed fourth in the average.

The men’s team was bumped from 3rd spot to 4th in the team standings after this weekend. Zeke Thurston who was leading the nation in the Saddle bronc riding was bucked off a hard to ride bronc and has moved from 1st in the nation and the region to 2nd.

Now that the weather has cleared up some we look forward to being able to practice at home in our outdoor pen on a regular basis. Both teams have a lot of talent and I think after getting this first spring rodeo out of the way we are ready to do well at the rest. We head to Torrington on April 4th-6th.