Check in at Bronc Preseason Football Camp / Rockies fall to the Bucs

BRONC FOOTBALL - We checked into Sheridan Bronc preseason camp Tuesday following their third official workout.

Head coach Jeff Mowry says Big Horn mountain Senior leadership camp went well and they got off to a good start Monday.

And what does the rest of this week look like for the players.

The season begins with the three time state champion Broncs on the road on the 24th at Rock Springs and that same weekend the rest of the sports will start their seasons as well 1-A, 2-A and 3-A football all start the regular season August 31st.

SHS BOOSTERS - The annual Sheridan high school booster club BBQ and parent / coaches meetings will take place August 20th.

ROCKIES BASEBALL - The Colorado Rockies dropped their game to the Pittsburgh Pirates last night, Jack Corrigan has the wrap up. You can hear today's game live on fox sports radio 87.7 FM.