Should senior citizens be tested in order to get their driver's license renewed?

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71% (297 votes)
24% (98 votes)
5% (22 votes)
Total votes: 417


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senior driving

First off, the poor drivers that I encounter are not of the 55 and older variety such as myself. Never an accident or a ticket in 40 years of driving. Competent, yes. Remember every rule in the drivers manual, no. Frankly, it is the 20 and 30 somethings that need to get re-educated in driving. The me generations have the worst skills. Girls used to be the "safe" drivers. Now so many that I see are lead foots. When I started driving, the local and state police were always at hand to issue citations. Certainly was a deterent to me to not be careless. Those days are long gone.

At 55, I am ready to review the drivers handbook. Take a test? Forget it. Maybe when I turn 80. That will give me something to do and also prove to myself that I can still be a safe driver.

In a nutshell, police should cite those that pass you on the left in a turn lane or on the shoulder while you are turning left. Doing 15 over. These rules of the road are intended for keeping order and safety on the streets. Everyone gets to play by the same rules. If there were no rules, it would be a free for all. When some do whatever they want with no consequence, ooh talk about causing anger for those that are trying to be good drivers!

So don't assume age is the main factor in driver responsibility or ability!

'Nuff said

Bottom line, as we get older our reflexes dull, our sight fails, our confidence wanes, and we get confused. These factors that lead to scary situations for both the elderly driver and the other motorists. Many of our grandparents don't quit driving until there has already been an accident. Although 55 is a little early to really start worrying about road worthiness, I will say my own grandmother was scary even in her 60's.

Driver Testing

W. D. Redman
Driver training in many parts of the country is required when the driver has a moving violation. When you have bad drivers in all age groups (and that's what WY.has), that's the only way to get better drivers. Driver training schools will crop up every where if this is required. Traffic fines are meaningless to a lot people. Thank you.

W. D. Redman

"Driver Training" is

"Driver Training" is meaningless, and nothing more then a way to funnel money.. When people break the law driving they know full well what they did wrong.. I'd like to ask a member of law enforcement a question... When you pull a person over for a moving violation, what percent have NO clue what they did wrong ? I would bet that there is a high % who know exactly what they did wrong. My next question is how would "Driver Training" help or address that situation. Is what we need is more ticket for REAL moving violations, in order to teach people there are consequences for their poor driving actions.. Once they start paying A. the tickets, and B the higher cost of insurance, it's the pocket book that does the teaching...

Senior Drivers

Just curious, when do people become Seniors? AARP says 50. Social Security says 65, 66, 67..... My hairdresser & Albertson's say 55. Perkins has it at 62. LOL I agree that everyone should be tested every five years. And, the writer mentioning the misuse of the turn lanes is right on! If you are sitting in the turn lane at a stop light, you are flipped the bird many times for not leaving it open for those who want to cut 1/2 of one second off their time. And, those who pass you on the right when you're waiting to turn at a normal corner is another one. It seems that no one really knows the rules of lanes. When drivers turn onto a 4-lane street, they just zip across their proper lane to get into the other one, instead of turning into their own lane & then signaling to switch if necessary. Maybe we all need classes in driving properly & safely.


Test everybody

At times I find it very dangerous to drive in Sheridan. I think that everybody should be tested on common traffic laws, especially the proper use of the TURNING LANE. Nothing boils my blood more than seeing some guy using the turning lane as a high-speed-center-lane-on-ramp to join traffic. The simple act of turning left in to the Quik-Sak is dangerous because of drivers getting in to the turning lane 3000 feet before the intended turn in to Wal Mart at the light.

Also the turn on to Main st off of Coffeen. You are supposed to stay in the right lane for the first block. Very few follow the traffic laws. Makes me sad.

I think

I think everyone should be requred to requalify every 5 years!

Driver Safety for Senior Citizens

I am now entering that "Senior" category myself, and I'm 100% in favor of driver safety testing for "us" senior citizens. AARP does have a two day driver safety course, which I took and found to be very good overall, but of course it is purely voluntary.

It seems to me that initially the whole purpose of establishing law requiring drivers to be licensed was for public safety. I believe this should be adequate justification for establishing a Senior Drivers testing program.

HOWEVER, to be truly effective, such a program absolutely MUST INCLUDE competency testing "behind the wheel." (most likely using driving simulators) Granted, classroom course material is good, but the real problems occur behind the wheel.

I very much dislike increasing government control of our lives in general. But honestly there are cases when regulation is appropriate, and this is a good example.

Senior Citizens

The idea of driver testing for senior citizens is just plain age discrimination. If such testing is such a good idea, lets have everyone retested on a regular schedule, like every other year or so.

It should be up to an elderly persons' family to decide whether they should be driving or not, and to provide other means of getting around for those who can't.

The "age discrimination"

The "age discrimination" argument goes both ways does it not ? Why age 16 to get a license ? Maturity on one end of the spectrum VS. Reflex on the other end.... It's just an argument of nothing more than churn.. I agree with others, anything that entertains more government "control / over site" most likely is a bad option... If you make the choice to drive and injure someone, that someone or family should be fully compensated for their loss or injury.. We have laws on the books to deal with this... This topic is an emotionally charged issue used to pit age group against age group, drawing attention away from main street America getting robbed...