Public Pulse - Wednesday 06/30/10

Senator Bruce Burns and Representative Rosie Berger

I think it's far past time

I think it's far past time these two be shown the door this fall. I think Burns is running unopposed, but Berger has someone running against her this year.

elitist and condescending?

ya think? His attitude is reflective of many 30-40 somethings ins sheridan who fell into money,inherited daddy's business, law firm or ranch. I think our founding fathers were "regular folk" sort of like railroad engineers... it is time to replace Burns and Berger with real conservatives....their egos are out of control... hey Brucie engineers work for their money....ever heard of that? ask Rosie she might know what that means...oh wait , she would not know either

this interview is disgusting

Unbelievable! Rosie Berger and Bruce Burns have 1/2 an hour on this show and they spend most of it ripping Ron Micheli. One has to ask WHY he is deserving of all this chatter on their parts. The obvious answer is that their comments are fear-motivated. The chatter in the 2nd half of this show is outlandish. Somewhere along the way they start talking about cutting medicaid and this is linked to Micheli - somehow insinuating that he wants to do away with medicaid payments. Where did they pull that out of? And I take great exception to Bruce Burns' comments with regards to Micheli losing his house seat. "He was beat by a railroad engineer." The way it is said sounds very elitist and condescending. Sorry Bruce, not everyone can inherit millions. Some people do have to work for a living and there's nothing wrong with being a train engineer nor is it an indication of lack of education or intelligence. Shame on you for appearing to look down your nose at people that must work for a living.

I have very little use for

I have very little use for the wealthy elite in this country anymore, I don't know where that puts me politically but comments like that generally don't make me want to call for tax cuts for the rich. If this is representative of the elite, tax em to oblivion for all I care.