Will Ron Micheli's letter of support for convicted Craigslist rapist Ty McDowell influence your vote in the Primary Election?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
54% (193 votes)
43% (154 votes)
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 359

just more political dishonesty

this poll is a form of flat out dishonesty. unfortunatley it has become excepted in the political arena and we the people have let it happen. the lies start before the election right out in the open, in the media. is it any wonder that so much dishonesty prevails by elected officals after the election behind closed doors. we have only ourselves to blame for putting up with it. unfortunatly we dont know which camp this came from.
Gary S


Not me.......

I am not voting for him.
What exactly was his purpose for writting that letter anyway??????? Why?

What is wrong?

Obviously you are

Obviously you are constitutionally incapable of retaining any information you come in to contact with here on Sheridan Media. I say this because no person in their right mind would post something like this without reading the prior story that stated exactly why he wrote the letter. It was very clearly stated that he was ASKED to write the letter. The fact that he wrote the letter is a good thing. It shows that he supports the legal system in this country. I might just vote for him just to balance out for you not voting for him.

Since when does complying with law mean support of a criminal?

This is a very judgmental question that appears to have an obvious slant and bias against Mr. Micheli. What if he was given a subpoena(which means he is required to legally provide any information he has) on the person being charged with a crime. It is more than obvious the intent of asking this kind of question. My question is if it was Rita Meyer, Matt Mead, or Colin Simpson being subpoenaed for a similar request would the media automatically try to attack them for simply COMPLYING WITH THE LAW and stating whatever TRUTH or INFORMATION be known????

Something to think about and consider when answering the poll question...

Here is the statement out of the mouth of Mr. Micheli himself below.

Micheli statement on Ty McDowell 7/14/2010

Below is a statement issued by Ron Micheli on a letter he and his wife, Patty, wrote to the court regarding the Ty McDowell case in Casper, WY.

"Ty McDowell committed a horrible and unimaginable crime. As part of the sentencing process, I was asked to provide information about my interactions with Ty McDowell. I knew him years earlier, when he was a youth and provided information to the court.

"I certainly never condoned McDowell's behavior or in any way asked the court for leniency. My only effort was to provide factual information and allow the court to review those facts and come to an independent decision. The court has considered those facts and has issued what he felt is an appropriate sentence. As Governor, I would in no way interfere with this court decision and would not grant any type of clemency or pardon."

wow sheridanmedia...wow...

"letter of support"? really?

the letter won't influence as many people as the rediculous, terribly worded polls that sheridanmedia comes up with. calvin posted this a few days before this poll even came out.

"Come on people, listen carefully to the words he said. He said they were asked to give a character reference as to his BACKGROUND, which I'm sure is done in heinous cases like this to see if something in the person's background led them to commit a crime of this nature. It does not excuse the crime. They did not ask for leniency nor do they think he should get off for his crime. They were asked to "provide information about their interactions" with the said person. Micheli stated in the paper that "my only effort was to provide factual information and allow the court to review those facts and come to an independent decision". I do not see where writing this letter "supported" the man, as most newspapers in the area are saying. He was stating FACTS about what he knew from his earlier years, but I do not take that as being "supportive" of the man. Micheli answered a legal request for information, but in no way did he support or ask for leniency for this man."

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