Should there be a tax increase to pay for the surge in Afghanistan?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
15% (51 votes)
83% (283 votes)
2% (8 votes)
Total votes: 342

No New Taxes

The government makes enough money off our taxes now, they just choose to waste it ( I'm talking about Democrats, Republicans and Independants ) with ear marks, pork barrel spending and special interest. Take Nancy Pelosi for instance, she spent $3,000 just on flowers for a funeral. $3,000 of tax payer money. She could have taken 1 or 2 hundred dollars of her own money, sent some nice flowers and signed her name to it, but instead she choose to waste $3,000 of tax payer money. It's not only Nancy Pelosi, it's all of them!
American's have to live on a budget and so shouldn't the government. If they need money for the war in Afghanastan then they should start making cut backs else where within the government.
Taxation "With" Representation hasn't worked out so great either !!!!! No New Taxes! If they raise Taxes for the war those taxes will not go away after the war is over, Americans will be stuck paying them forever, history has proven that.

Bush cut taxes when he got

Bush cut taxes when he got us into these wars. Cosequently we have had to borrow money from China to pay for them. The war budgets have been off the books and accumulated as debt. At some point we will have to foot the bill. We can either pay as we go or continue borrowing from China and let our economy and un-employment contine to decline.
Obama seems to be continuing on the same path as Bush. Bush doubled the national debt--Obama will tripple it. And who will pay for this big party?
The American people are divided and searching for the truth. We have bailed out the banks, insurance companys,and wall street while fighting two wars and not raising taxes. We can not continue down this path.

If the current

If the current administration is not going to let us win the war, then bring the troops home and set the countdown clock for the next attack on US soil.



Please.. Enough of the "Obama Won't Let Us Win This War..."

"We" were in Afghanistan for FIVE YEARS before Obama took over... if you wanted victory so bad... you should have acted to prevent Bush from launching an open-ended war on Iraq instead of staying focused on Afghanistan.

You don't get it. You buy

You don't get it. You buy into the Left Right paradigm. In my oppinion people that are proud to be Democrat or Republican are so blinded to see they BOTH fight for the same GLOBAL agenda...

Yes...and maybe a draft too

I have to say I am shocked at the lack of comittment and resolve reflected in the results of this survey. If such an attitude had been prevelent in 1944 we would all be speaking German. We should begin pulling out at the earliest prudent time because it is obious we lack the comittment needed to win this war, and the guys deserve better than to be asked to put their ..... On the line when the folks back home can't even be troubled to make a financial contribution. Supporting the troops involves more than a yellow ribbon magnent on a car!

The so called war on terror

The so called war on terror is not even in the same realm as WWII.Don't kid yourself that we'd all be speaking german either.By the time america entered the war Germany was already on its way down trying to fight on two fronts.Luckily we didn't screw with germany in 1939.Sort of like america trying to fight on two fronts in afghanistan and iraq.Russia couldn't do anything with afghanistan and america is no differant.

Commitment has nothing to do with it.We had our chance to win in afghanistan in 2001-2002 and bush chose to invade iraq instead.

I don't think there was ever

I don't think there was ever a chance to win in afghanistan, mark my words Russia is going to see to it that the war on afghanistan drags on "4-EVER" .. Anyone who knows the history of america will understand why.. Putin will see to it just out of spite, he has been around in Russia for a LONG time, and he remembers what happened 30 years ago... It's not rocket science.

We had a perfect chance to

We had a perfect chance to kill off Taliban as they were leaving afghanistan along with most likely killing Bin Laden,during the first month of occupation.But Franks and Bush wanted to invade iraq and wouldn't give the CIA the ground troops or air support they were begging for.It's well documented what went on and the CIA chiefs on the ground wrote books on it.

Afghanistan will drag on,because it's job security.The DEA has literally thousands of employees both agents and analyists in afghanistan fighting the typical american law enforcement cash cow Opium.And because opium is the only export afghanistan has,more people fight america.

Make no mistake; it is

Make no mistake; it is highly probable that our DEA is working to dominate/control that Opium market like they did in Vietnam. There are a few ex DEA agents who have went on record talking about the real roll of the DEA..

There are a few articles out there about a few different agents talk about how the DEA operates. SAD


support for the war

I agree with what you say, I think it's the hypocricy that bothers me. If you took a survey here about support for the wars I bet over 80% would say we have to "stick it out" and beat the terrorists, but this survey shows only about 20% think we should pay for it. Maybe our chinese masters will continue to foot the bill for a while, but at some point the game is up.

Sooner or later...

The actual number of unemployed Americans is almost at 20%! That is 1/5 of the workforce. How can the Federal, State, and local governments continue spending tax dollars like there is no end to this revenue? People are hurting bad in some places and their voices go unheard. We have politicians touring the world and having all of their excentric tastes fulfilled while people are being pushed to the point of total despair.

The cost of war. The

The cost of war. The goverment don't fear its public, that's why they get away with it.

There should not be a tax

There should not be a tax increase, but im sure one will find its way in...

War in Afghanistan

With $60+ billion in Medicare fraud alone, there are ample opportunities to cut expenses and cover the cost of this most certainly important activity. After all, if we can't be safe from attack what does the rest of it all mean?

Bottom line: politicians need to be as good at cutting expenses as they are in asking for more money.