At a time of declining government revenues, should Sheridan build a spray park?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
25% (107 votes)
73% (315 votes)
No Opinion
2% (10 votes)
Total votes: 432

Spray Park

Instead of spending tax payer dollars on projects for which the City is not able to reclaim any expenditures, why not invest in a project that could benefit the City, youth and adults alike? For example, the City could cover and heat the two tennis courts closest to the parking lot for a little over half of what it would cost to construct a spray park. The City (or another group could manage the courts)could charge $10-$12 an hour to use the courts. Once maintenance costs, electricity, etc., have been paid for, the City will eventually pay for the facility and then begin to see a clear profit. The courts can be used all year around....when it's too cold, too hot, or rainy. There are many children and adults that could play year around, the High School would have a place to practice, leagues could be held, etc. This would be a win-win situation; profit for the City and a place to play tennis for everyone year around.

spray park

didn't even need my red editor's pencil for this one. I think kids should spend less time in the water and more time learning to spell!

Anyone know how much the

Anyone know how much the spray park is going to cost? I originally voted no but have somewhat changed my mind. It might be nice in a more financially constrained environment for people around town to have a nice place to take the kids, without spending a bunch of money, just a thought.

Water Park/North Main Revitalization

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. North main is north main and there is not enough money to make it anything else. A spray park will not make a difference other than money wasted. All the feel good comittees and people running around spouting this and that would make a spray park in themselves.

You People Need to Grow Up

Good Lord, from reading these postings, you'd think the world was coming to an end. Get a grip!

It's funny that you feel comfortable to sit back and throw stones at the spray park but wouldn't take your time to get off your lazy hind ends and go out to any of the COUNTLESS public meetings where people said time and time again that they wanted a spray park at Thorne Rider.

Not one of you participated in the rec. district planning effort. Not one of you participated in the Thorne Rider community process. Where were you when the community developed its economic development strategy for North Main that included improvements to Thorne Rider Park? Hundreds of people in Sheridan took time to work together on these plans in processes OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

But no, it's easier to sit at home and not participate and then post anonymous comments on Sheridan Media in response to a biased poll. GET A GRIP!

Oh, and one other thing - before you get on your soap box about spending money on a spray park when it could be spent on other things - DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The spray park funding would come from a fund that the VOTERS dedicated to parks and recreation. The discussion isn't about spray parks v. other city priorities, it's about how to spend recreation funds. And given that, I think that a spray park is a pretty good use of funds.

Do you want to know what's really holding Sheridan back? It's when the Sheridan Press and Sheridan Media decide to stir up controversy to sell newspapers and advertising. I think it's wrong and I think that the owner of the radio station should have a little more integrity than to post a massively biased poll just to score political points.

Biased Poll?

Since Sheridan media changed thier policy and actually police the comments on this site, I was concerned the moderators would only allow comments according to thier agenda. Although I am partly correct, they do post a majority of the comments without being filtered or censored or whatever they want to call it.

A perfect example is the poster comment "you people need to grow up" Sheridan Media would not post this comment if they were massively biased just to score political points. Posting this comment would not advance thier agenda.

I have to go out on a limb here and think we have another grown up republican with thier own agenda and by the way, the end of the world is coming. Havent you heard of the year 2012?

This is very simple, if the funds are available then do it, if not, dont. I guess I am simple.

Damian Trujillo

"This is very simple, if the

"This is very simple, if the funds are available then do it, if not, don’t. I guess I am simple."

IMO you can’t really think like that, you have to always plan as if there is a tomorrow.. One of the reasons that Texas is doing well right now is due to the fact they had a HUGE cash reserve from tax's.. Spending is the LAST thing ANY one needs to be doing right now. Spending is what enslaves people and nations, look into Iceland and Argentina, they BOTH allowed themselves to become financially leveraged and BOOM the destruction of a nation overnight.. There will be a 2013, bank on it...

Fear enslaves people

The current atmosphere of the economy in the U.S. is based upon fear of what has been done and fear of what might happen. Using this concept will not progress any project towards the future, such as a dog park or a spray park. By the way the dog park is a homerun so far and is being fully unilized by sheridan citizens. So the choice is to do nothing? Fear is very negative and a demotivator.

It is great to plan for 2marrow, unless that planning is procrastination or trying to wait out this economic storm. Always better to try and fail then to not try at all. Try now, and try again tommorow, then again the next day.

Dont be fooled, the cities and state of Wyoming still have a huge influx of money from coal bed methane and coal. There is alot of political double talk and propaganda trying to convince the public otherwise.

This still remains simple, if the funds are available for this project, then do it, if the funds are not there, dont do it. Either way doing something positive is better then being idle. Not rocket science, not complicated.

2012 is the end, the end of the Mayan calender.

Damian Trujillo

We have always policed the

We have always policed the comments on this site. The only change we made was to police them prior to posting instead of after. That said, I do appreciate your recognition that we try to be as neutral as possible.

Spray Park

I swear to God in this community - if you gave the nay sayers a million dollars they would complain about the envelope it came in - I just don't understand why there are soooo many complaints about anything that might be better for this community.

Regardless of whether or not

Regardless of whether or not the park should be built;is Thorne Rider the safest place to put a water park? I know some sketchy, for lack of a better term, elements camp in the trees on the west side of the creek from Thorne Rider. Do we want to increase the odds off a child abduction or attract alleged sex offenders? The creek is quite shallow in the summer an easy to ford. Not trying to be an alarmist or trying to stereotype. Just saying...

Just Say NO to the Spray Park

After learning that they just laid off 2 full time city employees today and are not going to hire any other full time employees due to the budget, why on earth do they need to build this. If our city is wanting to save money due to the economy building this is not the way. Employment for our locals is certaintly more important than a spray park.

Multi use

I hear there's a lot of spraying going on at the dog park. Or was that spaying?

Water Park!

Even considering this... at this point in the game is unbelievable! When are people going start realizing the concept of money. Our kids are spoiled to death. When are we going to start having responsible government? These aren't one time costs as most people assume. It requires maintenance and additional funding as time goes on. Government needs to stop thinking that they are a solution to our problems. Government has become the problem. Do we need a Water Park?... Absolutely not. Tell those kids (and parents) to hook up a sprinkler and invite the neighbors. I'm sick a stupidity and the Santa Claus syndrome. I wish politicians would treat tax dollars as if the dollars were their own. And... Parents start being Parents.

Unfortunately most parents

Unfortunately most parents want the government (and thus me) to take care of their kids. All you have to do is frame something as a benefit for kids and it will be supported; regardless of whether it is a wise proper decision. It is sad to realize we have become a nation of entitlement that avoids responsibility.

I'm confused

You people blow a gasket over a community center getting funds for a kitchen and state that it's a waste...but you are gung ho for a spray park that, let's face it, will waste the precious amount of water that we have to use in the first place and quite frankly is a severe waste of any funding whatsoever! Really????!!! It sounds to me like you all need to get your priorities straight and stop being major hypocrites!

J. S. Luckjohn

This is a no-brainer

They have the money set aside since 2006. We need to create or keep jobs. Let's put people to work on a construction project that will benefit the community for years to come. I can't think of a better time to do this!


It is obvious that the mayor and counicl have not paid attention to the polling results in the survey as they are moving ahead with the park. Kind of like all politicians, but especially in Washington; 'We don't care what the polls say we know what is best.'

This is a nice to have that can not be afforded at this time.

Also great post about what there is to do.

There is a problem here

There is a problem here though, this is by no means a scientific poll. There are so many biases that its not even funny. When I was in college I had was a Research Assistant in the Business Statistics department. The two main problems here are Non-Response Bias and Selection Bias. If this was a true scientific poll then the counsel would be much more likely to hear a public opinion.

For example, a selection biased poll would be going into Cabela's in Billings and asking people as they leave if they support the right to bear arms.

I agree and I e-mailed the

I agree and I e-mailed the Mayors office this morning telling him the same thing. 74% of the pollers do not want this park, but the mayor wants to waste tax payers money and build it anyway. We need to Vote him out next election !!!!


Honestly since when in the last year have the city officals given a Rat's butt about what the people want? They do what they want, when they want and if the citizens don't agree then Oh well....I think they've proven that time and time again lately.

J. S. Luckjohn

when i was a kid

I think we can all look back through ou our own lives and remember this stage, I know I can. When I muttered those words my mom and dad found me something to do much of the time it was to my dislike, I found that if I didnt want to be bored and if I didnt want to go mow that lawn again or dig a hole for no reason or some other chore i found something to do. Its not my job to work so your kids can sponge off my money, or that our city could use somewhere else on something more productive or meaningfull. PERENTS GO BE PERENTS!!!! Tell you kids to do stuff even if your not their favorite erson youre not a friend youre a perent your kids will love you for it in the end I know I did. I found out that the world didnt evolve around me and that Im responsible for me! I started doing things for others and learned about others I used my facilities to engage in life not others.

Kids need something to

Kids need something to do????

Basketball / at school, at the Y, pick up games for fun
Get a job
learn a trade / apprenticeships
study- work on getting straight A's
bike riding
telescope / study the stars
ymca activities
ice fishing
be active in a youth group (probably 12 or so in town)
school band
make a band with friends
take music lessons if you don't know how to play something
read / library
learn to write poems, stories, novels.....
master chess
lift weights / body build
learn to cook
shadow someone in the financial world- learn about investing
visit the many area historical sites
pay regular visits to a lonely human at a nursing home
drama club, community theater
go to the movies
play video games
learn to make video games
take a college course in something that interests you
enjoy the skate park
go bowling
go roller skating
play hockey
ice skating
volunteer at the animal shelter
paint an ugly house in town
become a very active democrat
become a very active republican
become a very active libertarian
go on a date
rebuild an old engine / restore a car
plant a garden / share the harvest with needy people
watch TV
fly a kite
play paintball
bb gun target shooting competitions with friends
clay pigeon shot gunning

I could go on and on and on.... so could anyone. It always goes through me to hear there is nothing to do here.... what great activities are there in other towns that are not here for kids?

The fact is every generation in every culture goes through the "there's nothing to do" phase. I would suspect it has something to do with making the transition from adolescents to adulthood- not being fulfilled with childish games and constant supervision but not really knowing how to engage in adult activities.

What kids need are well adjusted adults that will awaken within them the ability to partake in the many many many adventures that surround them daily. They need their own passions for life ignited. They don't need adults feeling sorry for them, trying to be creative for them and letting the kids attitude influence decisions like making a $400,000 sprinkler that neither the city or state has the money for.

And as was wisely stated before- this is a job for mom and dad! Where mom and dad are dead beats and can't do this, grandparents, uncles, neighbors etc... need to step in and do it..... but lets not put it on the govt.'s shoulders.....please!

Amazingly put! I couldn't

Amazingly put! I couldn't agree more! This is a great list of activities. It just proves that there ARE things to do here without spending taxpayers', or in most of the activities listed, the parents' money! I also agree that all kids go through that "there's nothing to do here" phase as they go through their teen years. It's nothing new to this generation! Kids need to learn to use their imaginations more! And what a great idea to get involved to better their community and learn integrity, creativity, and self-worth - definitely things teens these days seem to be lacking!

No Spray Park, a Water Park maybe

We don't need another spray park, but an indoor/outdoor water park maybe. You know one with slides, rings that you swing across and maybe surfing. Now that I could see as an attraction that will draw money. Can't say that I see a spray park that sprays water for maybe 5 mins. and takes another 30 minutes to recharge as something I would want to pay for. If I want to get wet, I want to get wet and stay wet for awhile.

How about building an indoor ice rink? Something that could be used year round. I read the story about how Sheridan's junior figure skaters did pretty well at the event in South Dakota. Could you imagine how much better they would have been if they could practice year round?

Or how about a facility with pool tables, a few bowling lanes, an eatery and maybe a seperate indoor play ground like McDonalds has only bigger and better. This would be great for hosting B-Day parties and for families to spend some time together. You could even have a bar like area that serves things like sodas and smoothies with a dance floor and a stage for some of the local garage bands to play at. There are quite a few talented kids up at the High School who would probably love having a venue they could play their music at.

I agree with everyone else who said that this spray park will mainly be an attraction for the younger kids and what we need is something for the tweens and teens in town.

How about an indoor tennis

How about an indoor tennis court, which also would be enjoyed by adults.

I'd rather have the city

I'd rather have the city repair the failing asphalt on my street and replace the water line, which are needs way over-due. I already pay plenty to support the communities children through our public education/daycare system and do not need to provide frivolous entertainment that is not a critical need.

Not at this time

Do we need a spray park. I do agree though, kids, expecially from about 6th grade through high school need things to do. The parents should be more involved with them,also. If the P@R is looking for things that would help the kids have things to do. Maybe they should talk to the kids, not the older adults. A lot of these kids have great ideas, the city and the P@R dept might learn a lot from these kids what they want. It might also be cheaper.

spray park

A spray park isn't going to solve the issue of teens not having enough "fun" things to do here in Sheridan. First of all, a spray park would be in operation for three, maybe four months a year. What about the other eight or nine months? Second, as someone else pointed out, little kids tend to use spray parks, not teens.

Spray Park

I agree. When in Billings, you see youth 'hanging out' at the mall with 'nothing to do'. It just goes to show that even in lager towns teenagers are bored. However; it would be fun for younger kids if it could be well maintained and generate enough funds to operate itself.

Childrens Spray Park

I previously ran a Parks and Recreation Department for another City outside of this area. Typically, P&R expenditures are restricted to specific departments so the monies probably could not be utilized elsewhere other than within the P&R Department or wherever they were allocated to specifically.

That said, I constructed a rather large spray park within a public park and it proved to be a relative nightmare even in a warm climate where it was utilized year round. There are numerous problems with the drainage and filtration systems as these units need to be maintained just as pools are. There are also significant liability issues and I dare to say that Sheridan is not ready for any of them as far as I can see. But, they will probably build it anyway as it's someones idea to do so. In closing, good luck. You'll need it.

I would have to say that a

I would have to say that a spray park is not a good idea at this time. To address some of the issues brought up in the comments, what age group do you think this kind of attraction is focused on. In my opinion and from what I've seen at the existing spray park it would be toddlers and younger children. I don't see many of these complaining about how little there is to do in this town and going out to break the law in turn. If you want to keep kids out of trouble, focus on the teenagers, build something like another rec center. My second point that I wanted to make was that after reading through the North Main plans this morning, I noticed that they are planning a spray park at the north gateway/welcoming center. This one I might support as it could be a nice attraction at the entrance to out town. But in no way do we need THREE spray parks in Sheridan.

Why has it become the cities

Why has it become the cities and towns problem for finding fun things for the kids to do?
When we were kids we made our own fun and didn't dare get into trouble, we had good parents and knew better.
Why isn't it the parents job to find fun things for their kids to do or to show their kids how to have a good time with what they have??
If a private person wants to open a spray park as a business I don't have a problem with that, but it's not the cities job to entertain other peoples kids.
Having fun is Not an Entitlement and there for shouldn't be a burden on the tax payers. It's time parents start acting like parents and showing their kids how to have fun with what they have instead of crying about what they don't have.


We have so many other areas of the city that need to be looked and redone. One Example NOT ENOUGH MAN POWER to clean snow off of streets. Another Example is streets need to be redone.

I have children and think

I have children and think that a spray park for Sheridan is a great idea. I grew up here and with nothing to do I seen almost all of my friend get into trouble with the law. I think Sheridan needs to start thinking of fun things that the youth of this town can do. If there were more fun things here than more people would spend time with their families here instead of driving to Billings. This town is way to focused on the older people and in the long run that hurts Sheridan.

Spray Park

Every one is concerned about the spending of money.... My wife and I have said for years the youth of this town needs other things than what we offer. The youth of this fine City and our County, what have we done for them? I think that we need to step up to the plate and give what we can. If you listen to the kids......."there is nothing to do here". Building a Spray Park would be a positive thing that all could enjoy.

Spray park

My initial thought was no - however if you think about it -it could be a good idea to do this. If it's done as other recreational options are done, admission fees can address some, if not all, of the cost of upkeep. In addition, it could be a tourist draw, so you might make more revenue than first thought of by visitors using it as well. Infrastructure projects are good investments during these kinds of economic times, because you can get better lower cost bids to build and create some job opportunities for those of involved in the building of it. On closer look I think there a positive aspect to building.

The way this question is

The way this question is worded obviously is bound to sway this vote. Here's my point: At what point do we make youth/young adults a priority in our community. I've said this for years and I'll say it again. Our youth will not stay until we start looking at their interests. This is just a small piece to that puzzle. Retirement homes and senior living centers are not the answer.

It's been proven that when

It's been proven that when children play in water,they'll never leave a town regardless of wether there's jobs or not.This spray park is vital to the exsistance of sheridan and it's amazing that sheridan has lasted over 100 years without a spray park.

Ideally I'd like to see us get some outside consulting firm to study the feasability of a spray park and pay them $200k,let it drag on for a couple years,then have to get another study done on it.It's just money.

good one!

good one!

I don't understand you. The

I don't understand you. The way you comment on every story makes me wonder about your stability. You cry foul when Sheridan wants to spend money on the youth, but at the same time you chastise the same people for ignoring the youth.

I don't understand. Care to enlighten the rest of us?

No, I don't think it's a

No, I don't think it's a good idea in this financial enviroment.

I just don't understand

I just don't understand people. They complain that their taxes are to high and that their city waste tax payer money and then they keep voting for these types of costly projects. It doesn't end when the spray park is complete, it has to be maintained and that will cost the tax payers plenty.
We already have a nice public pool at kendrick Park and the YMCA is also available to those who wish to go there. I've also seen plenty of kids playing in the creek at kendreck Park and they have a great time doing it. The City does not need a spray park period and the tax dollars would be better spent else where.