Should Sheridan law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMT personnel be subject to random drug testing?

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94% (498 votes)
5% (27 votes)
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1% (7 votes)
Total votes: 532

Drug Testing

I would imagine that none of the local police officers would have a problem subjecting to a drug test. However, it should not be limited to just the Police Dpt. and Fire Dept. All city employees should be subject to random testing. As well as Rocky Mountain Ambulance (not in house testing, the testing should be performed by the same people who do the city employee testing, out of house).

You all are pretty hard on the local police officers, assuming that they arnt willing to subject themselves to the testing. Before ragging on them how about ask them how they feel. You might be surprised that they would most likely give a drug test any time.

Don't get hung up on just

Don't get hung up on just the Cops, EMT's and Firefighters. The school teachers that are teaching your kids are not drug tested. The only ones that fear drug testing are the ones that have something to hide. This should be embraced to show what stand up people we have working for us. Some of us have been in a drug testing program for 10 years. It weeds out the bad apples that you don't want anyway.

Those in power,eg.,

Those in power,eg., Congress, School Administrators, elected politician, CEO's etc., never are tested. They make the decisions, but the guy filling the coke machine, shoveling the walk, washing the floor are the ones that will be tested. Never mind the 5th & 6th amendments to the Constitution. Take a little freedom, a little at a time, and we'll never notice.

A good policy is applied top down

The public deserves to know if their elected and hired servants are rendering unimpaired service. This policy should be applied top down, starting with the elected officials. Tests should also be done for alcohol. If .08 is too high to drive it's too high to be voting on public issues.

We all know that there are

We all know that there are double standards for those in power, so why would we expect that they are being tested. MJ should just be legalized anyway, but seeing that stupid laws are enforced in this area, then those enforcing the laws should be held to the same standard. Anyone persecuting someone for a crime that they themselves are committing should face a very harsh penalty, since the worst abuses come at the hands of those in power.

The mayor and city council

The mayor and city council should be drug tested.They have as much power to ruin peoples lives as anybody.

My husband is a police

My husband is a police officer and I totally agree that they should be drug tested. Maybe it would decrease the false allegations that the law enforcement gets here in Sheridan. And it could weed out the ones who are using. It will all come down to money in the budget.

Available money in the

Available money in the budget should not be an excuse to not do the testing. I actually think testing is a waste of money, but our society is bent on such wasteful things, so cops should be required to be tested. I would gladly give up a cop on the beat (thus freeing money in the budget for the testing) in exchange for knowing that our cops are not hypocrites when it comes to law enforcement.

My wife gets drug tested at

My wife gets drug tested at the hospital and all she does is push around papers. Many of these people have your life in their hands i would feel better knowing they are not drugs, prescription or otherwise.

Just a thought here... In

Just a thought here... In this case, the fireman is being charged with delivery not consumption. A drug test would not have prevented this crime.

Mind your business and let

Mind your business and let the world smoke... legalize it sheridan

I certainly thought they

I certainly thought they already were being tested!

Let's test them all!! And

Let's test them all!! And make sure the private ambulance service is tested also, since they provide care in the city. And test Councilor Ketcham as he is the Business manager for the private, but he would probably weezle his group out of it somehow. He's seemed to weezle his way into several things, for example Assistant Fire Chief in the newly formed fire district!!

Dont hate

Don not bring down the newly formed fire district. They are an excellent bunch of volunteers who have make great strides in a short time to be a quality fire department.

We already do random drug

We already do random drug testing at Rocky Mtn. Ambulance.

I do think they should be

I do think they should be tested then they can prove to you that they are not a bunch of "drug addicts"! They are good people with families and it is sad that they are being judged so poorly.

Drug testing

Not just police, fire, and EMTs. Everyone in goverment including lawers and especialy JUDGES!!!

Illegal search

Sorry Frankie Poo. Ever hear that the government cannot do a search and seizure without a search warrant? The same applies to government employees in most situations. I think it is bullcrap myself. Groups like teachers who should be drug tested hide behind this. They all should be tested regularly. But I think only the guys with special endorsements on their driver's license can be tested anytime.

The City will have to treat

The City will have to treat Police and Fire equally with all City Employees but either way this topic will be dropped by the City quickly and quietly based on the cost of the program. Too bad really as the Police have already gave a green light for the program by Capt. Chandler. I doubt the Fire Department will publicly go on record for random testing in any form.

o yea


Yes, they should lead by

Yes, they should lead by example !!

The cashier at Kmart get

The cashier at Kmart get drug tested and so do the people that make doughnuts at Safeway and law enforcement doesn't?

Drug Testing

I am amazed that they are not tested. Our company makes this a condition of employment, as it should be. Since we started our zero tolerance 3 years ago our employee turnover, and absenteeism have decreased, our morale and saftey have gone up. I also feel this should be a condition of unemployment, welfare and workers comp cases as well. We terminated an employee for drug use and he was on unemployment the next week. Where is the incentive not to use. Our government workers should be held to a higher standard, especially EMS firefighters and law enforcement.

Why arn't they already?

The Cops, Firemen, EMT etc from the top down should all be tested! And not just on a hiring date, randomly several times a year! If they want ot dish it out they should be willing to take it!

Everybody should be whiz

Everybody should be whiz quized.Especially city council and the mayor.Could be a great way to get rid of useless politicians.

I had always assumed the

I had always assumed the police were drug tested, I guess another case of rules applying to the little people as opposed to more important members of society.

Drug Testing

Anyone, including the Mayor, city council on down that works for the city or contracts to the city should be asked to submit to random drug testing. Would be a good idea for the media folk also.
I would be very surprised if it were not already a condition of employemnt for all EMS personnel.
While we are picking on them lets do the county and state personnel also. No need to leave the possibility of any stone unturned.
How about welfare and food stamp receipients?
All educators that deal with our children and of course their supervisory personnel.


If we drug test our blue collar workers, i think the emergency workers should also be included and maybe even tested more. After all they carry guns, push drugs and have peoples lives in their hands. The garbage man doesn't have alot of responsibility but they test him already.

I would like to know why

I would like to know why anyone would think they should be exempt to this. All handbooks used in onboarding spell this out as terms of employment.. Why should law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMT personnel be exempt, and be above any reasonable safty standards. Are they to be seen as above the general public in normal compliance? I think EMT is outsourced but any contract with the city should have this in place, and I thought it already did.. I thought they were all under this rule set anyway. So I have to ask, Why pose the question for a poll. It would be real news if they were not already subject to these standards.

I would like...

I agree with you. I was under the --probably mistaken--impression the agencies mentioned were already under that rule set.