Should the number of deer inside the city limits be reduced by whatever means are necessary?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
65% (379 votes)
31% (178 votes)
4% (26 votes)
Total votes: 583


What the h@$l people. This isn't about destruction of wildlife, it's about animal conservation. Instead of being morons, why don't you go down to Game and Fish and talk to them about the project. What do you think is going to happen if the deer population keeps exploding in the city limits? They have no predators in town, remember the bear that was shot the other night, or the mountain lions.... This is necessary for the survival of the animal. All you tree huggers need to move down to Boulder, CO with the rest of the idiots. Hunting is not bad, hunters are not bad, except poachers, and feasting on these tasty animals is definitely not bad. Kudos to Buffalo for taking the initiative and giving the meat away to people who want/need it. I will be down there next week to pick my deer up. I will also be hunting next weekend, in town, with my bow and arrow to try to get another deer for my family that loves it. A HUGE THANK YOU to the city of Sheridan and the Wyoming Game and Fish for addressing the issue and for protecting our wildlife with ANIMAL CONSERVATION!!!!!!!!!!!



I was wondering when someone was going to link "by whatever means necessary" with the shovel incident. I couldn't believe, when I voted - NO - on the poll question, "Should the number of deer inside the city limits be reduced by whatever means are necessary?", that it was overwhelming "Yes". This affirmative answer is from the same people that demonized the Sheridan resident for bashing the fawn in the head with a shovel. You can't have it both ways. When they say "by whatever means necessary" it opens the flood gates to shovels, guns, traps, "whatever means necessary". I live in the county, and yes they do a lot of damage, but you learn the tricks.

Deer Population

I agree with ree and tired of seeing the deer are a nuisence in town and there are people that would love to have the meat. theid



From what I am hearing, all we have to do is flouridate their drinking water. That should take care of the problem. :)
Seriously, they need to be controlled. The deer have found a safe haven in the city limits since most dogs are confined. Folks living in more rural settings like Story and Big Horn that are part of deer habitat do need to do some fencing. The deer become friends then; they mow and fertilize, besides being aesthetically pleasing.


Leave the deer alone!! This

Leave the deer alone!! This is their land too! You dont like em, either learn how to control them (in a nice manner!) or move out of Wyoming! Living within the Rockies comes with the BEAUTIFUL nature which includes the beautiful animals!!


We live in Sheridan,

We live in Sheridan, Wyoming!! Why do we want to get rid of the wildlife that people enjoy being around?!?! I can see if we live in New York City but c'mon people!! We keep pushing the deer out of their habitat but it's their fault that they are coming into town so we have to kill them? That is wrong.

At what cost

What is the cost to control the deer population in the city limits Mr. Brantz? Maybe those whom do not like the deer in the city can pool their money to pay for the cost of removal. I don't want any of my tax dollars spent this way!

I enjoy seeing the deer and so do my kids. If you have problems with deer destroying your shrubs, trees or flowers..... FENCE THEM OFF! Also, do you really believe no other deer will move back in if you kill all the deer that are currently in the city limits.

Jason Koltiska

Jason Koltiska

come get my deer


Please do not get the wrong impression. I am not a heartless/ shovel smacking deer hater that stays awake at night thinking of ways to eliminate deer within the city.

But facts are facts. The city of sheridan has a deer problem. How do you suggest reducing the growing numbers???

Personaly I have already fenced my yard, double wrapped my trees twice and used a deer repellant on my shrubbery . I have two dogs that patrol my yard as well as trying to plant vegetation that is sold as deer resistant. If you have any suggestions of any other method that may prove more effective please contact me. I would like to find a way to discourage deer that would not be seen as so hardened and not be a tax burden on anyone.


Steven Brantz

Steven Brantz

What's your address

Mr. Brantz,

Please refresh my memory as to what the problems/complaints are again? Is the destruction of personal property the main issue, is it a safety issue, what exactly is it?

What type of fence did you fence your yard with? I'll bet it wasn't 6 1/2 foot high privacy fence. I can give you a price on installing one if needed!

Also, are you (or anyone else) going to share your protected vegetation with the community if we keep the deer from eating/destroying it?

What is the position of the Mule Deer Foundation on the issue? What is the position of the Wyoming Game and Fish? Do they want to see a bunch of deer harvested?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against hunting by anymeans. I just believe that we live in WYOMING and the deer are a part of it and a reason I continue to love the place I live.

Jason Koltiska

Jason Koltiska

Deer population

Sensible harvesting and distribution of the meat to those who need it is a very appropriate means to control the population. It also offers the ability to monitor the health of the deer to control and manage potential diseases.

deer should not be city residents

I have been always given the advise to never offer any opinion until asked to avoid political suicide but I feel it is likewise important to let your train of thought be heard. I may be a City Coouncilor but I am also a property owner who has seen year after year destruction being done by deer to my shrubs and trees. It is unfortunate that some of the free space these animals have had to live have been taken by expansion of the city. However the facts are these animals are wild and will increase in an area where they have no natural enemy. I feel the city has been active by allowing archery in low populated areas but I will support a more agressive solution to reduce these numbers. I presently feel working with the game and fish to reduce the deer population within the city is a good idea.

Steve Brantz

Steven Brantz

What to do?

Why can't Sheridan do what Buffalo is doing and give the meat to people who would thoroughly love it. You would save the deer from getting hit by cars and help out people at the same time.

Concerned Sheridan resident

Do you really believe that

Do you really believe that those will be the means they will use to control the deer population? Maybe the use of "common sense" will help a lot of people who post comments on this site.

Whatever means?

No, I think using WMD's would be counter-productive. Same with flamethrowers, IED's and bazookas. The deer would win those battles.
Maybe choose the poll question wording more carefully.
"Whatever means necessary" that what they teach in today's journalism schools?...Yikes.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....


I was going to post a similar comment as Cato (regarding the "whatever means necessary"), but couldn't have came up with nearly as sarcastic of one. The only thing I will add to this comment is not to forget that for one resident "whatever means necessary" meant to beat a fawn with a shovel.

Good Point

Sherrie, good point and that is exactly right. I was making a point that the wording of the poll question was poorly chosen.

While this media and the local paper were exceedingly careful in their biased wording concerning the one percent tax, they were careless on this subject. Words have meaning.

Calling the one percent tax "1 cent" was a deliberate attempt to diminish it in the minds of voters. Asking if we wanted to "re-new" the tax instead of "continue to Impose" was intentionally misleading.

Tax liberators were said to "deny" money to the gov't, when it's clearly "OUR" money and all we want to do is have discretion over it's allocation. We were "Against" the tax instead of "in favor of renewal."

The wording chosen by our public servants and their lap-dog media outlets was appallingly Orwellian. We were flat-out lied to, just to get us to keep imposing the tax on ourselves. We will see the day that we regret re-imposing this tax.

Thankfully, the tax imposers did provide us with a valuable piece of information. We only have to pay the tax when we buy something in Sheridan Co. So, maybe the 30-40% of the voters that favor Tax Liberation will do just that: "Stop Shopping Sheridan." (hey that kinda has a ring to it)

Couldn't hear us at the soap-box. Wouldn't listen at the ballot box. Maybe silent cash registers will have an effect.

"One Percent of Nothing is Nothing."

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....