Was it a positive thing for the State of Wyoming to spend $5 million to purchase the RockWell Petroleum building?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
47% (274 votes)
45% (261 votes)
7% (43 votes)
Total votes: 578

our collective opinions

Put your gripes to work. Don't just tell the people of Sheridanmedia that you're upset, take these comments and forward them all to the correct authorities. We put these people into office, now tell them how you feel!! We have represenatives here in town...put your phone to use! Make our tax money work for us in a positive way to put down it's use in a negative fashion!!

J. S. Luckjohn

Rockwell Building

So, the argument is that the state should always lease and never own a building? Is that really a fiscally conservative position? If the state can apply the lease payments towards owning a building, won't the future taxpayers be better off?

Do you own your house? And why do you own if you're better off renting?

a worthy comparison

Owning a house is a worthy comparison, I think it is unwise to spend this much money in a time of declining revenue, would you buy a house at the same time as you were taking a pay cut? course it's probably different when it's not your money.

Rockwell Building

Do some of you folks that comment think that the state agencies are now getting their office space for free? The State took advantage of a situation. It will pay out in the long run when the agencies that are likely going into the building aren't paying out hundreds of thousands per year in lease payments. Why do you think the WY Game & Fish & WYDOT own, not lease,their buildings?

Five million dollars amounts

Five million dollars amounts to about $330 for every resident of Sheridan, It seems a little different when the dollar figure is put into personal terms. That amounts to about $1600 for my family of five, pretty disgraceful that the state spends like this with no respect for the peoples money. What we need is a tax revolt, Accordingly I'm gonna make it a point to get to Costco at least once a month in order to deprive the state of a little sales tax money. I'm also gonna forgo licensing my spare pick up truck, camper, and four wheeler this year until such time as I decide to use them (I usually just do them as they come up for renewal).

five million

re: Costco--deprive the state tax money

Did you forget the Wyoming state law that requires filing and submitting sales tax for any and all taxable items purchased anywhere with a lower or non-existant tax base than, in this case, Sheridan County's?
Unless, of course, you are only purchasing food items that aren't taxed in Wyoming anyway, which makes your reasoning somewhat questionable.
And as to the licensing of vehicles; that tactic is not new, nor is it unique.

So sue me

Maybe the state should come over to the house, look around, and try to figure out what came from Wyoming and what came from Montana.


I'm pretty tired of politicians of all colors wasting money at the same time things are tight for a lot of folks, even in Wyoming. Maybe if the bozo's we send to cheyenne can't do any better than this it's time to find someone better to run the state.

rockwell building

I do not know much about what any of the others are discussing. My thoughts are pretty simple. You spend $5 at a yard sale for a bird cage or a dog kennel, if you do not have a dog or a bird - you might as well have kept your $5. Buying something you might use later (even real estate)is not good use of $$. I am discussing $5 - you folks are talking about $5 million. Does not seem like it was a good idea to me.


Does it really make sense?

The State of Wyoming has cut funding for many different departments and programs at the start of this Fiscal Year. If I remember correctly, the State had cut out about 5 million out of the budget for Developmently Disabled persons. This affected people, programs and operations in the entire State. But, with this kind of decision, the State is basically saying "we can't continue funding at our current level, but we sure can afford a new building."

On a smaller scale, that would be similar to me saying "I can't afford to pay my bills, but I want to get a new car."

To the State of Wyoming: ARE YOU BEING FISCALLY AND FUDICIALLY RESPONSIBLE? Put $5MM into economic development, education, job training or any other program. Just do not dump it into a building.

I'm worried about people

I'm worried about people like kim Love that have rental office space that will be left empty,since the state now has their own office building in sheridan.


It rather irritates me that with all this money to spend on office buildings the state still can't manage property tax reform at a time when things are difficult for many people, even in Wyoming.

Well it's interesting

Well it's interesting gollum.Every time the issue of property tax is brought up,those at the state level cry about how complicated and deep rooted the current tax scheme is.The problem is the current tax method in wyoming has only been in place since 1989.The state likes screwing the citizens of wyoming out of taxes,they're not about to change their methods to a fairer form.

I felt the money could have

I felt the money could have been better spent on Wyomings infrastructures such as highways and bridges and maintenance. It seems money burns a hole in the states pocket.

Therman and Joanna Briggs

Therman and Joanna Briggs
People in Sheridan are always complaining about all of the office space being taken up by state offices.The money spent for the Rockwell building will be cheaper in the long run.Owners of theproperties feel free to charge an awful lot for poor office space.I am surprised that the county didn't buy it though.They seem to like Real Estate.

Therman and Joanna Briggs

The texaco ranches were

The texaco ranches were turned into a state park.A state park for the rich and shameless.I'm just worried that we aren't going to get a lifesize bronze of Malcolm Wallop blessing the waters.

Governor Dave I'm sure was simply bailing out one of his buddies with the purchase of the rockwell building.Sheridan has a history of this.The Nerco building was a flop also.

State Purchase of RWP Building

What is the true cost to the tax payers?

5 Million for 50 offices, that's $100,000 per office (Average office is 9' X 12'). If the state decides to move Employment, DEQ, and the Engineers Office to this building you get to add in the unknown costs of breaking the existing long term leases at their current locations. Unless the state is bringing 100+ new jobs to Sheridan, how can this be a good deal?

Texaco Ranch VS Rockwell Building

I would have preferred that if the state was going to go into the land business they would have bought the Texaco Ranch when it was for sale, and turned it into a state park. We could have really used some more nice public land around here for hunting and recreation, besides it was a nice historical area that now will be turned into houses for rich out of staters.

Are you kidding, this was

Are you kidding, this was the master plan. The government knew they were going to have a land grab with these economic times. They come in and buy stuff on the cheap. The ONLY group that made money with this economic mess was the government and bankers... I for one generaly think of them as one in the same.

For the record

I voted yes, but it will come at a cost that can not be measured by a dollar amount. IMHO

Rockwell Building

I didn't feel like it was a positive purchase. When i see one of the newest most expensive buildings in Sheridan being purchased with tax payer money it gives me pause. I would have MUCH prefered to see the Rockwell Building being occupied by a private successfull company, that would have brought new good jobs to the Community. Unfortunately it appears to be a sign of the times, most privately owned companies seem to be struggling while the federal and state agencies seem to be flush with money?

I agree with fido. The

I agree with fido. The building should be owned by the private sector to help bring more jobs. Let's help Sheridan flourish, we have too many people out of work here that need to provide for their families. I thought I had heard that there was a privately owned company or someone other than the state that was in the midst buying it, what happened?