Should the Public Service Commission approve the rate increase of between 26% and 41% requested by Montana-Dakota Utilities?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
4% (22 votes)
95% (569 votes)
No Opinion
2% (9 votes)
Total votes: 600

According to what

According to what information that I have this rate increase will be good in the long run. This increase is going towards the purchase of a share from a new power plant in Gillette. That means that MDU will no longer have to buy power on the open market for the Sheridan area like they have been since the Acme power plant was closed down. Therefore the rates should be fairly stable for the next 30 years or so. We could be like the people in Cheyenne and get a huge rate increase that is just going towards purchasing power on open market with nothing to show for it besides increasing rates. Check out the link : Besides MDU Utilities is a regulated company and they must prove to the PSC in court that this money is needed to continue operations, not to line corporate pockets. You should also compare the current price of 7 cents/kwh that MDU charges you to the national average of 10 cents/kwh before you complain about how bad we have it.

After a lot of thought, I

After a lot of thought, I think people need to focus 100% in off grid technology. It's out there for anyone who is looking. The more people that go off grid send a clear message to the bean counters of MDU. As long as city hall dont try to counter with dumb ordinances for off grid systems.

rate increase

I wonder if it might be possible for the public service commission might be elected, instead of appointed. Maybe the PSC might listen to the voters that way. The PSC, does not have to answer to any of us. What I have seen, this commission does not seem to stand up for the people in rate increases.

It's PR

This is purely a PR stunt for what is to come. They say they want the 30-40% now, but they will end up settling for 10%. Then, every year they will raise rates another 10% until they get the ultimate goal of 30%. Pretty much, they are warning customers to expect to pay $30 more a month in a few years. It's too bad, this is not what people want to hear this time of year and in this type of ecomomy. Poor move by MDU and their management.

Reading too much into it.

I agree with many of the comments on this story but wanted to clear up something. A recent post accused MDU of announcing the proposed rate increase around the holidays, "It's too bad, this is not what people want to hear this time of year..." That's not exactly what happened. I'm not sure why it's coming to light now, except that the Wyoming Public Service Commission recently set the date for the hearing here in Sheridan.

MDU actually filed for the increase back in August and so there was no way to determine when the PSC would act on the filing.

I'm not standing up for MDU, but I don't want to complicate the matter further with issues that don't exist.

I'm very disappointed with some of the answers received from MDU to many of the questions we have for them. I will have another full story or two in the next couple days.

You’re right, I work in

You’re right, I work in corporate America, and see this stunt daily.. This is a way to make the consumer feel like their pushback worked.. Never have I seen the consumer hold the line. Is what needs to happen is the consumer needs to push MDU for a 10% cut to help families.. You can no longer be happy with just HOLDING the line…

Aren't new powerplants

Aren't new powerplants supposed to make rates cheaper? I agree, we weren't brought into the purchasing of the powerplant so why should we make up for their spending habits.

Just think 41% increase in

Just think 41% increase in the price of heating a 5000sqft plus abortion out at the powder horn.Sounds like economic heaven.

Sounds like you are sucking

Sounds like you are sucking on the bitter candy called jealousy.

What the heck!!!!

It's bad enough that the cost of living here is so unreal that simple people couldnt get a house for the life of them but now we have MDU saying their going to increase their rates? What the heck is going on??? 15 years ago we were a simple town with simple rates to adjust for us....but now? There is no way someone can make life for themselfs with the way Sheridan has turned out. MDU....needs gets their head out of your know what and start looking at what is reality....Yes we have the powder horn...ect. But we also have have FAMILY'S who are just scraping by. No one anymore looks at the little people....and Guess what...Sheridan has those.....somewhere...somehow....someone has forgotten about that. We pay Taxes 2.

Rate increase

Between the thief residing in the Whitehouse, his minions in congress and the economic melee they have created. How the heck does MDU think we can afford to pay up to 41 percent more for electricity so they can purchase a power plant with profits derived from customers [us]. Call Obama at the rate he is handing out money he should be happy print some for MDU.

MDU Management is really

MDU Management is really asking for something they should know better than to ask for. First of all, I don't remember anyone asking if they should invest in the Gillette power plant. And since they did not ask their customers first, it is beyond reasonable imagination for them to expect us to repay them for the purchase. Which is exactly what they are asking for and have even admitted to. I would propose to MDU that they eat the initial investment dollars and just hope like heck that plant comes alive and produces the power they expect. But don't ask me to cover the cost of your purchase, especially since you never asked me if you should make that purchase to begin with.

MDU rate increase

I can't believe that MDU thinks it can raise rates up to 41% when most people in this community are struggling to pay their rent or their house payment, that is if the're lucky enough to still have a house. More houses for sale than in the last decade or so, people have had to move out of state to survive, plus wages in this town are sub par for most. Of course, there's always the few elite who can afford an increase. They must be the ones running the company.


With the supply of natural gas as plentiful as it is this year, MDU's feeling the pinch. I noticed my gas bill is about $25.00 lower this November, than it was last year. Now they want to make up the difference? What happens when supply isn't as plentiful? Are they going to ask for a decrease in rates? Cmon we all know better. I always thought that capitalism was built on the premiss of & demand.

Barking at the wrong thief

We're focused on the wrong thief here. Sure... MDU is like every other business in America, their business is to reach into your pocket and grab as much as quickly as they can... That's the American Way.
The real problem is... folks can no longer afford to let every hand into their pocket. The good jobs are gone. To paraphrase The Boss.. "They're closing down the textile mill boys, and the jobs ain't coming back."
Just a year ago, We, The People were bamboozeled and stampeded into the largest wealth transfer in the history of the Republic. The banksters and Wall Street gamblers threw the dice and lost. But it was us... not them who had to pony up.
We, The People are also bankrolling the twin wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan to the tune of 12 billion bucks a month. My God people... Can you not imagine that 12 billion dollars spent on revitalizing American inductry and manufacturing instead of lining the pockets of the grifters and the grafters?
I'm angry too... but MDU is way down on the list.

They may be way down the

They may be way down the list, but at a high level people need to see the money grab that is going on.. I don't understand why they are getting away with it.. People are so out of touch with what is going on, I think its shell shock from how fast this happened.. No one even balked at 700 billion dollar bail out that did what ?

I have no opinion

I have no opinion

say what!

First they inconvenience us by closing down the office so we cannot pay our bills there...and now they want a price hike....Get real! I'm seriously about ready to turn off my MDU and just stick to my fireplace!!! Our bills are already too high and now they want to add another $30 a month????WTH! NO NO NO!

J. S. Luckjohn

Typical.During the boom

Typical.During the boom these power companies get greedy and spread themselves too thin expecting methane etc. to pay for the extra costs.In this case the state of wyoming itself has already paid out $1 billion of our money in transmission line fee's for these power companies.Now we the public are expected to pay an increase for the power coming back into the state.

Corporate greed at its finest.

No More Rate Hikes

No More Rate Hikes,
What don't these corporate dirt bags understand? People are having a very hard time keeping their heads above water now. Our economy is bad and unemployment is still going up, people just don't have "Any Extra money".
A big rate hike like that would cause a lot of people to be very cold this winter because they won't be able to afford to turn on their heat, especially the elderly.
This is nothing more that Crporate Greed that will hurt low and middle income families the worst. Shame on you MDU.

MDU rate increse

I am in agreement with several other posts on this sight, why should we, the consumer be dragged into covering the expense of MDU's newest aquisition? That seems like a buisness decision they themselves made, presumably to increase their bottom line, thats the nature of buisness. However, when you provide a product to consumers, common sense dictates you shouldn't try to recoup your investment to maintain your profit ratios in one fell swoop. This sounds alot like our current National situation with GM, Mortgage lenders, and the deficit. "Lets spend some more, and then charge our customers for our poor financing decisions". The fact that MDU has the audacity to even request approval to cover their cost, says alot about the company, and that maybe, just maybe, they too are in over their heads like alot of other big companies right now. Makes me wonder about the solidity of MDU.
I hope the commision listens to the public and denies the request. That would seem to do the most good for our community during these tight times.


don't you think its time for the city to bring in another utility co. so mdu has some competition

I don't know. It would be

I don't know. It would be good for MDU, but bad for me. If MDU had more money they could hire more staff and that would be good for everybody, so I don't know.

Corporate Greed!

This is simply corporate greed! Keep taking from the poor to fund all these projects that bennefit the rich stock holders and sooner than later anarchie will begin and sweep across all of corporate america and it's screw the people goverment it has became!

Come on!

Hey, be reasonable MDU - do you really expect that it is "ok" to ask to recoup your 25% stake in such short order? I mean let's look at the additional revenue you will get by selling the extra power and spread the return over 20+ years like a rational business operation would. Seems like you want your cake and eat it too.

rate increase

There is no incentive to make your home more energy efficient when MDU and other utilities are allowed to raise the rates to maintain their profit margin. Even when the furnace if off during the summer, we are gouged with a meter rental charge. Good thing the rates were de-regulated to allow for more competition and lower rates.

here is the incentive....

here is the incentive....

In a service base economy, you go out and buy the energy efficient products that are created in another country, or you pay way higher monthly energy costs until you buy the product to bring you back to the new norm.