Should Sheridan College begin the search for a new president?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
78% (149 votes)
13% (24 votes)
No Opinion
9% (18 votes)
Total votes: 191

and he took the job :)

and he took the job :)

S C Prezidentae

Hey if the guy wants to go let him! He has done a good job here but one thing for sure you can't take the coast out of "EAST COAST" C YA!

employers vs. employee

The days of being with one employer your whole life are for the most part gone. Sadly, I think this was the choice most employers made 20 years ago. The good news is that it gives the employee the ability to seek out his maximum earning potential. I think this is a good thing, once a person understands that he has been empowered. This is the way the corporate world now works. Skills go to the highest bidder. When I was growing up, I was taught it was customary to give a two weeks notice, well being in the corporate world it seems those days are gone forever as well. The interesting thing, this is what the employer brought upon themselves by understanding the value of a long time employee.


Aboslutely.Funny how kevin

Aboslutely.Funny how kevin has no problem with SC knowing that he's involved in a job search.

Makes you wonder how many other employers actually care if you the employee are looking at other employment options.Or is this type of issue only limited to the position of police chief.