Should Sarah Palin have resigned as governor of Alaska?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
29% (103 votes)
54% (189 votes)
No Opinion
17% (59 votes)
Total votes: 351

Her TV and debate performance

I was concerned that she did not appear to have any real concept of international affairs during the debates and TV interviews last fall.

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But does she have a birth certificate

All I want to know is, if she wants to run for President, will she be willing to show her birth certificate to proove she's a U.S. citizen and that she didn't come across the straights from Russia? Will she take offense to being asked to show her birth certificate, which should include the name of the hospital she was born in? That's all I want to know.

It appears to be the biggest nagging question with our current so-called president and the fact that he's spent $900,000+ to try to prevent his birth certificate (or lack there of) from being shown in court, is quite telling. And before anyone says, "He has already shown it." Look again. You're wrong. He was willing to show a "certificate of live birth" which, in 1961, the state of HI willingly issued to babies NOT born on HI soil. That changed in 1963. A certificate of live birth does not even include the name of the hospital the birth took place in (because it didn't necessarily take place in a HI hospital). This is all a matter of word confusion on the part of the administration and the ignorant American public and media that refuses to look into this.

The answer is with Alaska

Sarah Palin was genuinely unprepared for national office, a fact which became glaringly obvious as the campaign rolled. Whether or not she should have resigned as Governor of Alaska is a question for Alaskans to answer, not racists in Sheridan, WY. They know whether she was serving them ... or herself.
In honesty I was much relieved when the overwhelming opinion of the USA was NOT to trust her with this country's nuclear codes!
Personally I feel my only involvement in the question is the fact that through the media she apparantly so despises, she came into my living room on multiple occasions and gave garbled messages as to why she was quitting the job, and what her future plans would be.
I will be most interested to see how she accommodates her hatred of the media in the future since she is intelligent enough to know that she needs them to fulfill her aspirations, whether political or money-making.
One thing I did note is that although she made such a big deal out of being a good Christian woman doing the best she could to give monetary breaks to Alaskans, shortly after she campaigned, there were babies in outlying areas of Alaska whose families became totally cut off from the mainstream areas through unfortunate circumstances, and Ms Palin refused to air-drop milk for those babies. Do I care why Ms Palin made that choice, no! But can I imagine the feelings of Alaskan mothers who had to watch their babies suffer while she was busy doing Fox News docs? ... NO!

If she resigned with the

If she resigned with the intention of running for President then she has a long, tough road ahead. While she may have been a fine governor for Alaska, it was excruciatingly apparent that she was by no means ready for the political meat grinder of the major leagues. The McCain campaign suffered a major blow due to her inability to protect her image in the national media spotlight. I doubt she can sufficiently reinvent herself in time to successfully lead a 2012 ticket.


Depends on why she resigned.

What did she do again?

Can someone remind me on why I should care? No seriously, What did she do or not do?