Should the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Boot Kick-Off venue have been moved from Kendrick Park to the Sheridan County Fairgrounds?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
25% (115 votes)
63% (284 votes)
No Opinion
12% (55 votes)
Total votes: 454

Back to the park

Why do we want to send all the visitors to the fairgrounds for everything during Rodeo week? Lets go back to having the boot kick off at Kendrick Park. That way people visiting can experience other great areas in Sheridan. Yeah parking may be an issue, but the beauty of the park far outweighs the parking problems.

I voted no

Here's why..... One thing I loved and miss about Sheridan is its Park.. That park is hands down been one of the most tranquil parks I've been in... All this money that is spent on pet projects could have even made that park better then it already is..

This is a Park that is not only a LARGE part of Sheridan but a park that tourists would love to see... In my mind it is a big selling feature of Sheridan, one of many..


FYI -It isn't an issue it is a poll. We prefer that the boot kick off be held at Kendrick Park. The fairgrounds has little grass or shade and is dusty. For those of us with smaller children it is hard to keep them happy at the fairgrounds. Kendrick has a much more family friendly atmosphere. You also don't have to rush home when the people start to arrive for the concert.

Oh the way.

Poll Question

From the Press "About 100 watch Boot Kick-off", seems it has a long way to go to build the crowd back up from what it was at Kendrick. Maybe it should not have been moved.

I agree. Is this subject

I agree. Is this subject really worth debating? I think we have much more important issues to address that trump where to "kick" boots! As for tradition...that's nice but not always the best choice. Times change...adjustments can become necessary. Typical Sheridan mentality.

Don't break tradition.

I know times are changing and Rodeo week activities are becoming more popular for tourists coming to Sheridan, but as a local, I don't think we should break the tradition of having the boot kick off in the park. For my whole life that's where it has been and its nice. There is shade, people can walk over to the ice cream stand and get something to cool them off and in all and all I feel its a better place. I've always looked forward to going down to the park for boot kick off and I was upset this year that they changed it. And I'm not the only one the majority of my family, that cared, felt the same way. I know our town needs tourism, but when is it too much? I don't care what comments people leave after me, I'll read all, but tradition is tradition. I just wanted to get my opinion out for others to hear. Thank you. ^^

Are you kidding me? This is

Are you kidding me? This is an "issue"?

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