Should the policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the military be changed?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
36% (139 votes)
59% (230 votes)
No Opinion
5% (19 votes)
Total votes: 388

Of course yes! We all do have

Of course yes! We all do have liberty in choosing things rightly for ourselves so those people who condemn gays and lesbians have no rights to take away their freedom just for their good reputation. And recently, at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20, the United States military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy officially ended. Homosexual and lesbian military people are now permitted to function in an open volume. No anti-gay activity will be accepted, states the Department of Defense. The federal government is encouraging the nearly 14,000 soldiers released under the 1993 policy to enlist again. But GLBT Americans, whether in or out of the service, still have several challenges to handle. You can read this here: The U.S. military DADT policy is officially Out. Check this out for a proof!

I've been thinking on this,

I've been thinking on this, and the comments here for a few days. I can't see how a military short on manpower involved in two wars can turn anyone away. They should be asking for a draft for Pete's sake, course if we had a draft the troops would be on their way home because the American people would never stand for it.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

How about "Don't Ask, Don't Care?" I'm not some big activist, but I am happy to accept the help of anyone who volunteers to protect our country. Our military is stretched pretty thin right now.

Men and women in our military are not allowed to "fraternize" either. I doubt that would be any different for homosexual soldiers, so I wouldn't expect any great detriment to our military's fighting ability.

It's time that America

It's time that America understand the the REALITY that gay citizens of the United States contribute in the Armed Forces as they contribute to everyday society. To not respect and acknowledge an individuals ability/creativeness to serve this country is a great waste of talent. People in Wyoming is so far out of touch, that ignorance is so ignorant that it's despicable; and it's too bad for the state that claims on it's GREAT seal - the EQUALITY STATE. US patriotism is about democracy/freedom/US Constitution ---- not Christianity/Theocracy or any other religious entity! To embrace religion over service to the United States of America is treason! When the Dept of Defense embraces diversity of it's troops, just like commercial/corporate has, will it only be able to understand it's REAL potential.

I voted yes, but only on

I voted yes, but only on condition that is is not a detriment of the fighting capabilities we have and that military leadership is really (not under political pressure) ok with it.

No I don't think it should

No I don't think it should be changed. If they change it I believe it could open up the military to lots of law suits. If a person joins the military and is openly gay they can claim their drill instructor and superiors targeted and treated them unfairly because they were gay and that could lead to a lot of law suits. If the drill instructors and superiors don't know someone is gay they can't be accused of treating them unfairly.
I thnk they should leave Don't Ask, Don't Tell in place.

Who the H#!! Cares!

Who in the He!! cares if they are gay or not! If they are brave enough to sign up to serve and protect our country then I don't give a dam if they are Q@#&r! I would rather have them protecting US than some MUSLIM Chicken$&^T shooting and killing our own men and women! We need to take back our country for the people who want to protect it and oust all the forieners and there religions who want to destroy us! Wake up America before its tooo late!

Truth be told we will never

Truth be told we will never take back America with the modern military.. It is now only leveraged as a weapon for pushing a global agenda, in order to serve the needs of a new America very different then the one you or I grew up in..


I care.

C.J. TOE is evidentlly not a vet.