There were two tournament finals played on Sunday August 12, The Powder Horn Cup; and the D.A. Davidson Cup.

It was the Dog & Cat Shelter Benefit day at the Big Horn Equestrian Center.

In the Powder Horn Cup, Sheridan Seed Co. defeated Hammer Chevrolet 7-3.

MVP, sponsored as always by Kiwi Katering, was Mili Galindo of Hammer Chevrolet.

Best Playing Pony was “Confetti”, played by Mili Galindo.

Sheridan Seed Co:

#1 Kirby Taylor / Anup Sidhu

#2 Peter Taylor

#3 Kris Dalton

#4 Cacho Galindo

Hammer Chevrolet:

#1 Maggie Boyle / Juile Boyle

#2 Stephanie Massey / Mili Galindo

#3 Orrin Connell

#4 Craig Luplow / Bob Brotherton

In the D.A. Davidson Cup, Big Horn Beverage defeated Richard Williams & Associates 12-11.

MVP was Charly Cendoya of Big Horn Beverage.

Best Playing Pony was “Rene”, played by Charly Cendoya.

Big Horn Beverage:

#1 DeeDee Connell

#2 Rob Beckman

#3 Charly Cendoya

#4 Don Langlois / Joe Fitzsimons

Richard Williams & Associates:

#1 Wayne Garrison

#2 Tom Gose

#3 Carlucho Arellano

#4 Paul Wollenman

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