Send a letter to Santa by using the form at the bottom of the page, or by sending an email to Santa will read some of them live with Tommy B. on the 93.7FM, Coyote Morning Show, in the 8 am hour on Friday.

Two winning letters one from a boy and the other from a girl, will receive a gift certificate for a really really nice toy courtesy of Sheridan Electronics / Photo Imaging Center!

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Dear Santa,
It's Caitlyn. I was writing you to tell you what I want for Christmas. For Christmas I would like a Lego Friends Amusement Park with the roller coaster. I have questions to ask you! How do you eat so many cookies and drink so much milk and you don't get sick? How do you use the bathroom when you're on the sleigh? Thanks for taking the time to read my letter!
Have a Happy Christmas

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas in an Ipod. What is your favorite type of fish?

Why does Arthur look like a stuffed animal? What kind of fish does Mrs. Claus like?

Who is her favorite reindeer? Who is your favorite reindeer? I've tried my best to be good this year. And be nice to my sister.

Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Claus!


I love you, Santa. I hope you aren't cold. I wish you lived here in Sheridan. I would like a drum set. I will clean up my room when my mom tells me.
Sincerely, Claire 4

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a karaoke machine for Christmas. I still sleep with my stuffed pig you gave me- her name is Ms Oinks-a-Lot.

I want to know if you want chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies? I would pick chocolate chip but you pick what you like.


Dear Santa,

Are you real? A boy in my class said you weren’t... but I still believe. I would like a nerd fun or legos for Christmas. I was mostly good this year.

Have a good trip and enjoy all the cookies.


Hi Santa
I have not been good all the time but mostly I was… please bring me a discovery toy drawing light, and a LEGO Elves Breakout from the Goblin King's Fortress set… don’t ring the door bell or our dog goes nuts…

I love you santa every year
Teesha Lee

Dear Santa
I want a ipod touch, an air soft gun , a knife, night vision goggles, no clothes and super Mario oddesy… I will leave treats for you and the the reindeer out by the door, we don’t have a chimney..
Thank-you santa from Tony


All i wanted for xmas was to be home with my family because ive been away is foster care for two years in three fosters homes due to some things that
happened an my mama asked me what i wanted for xmas and i looked at her an said is just to cuddle with my mama an never let go...
ps. and maybe a little toy dirt bike
Thanks santa


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