Should Wyoming join other states in court to challenge the constitutionality of the recently passed national health legislation

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
72% (397 votes)
26% (145 votes)
2% (10 votes)
Total votes: 552


If your looking to the polls who heavily courted Republicans (aka Tea Party) then you have a skewed view of the will of the people. Polls after the passage of this historic and ethical show support in favor of it .... go figure! And now, the GOP is re-thinking it's REPEAL appeal ... mmmmmmmmmm

The will of the people is trusted in the people it elects to Congress. Unfortunately for Wyoming, it appears you elect the wrong people ... although Enzi (who has got lot's of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the insurance industry) showed some sensibility in the summit on health care.

If you disagree with health care reform, you should also be against social security ... maybe that should be repealed or maybe VOLUNTEER your SS benefits back to the government.

Question: What does "The Equality State" stand for?

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL

in all reality?

In all reality which part of the bill will republicans repeal the part that disallows denial of coverage for pre existing conditions? Or maybe the part that stops insurance companies from dropping you when you get sick? Maybe the part that lets you keep your kids on until the age of 26 if they are in school? I've got a lot of mixed feelings and suspicions about the law but one thing that will not happen is a broad repeal.

I hope it's the part that

I hope it's the part that grants the federal government the power to force us to buy insurance.

Vehicle insurance

What is the difference? We are forced to pay taxes, we are forced to have auto insurance on registered vehicles, we are forced to have a DL to drive, forced to attend school if we are kids, if the kids dont go to school, the parents go to jail, this list goes on. Rules, regulations, policy. This is a free society?

What difference does it make whether it is a state, local or federal enforcement.

I guess you could not buy auto insurance and get busted by the popo. That would only be a $750 fine and you become high risk, now you have to pay twice as much as ususal for liability insurance for the next 3 years.

Right wing, left wing, how about a reality wing? I will be on that one.

I already have medical insurance. The Government cannot force me to buy it. I sure can be forced to insure my car though. That is if I want to drive it legally. Crazy laws. FYI the constitution has only been amended 27 times since its existance and 2/3 of the U.S. will have to agree with each other to get er done. Not likely.

If you get a chance to respond to this rant, please dont do the apples and oranges thing. Control, enforcment, call it what you wish, it is all the same coin.

me too

Me too, I think it is blatantly unconstitutional, however with that comes responsibility. Right now many people turn down insurance then show up at the ER for "emergency" medical treatment, or fail to pay their bills. Perhaps the answer should have been some form of reasonably priced universally available coverage that you could opt out of, but if you choose not to get that coverage no one was obligated to treat you? It strikes me as unfair that doctors and hospitals (especially emergency rooms) are forced to eat a lot of bills. By proxy we all pay for those who either do not have, or refuse to get (and believe you me there are more than a few who turn down health insurance through work) insurance.

They don’t eat anything,

They don’t eat anything, they sell their bad debt to a debt collector for pennies on the dollar... then the debt collector moves to collect about 75 % of the debt.. So here is what happened.. The hospital made pennies on the dollar for what they CHARGE for service... Notice I didn’t say WORTH of service.. Who knows, the hospital may have got paid what the service was worth, and the third party debt collector made out like bandit.. The people are who can afford health care the are the ones who drive up the price via supply and demand.

A hospital losing

A hospital losing money.That's laughable.

Bighorn urgent care charges $120 for up to three stitches/staples on simple wounds.The same treatment at the hospital runs $1000 minimum. Hospitals have been screwing the public for years and opened the door for your liberal bedwetters and socialized medicine.

I agree, they are always

I agree, they are always quick to point to their overhead numbers and do their song and dance... I don't think the educated American public buys the song and dance any more..

I'm all for getting rid, of

I'm all for getting rid, of social security!!! There is, I think two counties in Texas who do not demand Social Security be withheld, "look it up"... I would move to repeal Social Security in a heart beat, if they would give back everything they took with a banks interest rate of lets say 18%... I would bet members of AARP might have something to say about that... AARP does not want me to have my money back right now, and we all know why.... It’s my money that was meant to be there for me when my time comes going to pay their benefits... They "the members of AARP" are not going to care when my time comes that my money is gone, they will all be 6 feet under… They are the ones who let this happen. I don’t care what any one individual says. It was a congress the members of AARP elected year after year that took my money and moved it around like a shell game… The younger people of this country need to stand up and take notice and understand now when it comes time to point the finger. The people who you need to blame will be dead and gone...

Galveston County took

Galveston County took advantage of a Social Security loophole in 1980 allowing them to run their own pension plan. Their system isn't perfect, but it appears to be an improvement over Social Security on many levels. It provides up to four times the return of what others get from their Social Security payments. Their disability benefits are much better too, and they can make hardship withdrawals. Unfortunately, that loophole no longer exists, so the only way to get out of the Ponzi-like government system is to move to that area.


Since when did Wyoming become Texas...just curious. If you'd like to comment for Texas do it on a Texas site and stick to the subject at hand....which I believe was "Should WYOMING join the other states...."

J. S. Luckjohn

I was expanding on something

I was expanding on something mentioned in the previous post about getting rid of social security.

The greates Ponzi scheme

The greates Ponzi scheme was not ran by Bernard Madoff, perhaps the biggest ponzi scheme of all times was and is ran by our elected government..



Cash cow

Social Security was doing fine for a long time. There was a lot of money paid in over the decades. The government saw this 'cash cow' and started spending this 'tax' for other things. Now Social Security is going broke. Fast forward-people get taxed for Obamacare, piles of money will get put into it, hmmm, another 'cash cow' in the making. Do you really think this money will be used ONLY for its intended purpose?

post office

I'd have been a lot more comfortable if health reform had been run like the post office, Independent of congress and forced to be financially self sufficient. And before anyone flames me the post office is a pretty decent operation, what other company (FedEx, ups, etc) lets you send a letter anywhere in the country for $.44, with delivery generally in 3-5 business days?

"ONLY for its intended

"ONLY for its intended purpose", here is what I found interesting.... In the Clinton era he helped to pass a law moving the money around depending on what part of the fiscal year it was, in order to balance the budget. The issue is that, depending on when in the year you audit the fund you might see a considerable gap in the amount of funding left in the account.. Anytime a politician moves money around you KNOW something bad is happening. I crack up every time people try to defend a politicians handling of money as if it was the governments cash… Citizens need to get it through there thick heads, that is the money of the PEOPLE.. on loan from the federal reserve that is no more federal than lets say federal express... Aaron Russo “Reflections And Warnings”


It's not freeloading .... there are millions of hard working Americans without health care, they don't have either because they can't AFFORD it, there EMPLOYERS don't provide it, or they can afford it and have a HEALTH issue that DENIES them coverage.

It is amazing that most of the anti-health group have such a narrow view of the reality of people in Wyoming. I think you need to check the facts - one being that people in Wyoming are in the TOP 10 states where citizens DO NOT HAVE health insurance.

If you have health insurance, consider yourself fortunate and lucky. If your one of those CHRISTIANS you should look yourself in the mirror.

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL .... Have a nice day!

With Liberty and Just FOR ALL

really? lame duck? i call it freeloading!

if you are not going to commence fighting...step aside.
lame duck is another name for freeloading. i am sorry but the Gov. has 9 NINE! months left to work. it's not ok that for the next nine months he does nothing except eat well travel and relax. sometimes i think an elected offical is on the highest paying form of welfare. resign and let someone who gives a S$%#@*&^ do the job-the one you were elected for.

ps...if anyone knows where i can get a job for the next nine months where i don't have to do anything and it's ok, i'll still get paid, let me know!

Before we sue

Before Wyoming sues over health care I want to see them refuse to comply with real ID.... That wouldn't take any action in court at all, Wyoming just has to simply not change our drivers license to comply with real ID. After we do that I'll believe we are serious about states rights and personal freedom.

"You've gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything"

The issue here is the will of the people being ignored by the person who promised to go to Cheyenne and do just that... that is as long as it doesn't make him go against his Democratic party and the President that he supported, (again against the consensus of the Wyoming voters). The calls and letters are flooding into The State Capital to join this symbolic movement, to make Wyoming one of the states that dares refuse Obama's socialist takeover. Remember the words of Aaron Tippin... "You've gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything" Lets go down swinging Wyoming.

repubs were no better

When it came to real ID, or no child left behind republicans caved in very readily to the Bush administration. So let's not get all high and mighty about standing up to your party. I'm pretty convinced that there are members of both parties who would find it in them to defend a standing president (of their party) even if he were to commit murder on live TV.

stop the madness

The problem is that Gov Dave is on the way out and this way he doesn't have to fight it. Let the next guy handle it. He is pro Obama. Obama is all for socialism. Let's fight this monster legally thru the courts. If we just so "oh well what can we do" we're laying down and letting Obama take over. What is going to be next folks? Our taxes are going to go out of sight. Our freedom is at a serious risk here. Please fight for your freedom.....stop the madness.

Do you now know someone who is without insurance

Do you know anyone without health insurance or who has a pre-existing condition? How can you all be so stupid as to oppose a bill which will possibly help you or someone you know? By making health insurance availble to more people and to everyone no matter what state of health they are in, this bill is a step in the right direction. Why oppose something just because it comes for the federal government? Take off you blinders!

Because in the long run it

Because in the long run it will not help anyone it will destroy our healthcare system. Initially this bill will put the insurance companies out of business then we'll have the single payer option. Government ineffectiveness and cost cutting will cut down on equipment and infrastructure available such as MRI's cat scans and surgery rooms. Doctors and nurses will experience pay cuts and fewer will want to enter these fields. Research and development in medicine will come to a standstill since there is no profit in it.
This is all a gradual downfall that won't be completely realized for years but in the end my kids won't have suitable healthcare as adults. Hopefully they won't need it.

I'm sorry but I had to chime

I'm sorry but I had to chime in on this comment... Please tell me how in your mind the "federal government" provides us ANYTHING !!!!!!! Break it down for me how and who they magicaly get their money from... I would LOVE to hear how this one works out... I have friends, who sometimes have no health ins, but im sorry I have NEVER in my life offered to pay for it... Let me ask you this, when was the last time YOU paid for a friends health care... Now tell me how you feel about paying for a strangers healthcare for the rest of your life? Let me ask you this, do you work ? Have you EVER looked at your pay stub ? How do you feel like lets say SSI ? Now how do feel about the fact that maybe by the time you "federal government" not giving that money back when it's time to collect... Are you an American or maybe an illegal who dont care about all these deductions.. I'm sorry I have to ask because of how you responded... UNREAL !!!! I work my butt off and your "federal government" takes over 50% of what I make. Now they want to play games with my 401k as well. I went out of my way to save and now your federal government sees people like me with these accounts of money and want to talk about taking it away to distribute the wealth... Why don't your friends and family get out and work like I do... My family sometimes suffers due to my time I spend at work and now you think its ok for the federal government to take my money and give it people who made the choice to not bust their butt. Your kidding me right ? Tell me what you posted was a joke..

money or freedom or what?

I read these posts a few times, then try to come to some reasonable conclusions based upon the big picture.

Now I see!!!!

This is about money, money, money and the mighty dollar.

Maybe I was brought up wrong, but isnt it better to give then to receive? Maybe that concept is not in play any more. SAD. Come on people, be nice to your fellow man.

You can judge a nation by how they treat thier poor and elderly.

How are we going to pay for

How are we going to pay for it? How can you be so stupid not to care about this simple question? What good is this bill going to be when the Medicaid requirements bankrupts the few state that are currently fiscally sound? Universal health care is a nice thought, but this bill did not address the cost issues; rather it pushed them back into the future to be dealt with after the fact. Not to mention all the lies bantered around to justify passing this monster. What a terrible process this has been.

yes and no

politcally I would love to join the lawsuit to sue to stop this joke of a law, but I also understand the Gov's reasoning in letting other states use their money in these times.

Why not join th fray if you disagree?

I find good reason to stand on principle with respect to the unfair taxation of States by the Federal Government. Although the conditions of the Healthcare Reform Bill are not a direct tax on citizens, the Federal Government does not have the authority to impose upon the populace that they purchase anything. That is the basis of the lawsuit. They (the Feds) have the right to taxation, but not imposition.

I actually contacted both the Governers office and the Attorney Generals office in Cheyenne. The AG's office indicated that although they have initially decided not to join in the lawsuit with the other states, he "has not" ruled out filing one on an individual basis on behalf of the residents of Wyoming.

I suggest that those who feel strongly about this issue that they contact the Governor and the Attorney Generals office themselves.

Yes, Freudenthal also

Yes, Freudenthal also indicated that there may be a lawsuit involving Wyoming later down the road, and that would be fine with me. I just think that this current lawsuit is merely a political ploy and stands little chance of success. If Wyoming were to jump on board it would be a waste of time and money that could be used for a better case in the future.

should wy join the suit?

This is the same thing as congress not following the will of the people.I will bet the majority of wyoming will wish to join the suit against the the new healthcare law.Gov. Dave was a supporter Of Obama In the election in 08, so of course he wont want to go against The DEMS.This is the problem with a republican majority state electing a democrat Governor.I like the Governor but he is wrong. Thanks

Health care

Why waste money on a lawsuit if the bill is overturned on consitutional grounds it will apply the entire U. S. not just the states filing the lawsuit. Getting in the lawsuit is just a way for polticians to thump their chests in a election year.

I voted yes, not because I

I voted yes, not because I really care about the bill that much one way or the other, but because it's far past time to stand up for states rights and put the balance of power back to where it should be....

10th Amendment US constitution: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

No where is it mentioned in the constitution any word at all about insurance or health care, therefor it is a state matter. This is a fight Wyoming should have made years ago!

This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with the state,it's a federal matter that supercedes state law.

The state is going to suffer

The state is going to suffer under the extra Medicaid burden that this bill imposes. The percent of poverty levels defining qualification for Medicaid and subsidies are too high for Wyoming (granted they may be OK in other states were costs and wages are inflated more). This certainly has something to do with the state.

The supreme court which is

The supreme court which is consevative,won't even touch this issue,because it ties into far greater issues then socialized medicine.

The route these states are trying to take has lead to civil war in the past.

Obama will bankrupt this whole country and Socialized medicine will fall with him.The fed has no choice but to print money they have no gold standard to back and the house of cards will crumble.

I think that's part of the

I think that's part of the problem. If people want to oppose this because the Constitution doesn't provide for it, they have waited too long. The precedent for allowing federal power not specifically listed in the constitution was set long ago.

We've got to start

We've got to start somewhere, at what point do we put some limits on the federal government? I'd sure like to do it before the federal government controls every single aspect of how we run our lives, and with a pretty conservative supreme court now might be the time.

I agree, but I don't think

I agree, but I don't think joining this knee-jerk lawsuit is the right way to go about it. Besides, if the suit succeeds the bill would get repealed regardless of whether or not Wyoming was involved.

I'm glad Freudenthal decided

I'm glad Freudenthal decided not to join the fray. However bad the bill may be, opposing it on constitutional grounds is a weak argument and a waste of time.

Not to mention

Not to mention money. Unhappy or happy...we do have the wonderful option of voting this November.