Public Pulse - Tuesday 07/13/10

VOA-"Save A Horse, Buy A Cowboy" w/Stacie Coe, Jeannie Weisman, and Beth Smith / Dave Debolt with the County Clerk

Dave Debolt / Vickie

Kim, rather than relying on Vickie Taylor to find out what is going on with regards to Rene' Obermueller, why don't you have a reporter actually go up to the court house and talk to Eda Schunk Thompson, the actual clerk. Vickie likes to make issues where there aren't issues. She doesn't care to listen to what anyone else has to say about anything - all that matters is her opinion and her perception of conspiracy. There is a difference between being a good government watchdog (which I think she can be at times) and having your own agenda. When I hear, "Good morning Mr. Love," I, and many others I'm sure, tend to turn off the radio. This is where it's nice to just listen to the mp3 online - I can skip her portion.