There were two tournament finals played on Sunday at the BHEC – 1:00 Coca-Cola Cup; and at 3:00 the Fremont Motor Challenge.

During the 3:00 game, the Iron Brotherhood rolled in with many motorcycles as the finish to their Poker Run, which benefited the Sheridan Senior Center.

They had also raffled off a coin set. In total they raised about $1,000 to donate to the Senior Center.

In the Coca-Cola Cup, Sheridan Seed Co. played Century 21 to and 8-8 tie. The teams opted not to play an Overtime Period, and Sheridan Seed won the game on a coin flip.
MVP was Rob Beckman for Sheridan Seed.
Best Playing Pony was “Bugs”, played by Bill Townsend of Century 21.

Sheridan Seed Company:
#1 Bob Brotherton/ Mili Galindo
#2 Amanda Burns/ Renee Wollenman
#3 Rob Beckman
#4 Richard Dudman

Century 21:
#1 Kris Bowman/ Morgan Bowman
#2 Peter Taylor
#3 Wayne Garrison
#4 Bill Townsend

In the Fremont Motor Challenge, Pony Bar & Grill defeated Big Horn Beverage 10-6.

MVP was Lucan Arellano for Pony Bar & Grill.
Best Playing Pony was “Zoey”, owned by Whistle Uys, and played by Neil Osburg of Big Horn Beverage.

Pony Bar & Grill:
#1 Lucas Arellano
#2 Ford MacCarty
#3 Miguel Silvestre
#4 Paul Wollenman

Big Horn Beverage:
#1 Johnny Fitzsimons
#2 DeeDee Connell
#3 Charly Cendoya
#4 Neil Osburg

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