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Tuesday 03-10-15

Celtic Sage, Leslie Viren / State Superintendent, Jillian Balow

Monday 03-09-15

Chamber of Commerce / Sheridan Community Land Trust Annual Open House, Claire Hobbs

Thursday 03-05-15

UW Global Studies, Jean Garrison and Mark Jenkins

Wednesday 03-04-15

Sheridan Police / PEO Get out and Shop Fundraiser and Chamber Choir, Liz Gale

Tuesday 03-03-15

Animal Shelter / DisABILITY Awareness Month- Renew, Ace Young

Monday 03-02-15

Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon

Thursday 02-26-15

Public Health: This is Public Health, Dadrea Duca and Deb Haar / Food Group: Taco Fest, Amy Albrecht and Missy Hubert

Wednesday 02-25-15

University of Wyoming / Mary Poppins, Marva Craft and Students

Tuesday 02-24-15

State Education Superintendent, Jillian Balow / Sheridan FFA

Monday 02-23-15

WYDOT, Ronda Holwell / Veterans Projects, Val Burgess

Thursday 02-19-15

County Commissioners / Wyoming Cowboy HOF

Wednesday 02-18-15

Sheridan Police Divisions / Sheridan Aquatics, Jay McGinnis

Tuesday 02-17-15

Kearney Hall Restoration Dance / SW Wrap - Salvation Army

Monday 02-16-15

House in the Landscape - Setting your home naturally, Jeremiah Eck / Volunteers of America, Jeff Holsinger

Wednesday 02-11-15

Game and Fish / Coroner PJ Kane