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Friday 01-25-13

Open Line

Thursday 01-24-13

Senior Center / Denise Krochta-Prescription Drug Abuse

Wednesday 01-23-13

Thom Gabrukiewicz with Community Resource Center / State Legislators

Tuesday 01-22-13

Music of the World / Civic Theater Guild

Monday 01-21-13

Sheridan Health Center / State Superintendent Cindy Hill

Friday 01-18-13

Open Line

Thursday 01-17-13

Sheridan College

Wednesday 01-16-13

Sheridan County Commision

Tuesday 01-15-13

D.A. Davidson

Monday Public Pulse 01-14-13

State Board of Education w/Sue Belish

Friday 01-11-13

Open Line

Wednesday 01-09-13

Hospice of the Big Horns / Concord Coalition

Tuesday 01-08-13

Animal Shelter / Wyofile

Monday 01-07-13

Library / Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday Public Pulse 01-02-13

New Years Resolutions / SAGE

Monday 12-31-12

State Representative John Patton & Representative Kathy Coleman

Friday 12/28/12

Open Line Friday

Thursday Public Pulse 12/27/12

Senior Center / Chris Hill-Motley Fool

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