Is the Tea Party having a positive influence in this year's elections?

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66% (295 votes)
29% (129 votes)
5% (23 votes)
Total votes: 447

Don't fool yourselves into

Don't fool yourselves into thinking that the Tea Baggers do not receive substantial funding from special interest groups. Perhaps there was purity at the beginning of this so-called movement, but that certainly didn't last long. No matter, it is clear that the Republicant party is being torn apart and the vote will be badly split this November. It is amusing to watch the havoc being created by the Tea Baggers.


So we'll see a democrat sweep this November?

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

Restoring the Foundation

The Tea Party movement is a grass-roots effort to get us back to our founding principles. Smaller gov't, less spending, more personal responsibility and lower taxes are the foundation of America. We've slipped down the path of the welfare state and we are on the verge of national bankruptcy.
The Tea-party is trying to save us from debt-driven ruin. And yes, both parties share the blame to varying degrees. That's why the Tea-Party draws from all sides and is getting their candidates nominated in the primaries.
That they run, successfully against "establishment" Republican candidates is because they appeal to the fiscal responsiblity of voters. Republican voters are expressing their preference for more conservative candidates and they are then put forward as the voters (R) nominee, to run against the Democrat. No Republican party splitting, just a healthy debate in the primaries.
The defeated, old-party Republicans, that run as Independents are the only ones trying to split the Republican party.
The people spoke in the primary. They want the more conservative Republican. The Tea-party is doing an excellent job of pulling the Republican Party back to it's founding principles.
No third party will emerge. The Tea-Party will work within the Republican party to make it even more appealling to a majority of voters. The logical trend towards smaller gov't and lower taxes will continue, since these are core American values, as well as the only way out of recession.
The Tea-Party is having a profoundly positive effect on America.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

I think since the republican

I think since the republican party has made a choice over the past few years to betray their principles and embrace big government at every level, they deserve to lose. Perhaps the Tea party will become a viable third party, and the republican party will cease to exist? To a large extent the Democrats and Republicans have become two wings of one party, bought and owned by the same banksters and special interests pulling the strings. While I don't agree with the Tea party on a lot of issues, I do like the fact that they scare the **** out of the political establishment in this country.

Tea Party

Hope the Tea Party doesn't split the Republican Party and the Dems win again. I am all for the above and agree 100%.


That is exactly what is

That is exactly what is happening, The tea party is cutting into the Republican areas in order to split the vote.. The sad thing is, in my opinion the Republican party brought it on itself :( ... Now in some cases you have members on the side of democrats that are funding the tea party moment for JUST this reason... Split the vote. We are a country divided, that is why we are so easy to push around.


Bigger Government or Smaller?

If nothing else, the T-party is getting us to talk about the direction we are heading.
Do we want bigger government, more services and more taxes or do we want smaller government, more self-reliance and lower taxes?
They are holding up a mirror to the American people and simply asking, "Command economy or free enterprise?"
Socialism or Capitalism?
The road to ruin or a return to freedom?
Imposed taxes or Tax-Liberation?
We are truely at a major cross-road in history.

Give me Liberty or....

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