Beware of Fraudulent Sports Solicitations

Beware of Fraudulent Sports Solicitations

From Don Julian, Activities Director at Sheridan High School ~

If you're contacted by someone asking you to place an ad on the Broncs football calendar/poster, the Sheridan High School athletic calendar, or anything like that, DON'T ASSUME it's really from us or for our benefit.

In just the last few days, businesses in our community have received an email solicitation from a place called "Millennium Sports," which claims to be doing the official Broncs football calendar. Don't fall for these guys or others like them. They will take the money, maybe send one calendar, and nothing will come back to the kids. Last year we got the same thing from a place called "Varsity Publications."

The SHS Booster Club will be doing sports calendars again this fall. That is the calendar that people should support, as all the money goes directly in supports of the kids of Sheridan High School.

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