Should Wyoming continue to contract with out-of-state firms to store their back-up data?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
18% (44 votes)
72% (179 votes)
No Opinion
10% (24 votes)
Total votes: 247

Data Storage

How can we vote on this if we do not know if someone within the State has the capability to store this data? If we have the place to store it, then we should keep it home.


I think this is a cost

I think this is a cost question... Think of it this way.. Should wyoming use an out of state Iron Mountain location to store their back-up data.. Before you answer, take a little time to understand "Iron Mountain" and their list of clients. Read their terms of service. If you do service with Visa, American Express, Qwest, & The Federal Government they all send their info to be destroyed or stored to places like this. The service level agreement of places like Iron Mountain are very good..

With all that said, think of the cost to the tax payer.. It would take millions to build instate facilities that could compete with business like "Iron Mountain"

Can the tax payer afford that right now ?

I voted yes...

Why: due to cost.

I wasn't aware they were

I wasn't aware they were doing this! I guess we voters need to keep a better eye on the state!