Is a tax on wind energy production a good idea for Wyoming?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
51% (152 votes)
43% (130 votes)
No Opinion
6% (17 votes)
Total votes: 299

Do a little research, find

Do a little research, find out where these turbines are produced and what job market benefited.. It wasn’t the US job market, our tax money has already been shipped over seas to help an over seas job market.. I would tax the heck out of it without putting any restrictions on local development serving a local specific market.

why not tax

almost all the money that goes into the developement and building of wind turbines is taxpayer money. the business itself is not economically feasible without 75% of the investment tab being picked up by the government (my wallet and yours). so why not tax them to at least get some money back for the state.

I'll likely support anything

I'll likely support anything the legislature will do to discourage wind energy development in Wyoming. We don't need the Wind Energy scourge running unchecked in our state.


OH NO! Now they are going to take the wind from us and not pay us for it.....oh my God! We had better do something quick before they take MT's wind and not pay them or maybe North Dakota's....I use my wind a lot and do not want it hauled off to another state...what is it all coming to?

Yet another attempt to

Yet another attempt to justify pouring money into a non viable energy source in an attempt to try to legitimize it.

Taxing Wind Energy

Normally I oppose taxes of nearly any kind, but in this case I fully support the idea. So, YES, YES, YES, tax wind energy production and do so heavily.

I actually support a much higher tax rate for commercial wind energy production turbines. I think the tax in Wyoming should be "at least" three times higher than what it is in any other state. One dollar per kilowatt hour is way too cheap. It should be at least ten dollars per kilowatt hour.

There will be those that think I'm nuts but I've lived around these turbines before and they are the most scenically destructive device anyone can imagine. They will ruin your view, they are extremely detrimental to the riparian population and they rarely work. Three hundred fifty foot monoliths dotting the Wyoming skyline will ruin this State.

If we make the tax high enough, they will be built elsewhere. Sheridan and Johnson counties should outright ban commericial wind farms if the powers to be have a lick of sense about them.

Tax it!!

If a company is making a profit from it, then it should be taxed just like the coal mines and gas companies!!! No free ride for the green movement, they can pay their way just like the rest of us.

Is a tax on wind energy production a good idea for Wyoming?

WOW ... another reason for corporations to NOT make investments in the state of Wyoming!!! I'm sure the coal, natural gas, and rancher lobbies had something to do with it. Isn't great for the citizens of Wyoming to be Republican controlled ... so much for the EQUALITY state.

As usual, democrats don't

As usual, democrats don't have any idea what they are talking about. You take a shot at Republicans for wanting to tax the wind but if you would read the news, on the following was in a news article:

The Governor had proposed a $3-per-megawatt-hour tax on wind energy production; however, that number was reduced to $1-per-megawatt-hour by the House. Revenue from the tax is projected at a minimum of $4 million annually, and would be divvied up between the State and the counties where the wind projects are located.

I believe the Governor is a democrat, enough said.

Why not?

Why shouldn't the wind companies pay just like the mineral companies? They are making money and sending the power somewhere else. They bring only a few jobs and never make Wyoming their home. Most wind companies are HQ'd other states. I really hope the coal and gas compaines pressed the state for this tax. They don't deserve a free ride. That my friend is EQUALITY.

Getting a little tax crazy

Getting a little tax crazy here isn't it? Wind is free or it was?? Doesnt the government get enough from us as it is??