Is the Tea Party playing a positive role in American politics?

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69% (318 votes)
29% (134 votes)
No Opinion
2% (9 votes)
Total votes: 461

The TEA Party "IS" American Politics

The TEA Party movement is exactly what American politics is all about, the right of free expression and peaceful protest regarding the over-expansion of our government. This is pretty much what our founders fought for in many, many, ways is it not?

To make the statement that some people "find Tea Party participants to be anger and hate-filled people with a mob-like mentality spewing nothing but political rhetoric" without identifying those that feel this way, or specific instances of this type of behavior, is both cowardly and antogonistic in and of itself.

The TEA Party is good for American Politics in the long run despite the feeling of some detractors that believe it adulterates the effectiveness of the Republican Party. The movement has become a voice to be heard, not one to be ridiculed and ignored by all politicians across this country. This is exactly what its' creators and followers intended to accomplish, recognition!


The republican party long

The republican party long ago "adultrated" their own effectivness, the Tea Party is just a symptom of that.


The association is a protracted simile not a direct correlation of the obligatory promise. You miss the point!


Some of the founding fathers

Some of the founding fathers thought we shouldn't have political parties. I think they were right, every issue and candidate should be judged for their own merits. The two party system looks at every issue in an our team vs. your team mind set.

I believe almost any third

I believe almost any third party to be an improvement over the bought and sold corporate government that we now have. Only a fool would think that either of the two major parties that have run this country literally in to the ground are the answer.