Big Horn Polo Results

Results from the Morton Buildings Cup, CHAPS Benefit held July 23 at the Big Horn Equestrian Center:

R.R. Williams & Associates tied Sheridan Seed, 6-6. R.R. Williams was declared the winner.

MVP was Charlie Caldwell for Sheridan Seed.

Best Playing Pony was “Lily”, played by Drew Luplow

R.R. Williams & Associates:

#1 Olivia Uechtritz

#2 Cecilia Cochran

#3 Fox Benton
#4 Drew Luplow

Sheridan Seed

#1 Avery Evans / Kayden Winterholler

#2 Malia Bryan / Lauren Biddle

#3 Will Johnston
#4 Charlie Caldwell

Results from the Grinnell Street Dental Cup, held July 23, at the Big Horn Equestrian Center:

Century 21 defeated Big Horn Beverage, 9-7

MVP was Rob Beckman for Century 21.

Best Playing Pony was “Little Coda”, owned by Wayne Garrison, played by Lucio Benedit.

Century 21:

#1 Wayne Garrison

#2 Lucio Benedit / Liam Lott

#3 Rob Beckman

#4 Cacho Galindo

Big Horn Beverage

#1 Carter Nix

#2 Hutch Radcliff

#3 Joe Fitzsimons

#4 Shane Rice

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