The mountains are getting white so ski and snowshoe season can’t be far away!

There has been a lot of work on the trails this summer but there is still some more to do if the weather and time allows.

On the last work day, we had a very ambitious crew that moved a lot of large rocks and dirt on the rocky area above the lake on the Dead Horse Trail. We also re-built one log bridge the same day.

The Forest Service has flagged a new trail to add a loop on the Canine Climb Trail at Cutler (the trail that is now an out and back to the north) and would like to get it cleared this year if possible.

Tom and I went through it with the weed eater and sawed the small trees out but it still needs to have the larger trees cleared.

It is going to be a nice addition as it will be a separate trail from the top of the hill to the end of the present trail adding about .75 of a mile of new trail.

I am hoping to organize a trail work day on the 21st of October but I will not know for sure until Friday the 19th. I will send out an email Friday letting you know of our plans.

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