Should the optional 1% sales tax funding be reduced

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
On a case by case basis
25% (82 votes)
By the same % across the board
21% (68 votes)
8% (25 votes)
Eliminate the tax
46% (149 votes)
Total votes: 324


First, let's call the tax by it's proper name. It's a One percent, Mandatory Tax. It's only "optional" for the few hours the polls are open every 4 yrs or so, when we have the option of getting rid of it. After that, if a 51% majority approves of the tax, then everyone buying something must pay the tax. And calling it "One-Cent" is a trick foisted on voters to make us think it's so small as to be insignificant. One percent of $100,000 is still a $1,000 tacked on to your purchase.

It amazes me that this is one of the few taxes we can free ourselves from and yet, some folks still vote for it. Which, of course, forces eveyone to pay up, whether they voted for it or not. How about this, next time let's vote it out, so that nobody is forced to pay it and those that like the tax can give as much of their money as they want to the fund. No forced "legal theft" and every one gets to choose. A truely "voluntary" tax and it's win-win for all.



I've always wondered where

I've always wondered where the money promoting the optional 1% tax comes from. Where ever it is, every time this tax comes up for a vote there's a massive amount of advertising for it and the government starts threatening that ambulance and fire services will be stopped if voters don't pass it again. Other counties get by just fine without it why can't Sheridan?


The money comes from all of us. Even those who voted to free Sheridan from this regressive tax. It's self-imposed, mandatory taxation and is an evil way to raise money. It takes from those who choose to assert their natural rights to the fruits of their own labor and gives to those who have not produced. It's a crude wealth redistribution system, more representative of totalitarian states than free ones.
We must free our friends and neighbors of this onerous tax. Now more than ever, we need to foster the freedom to choose how we spend our own money and not allow gov't to "spread our wealth." Remember: Freedom in November.



I think just about every county in Wyo. has the 1% tax. It's a needed tax, but our leaders just need to do a better job using it. The smaller towns like clearmont, dayton and ranchester the tax is a major part of the funding. Sheridan's leaders just need to be more fiscal with it.

The state has a 4% sales tax

The state has a 4% sales tax and the counties have the option of increasing this to up to a 6% which Sheridan has done for as long as I can remember. However Johnson and several other counties have added only 1% making their sales tax 5%. Freemont County actually has no county sales tax so their sales tax is only the 4% from the state.
With all of the mineral tax money that has been coming in lately I see no reason for Sheridan to continue the optional 1%. But as usual giving the government more money is just like giving a crack addict more crack, they use it up as fast as they can and search for more.

The optional 1% is nothing

The optional 1% is nothing more then a slush fund for the city.


why are we talking about reducing the tax??? why wasn't one of the options "no changes"????

Good Point

"No Changes?" Is that what the American Colonists wanted, when the gov't mandated more taxes in the 1770's? No. They not only "talked" about reducing taxes, they eventually took action. It was called the Boston Tea Party. And, yes, even then, there were some (few) Americans that sided with big gov't and submitted to more taxes and increasing gov't control of their lives. Today, as in the past (thankfully) some Americans woke up, stood up and said, "Enough". We'll take our full measure of Liberty. We celebrate their bravery and resistance to tyranny, even to this day. Happy Independence Day!



I guess that would fall

I guess that would fall under "other."