Would you support raising garbage rates $5 per month to pay for curbside recycling?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
40% (182 votes)
59% (271 votes)
No Opinion
2% (7 votes)
Total votes: 460

Mixed thoughts

I agree that recycling is indeed a good thing for the environment. That said, most of the community are on a fixed income and granted $5 doesn't sound like much, but when your income is so fixed that you know exactly where every single dollar is going to pay which bills and you have just enough left to get the essentials...it's nearly impossible to try to come up with that extra 5-20-30 dollars a month for extra on the debts...especially a bill that could either cause you to lose the service or go into collection or both! Heck some of us have a difficult enough time trying to come up with gas money for the week and now they're trying to take that too.

J. S. Luckjohn

It's about time-YES!!!!

We've been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time. Many places around the country have been doing this for years and wonder why such a progressive community as Sheridan has not. Now's our chance to show the rest of the world that we know how to do what is right.

"Now's our chance to show

"Now's our chance to show the rest of the world that we know how to do what is right".

I agree the right thing to do is stop wasting money on recycling and show the rest of the country why.

I remember the inception of

I remember the inception of the "whole be green recycle" thing. It was floated as a free way to help the world. It's sad that they found a way to turn it around and make it cost.. It's happening more and more.. My boys and I would save cans and plastic for a long time, after a while we would take all the stuff to a place and get cash.. My boys were little at the time, and we would go to the movie or something off the small amount of money and they thought it was a neat thing to do.. The other day I spent time looking around for a place here in cash in stuff and the places are all but gone. Why pay people to recycle when you can charge them.. Mark my words, when you do this in a small town, they will find a way to force people who take you stuff for cash out of business.

3% of energy to recycle aluminum cans than the 100% for ore

In wanting to save energy in recycling, it only takes 3% of energy to recycle aluminum cans than the 100% for ore to be mined and made into new cans. Why do you have an issue with that? Are you one of those that like to argue the reality of why authentically going "green" is the right way to go? C'mon, it's time to wake up :) Peace

Recycling would be a good

Recycling would be a good think, come on people we are talking about $5 a month, to go towards a stated goal. As opposed to the CAP tax of 1% that always passes and goes god knows where.

Actually the cap tax is

Actually the cap tax is restricted to infrastructure.The optional 1% sales tax is Kinskeys petty cash fund that he'll waste on all kinds of worthless projects like recycling.

Yes,we're talking $5 today,$20 the next year.Until people on a fixed budget which is most of sheridan have to budget every month to pay for a useless recycling project.


RJones, people that think it's useless and will not recycle will cause the price to increase. Because the more beer cans, plastic or cardboard that they can collect, the chances are greater that it will make that much more money. If your money is tight, i suggest you recycle with the hopes that they can collect more and reduce the amount that they have to charge. Just a little food for thought.

I live in a Utah town that

I live in a Utah town that implemented a mandated curbside recycling program a few years ago. (Actually, the recycling isn't mandated, but everyone has to pay the monthly fee whether or not they use the recycling bin.) The same arguments I read here (my old hometown) were offered, especially the idea of the cost of land for a new landfill. As it turns out, using the most optimistic assumptions, the mandated recycling program is projected to extend the life of our landfill by 17 months, at a cost to the taxpayers of about $12 million.

Just wait!

For all the people that think recycling is a waste of money, just wait and see how much your garbage bill goes up when Sheridan has to export all of the waste to a central location. The EPA/DEQ is not just rubber stamping new landfills anymore. Casper has to jump through some major hoops to keep their landfill in compliance.
Gillette's old landfill is just a transfer station now. They have to truck their trash to a location north of Gillette.
Then you have to deal with the closed landfills, they become a liability for the city until the end of time.

Long story short is we are going to pay for it now and later or just a whole lot later. This problem is also going to effect the people of the county (Dayton, Ranchester, etc.)also.
As much as we would like, this problem isn't going to go away.

I'll Wait

Recycling will not eliminate the need for a landfill and the EPA and DEQ are governmental regulatory agencies that you, as a citizen, have some control over by voting for legislators that keep their power in check.

Given the choice to pay now or later --- I'll pay later.

Come on Sheridan, you are

Come on Sheridan, you are being "GREEN-WASHED" by this recycling proposal. Curbside recycling programs anywhere in the country DO NOT pay for themselves. Like the previous respondant said, if they were cost effective, private industry would be providing the service at no cost to communities everywhere.

Do you really want to have all these huge bins sitting on the curbs all day. What about the people living adjacent to the City or County residents. The answer will certainly be to raise their dump fees to pay for the City's program. For the greenies that are concerned about being socially responsible they should just drive their Prius down to the bins just as they are now and not force everyone in town to submit to their idiotic compulsions.

recycling program

The City should not get into the recycling business. They should stick with other things more in line with what they are here to provide like essential services.

If recycling is a must, then bring in a private company and give them some city land to operate on and allow them to provide the service to the citizens AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER. In exchange for the profit of selling the recycled merchandise the company could pay people a small fee for bringing them cans, bottles, plastic jugs,paper products and whatever.

If the program can't be run successfully by private business, then the City has absolutely no business getting involved in it themselves. It just becomes yet another taxable expense of government no matter what you say.

This is about the same thing

This is about the same thing the last place I lived said. First off a pilot program was rolled out at no cost, then "miniscule" estimates were projected for the "full blown" program and so forth. Within five years we were paying an additional $25 per month whether you recycled or not. The cost of specialized vehilces, employees, materials handling and sorting facilities and so forth all escalated beyond belief. It became a nightmare for the City to run and the citizens to participate in.

Add this on top of the 25% rate increase to MDU, the exploding Federal deficits and the sure to come tax increases we are all facing and costs for people will soon be unsustainable. For those on fixed incomes or in low income brackets, five bucks can soon turn into a big deal.

If Sheridan wants to truly be a progressive community, find ways to fund economic development, housing programs and ultimately jobs. Don't add to our own personal deficits with frivalous expenditures cloaked as being enviromentally friendly or "green" just to serve some guilt ridden legacy of an elected official. Remember what it is that government is supposed to do, fund essential services, like police, fire, roads and maybe a little recreation here and there, not "wanna haves" as Mayor Kinskey calls them.

I would not pay the extra $5

I would not be willing to pay the extra $5.oo a month for curbside recycling unless the city gives me a $5.oo break on my water bill that will go up because of recycling.

Don't get me wrong I whole heartedly agree with recycling and I think that it's something we should have been doing for a long time. But when you recycle one thing you are wasting something else which is usually water. Recyclers won't take dirty plastic or glass containers, they must be washed out first.

Now if we didn't have to waste water and increase our already to high of water bill to recycle, then I wouldn't mind paying the extra $5.00 if that is all it will cost me to have curbside recycling.

This issue is really so much

This issue is really so much bigger than a 60 dollar a year charge. This is about keeping the area pristine for years to come and for further generations.

Sure you aren't going to make millions off soda and beer cans, but it will help the environment. If you are interested in living on a pile of trash in 30 years or having to pay some company such as Waste Management to truck your trash to a new landfill 60 miles away then that is your choice. I personally would like to do anything I can to help the environment. Well anything except driving a Prius.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Welcome to the 21st century! Every real city and metropolitan in the US has curb side pickup for recycling; they even provide multiple bins for each type of material. Its not about lazy, its about the city promoting the environment and supporting a program that everyone else already has. Look at the beautiful and clean state of Colorado, all of the suburbs have curb side pickup. This in turn is better for the city since they sell the materials in bulk after processing them, plus it shows that we care about our children and the future generations. There is no downside.

I do think that after a year, the city should assess how much revenue it brought in from the materials it was able to collect and sell, and adjust the price downward.

Having to drive your materials to the recycle bin and empty them yourself is so backwards and archaic. It promotes against doing so since it is so much easier to just throw the stuff in the trash. Some people just want to complain about anything that the city does, and blame it on Kinskey. They are so stuck on complacency and not doing anything differently. It doesn’t matter WHO is in office in Sheridan, any official with a brain would think about recycling curb side pickup, especially since it will generate revenue for the city. What happens to the money is a different story….

And for anonymous that can't afford the $5 and is struggling to keep up with bills, GET ANOTHER JOB and stop whining! You have no idea how cheap it is living here compared to other cities. Wal-Mart and MCD pay around 9+ if you can breathe and have half a brain! I would be ashamed of myself if I posted something as atrocious as the fact that I can't afford $5/month!


It is hard enough to get your large trash can on the street with out some car parking next to it making it difficult for the trash truck to pick it up. I can only imagine what will happen when we add all those other containers for recycling.
No more parking on the street for anyone.

At what point do we use more energy recycling than not. We have the bins around town and they seem to work. Is the energy needed to run a curbside recycle program going to offset all the efforts to recycle.

I would pay it if the bins

I would pay it if the bins were closer to my downtown home. So far curbside recycling seems to only cater to certain neighborhoods.

Curb side recycling

We don't need curb side recyling in this town, we have those big blue containers located all over the place! I have no problem taking my aluminum, tin and newsapers to the recyling bins, I just do it on my way to work or shopping, no big deal.

Please curt,recyclers can't

Please curt,recyclers can't be expected to actually take their garbage and dispose of it themselves.They need the city to hold their hands and kinskeys just the man for that.

Totally would support this

Totally would support this increase if there was no doubt all neighborhoods would be included.
Lived overseas for years and this was a fantastic service that was very convenient for me there.

Get over yourself

Mr. RJones...it get's old listening to you place the blame of everything on Mayor Kinskey. Apparently the world (at least yours) was perfect before he took office.
Stick to the facts and maybe your voice might be credible. I would pay the $5. Recycling is the right thing to do and curbside would be beneficial to all.


Is it really going to cost that much? $60 per household per year? I'd like to see the calculations on that.

I DO support the curbside recycling (and Do currently use the dumpsters around town), but question the REALITY of the supposed cost.

"Is it really going to cost

"Is it really going to cost that much? $60 per household per year? I'd like to see the calculations on that.

I DO support the curbside recycling (and Do currently use the dumpsters around town), but question the REALITY of the supposed cost"

Sure it's the reality.You'll pay $60 a year and kinskey will fund the rest out of a $61 million dollar annual budget,that is if the duget doesn't get increased even more.Then you'll complain about higher taxes.But just keep in mind,"It's for the children and their future".


I've lived places where curbside recycling was available - its a whole lot more convenient than doing it all yourself. Saves time, good for the environment, may even provide a few more jobs here. It's a good idea. We should do it.


Raising garbage prices, MDU wants to raise rates, gas is going up again, food prices going up again.....When is it going to stop. Some of us are struggling to keep up with everthing as it is because of no pay increases or like me pay decrease due to our govenor. Before adding more to our monthy bills, let us recover from everything else.

I agree with whoever wrote the comment titled 'YES'

We might not have to pay for the trouble we have caused in my life time. But I would bet my life either my kids or my grandchildren will be dealing with my generations recycling ignorance! I say this as i drink out of a disposable water bottle and drive a smoke blowing diesel. I know I am just as bad as others and need to change. Maybe this would help.

There you go.A $381 service

There you go.A $381 service that you're going to offset with $60 a year worth of payments.Kinskey would fit well in Washington.


It would be a lot less hassle than piling things up, loading them in the truck, then going to the muddy drop off site!


I would even support $10/month. Then maybe Sheridan could get rid of the financially challenged whiners like RJones. Plus, if we don't recycle we will pay for it in later years when we have to go find a new landfill or if the EPA won't let us do that, we'll have to export all the garbage.