Should the North Main interchange be relocated?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
32% (102 votes)
61% (192 votes)
No Opinion
7% (22 votes)
Total votes: 316

Mr. Smith

No one is faulting WYDOT, as I stated earlier, they do a great job in meeting their objective-moving traffic.

The lighting that is going into North Main is night sky friendly and will actually cost less per light to operate than the lighting in downtown due to the type of bulb!

Another item you are stating is incorrect, at no time has Robin Debolt or Brian Kuehl stated that WYDOT is proposing to move the interchange out to the new Port of Entry. They have stated one of WYDOT's proposals would relocated the interchange further out of town, about a mile from the current interchange. They have asked the community to let WYDOT know which proposal they prefer and why. They have not accused WYDOT of anything. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU START QUOTING PEOPLE AND ACCUSING THEM OF MAKING STATEMENTS THEY HAVEN'T MADE!

Your are also inccrrect stating that I don't most public meetings, I attend a great many public meetings.

North Main

Thank you Flyingmonkey loved your comment!


North Main

Mr. Smith, you enjoy taking shots at everything and everyone whether it's about the North Main Interchange, Firefighters, elected officals, people doing their jobs or members of the community trying to be involved and make a difference. Do you attend public meeting so that you know first hand what is going on or do you just set back and take shots at others?

Several years ago, WYDOT looked at relocating the North interchange and met with great opposition due to the affect the relocation could have on North Main Business and the North area of town, which could affect all of down town if should the interchange be moved to the north west, out about a mile. How many people bypass downtowns when traveling, hit an interchange that has resturants and gas stations, get what they need and head out of town? How many bypass downtown Billings and hit the interchange to go to Costco and the mall, do you think that hasn't affected downtown Billings? WYDOT's objective is to move traffic and to do it safely, a job that they do very well. However, they do not always consider how that may affect areas of a town, which is simply what the North Main Group is trying to get them to look at and reach a solution that will accomodate all. Yes, there are issues with the current interchange,no one disagrees with that fact, but if it so dangerous, why haven't measures been taken to help to address those matters, even if it's a temporary solution? I would suggest that some of you that have nothing better to but be negative about everything, get informed and do something positive in the community.

I attend most public

I attend most public meetings,obviously you don't though.

Wydot isn't at fault here.And their moving of this interchange will have no effect on North Main.What's going on here is people like Robin Debolt and Brian Kuehl are looking at a situation where millions of dollars are set to be spent on an area that should never have had millions allocated to it.Add a nationwide recession/depression and it's becoming even more questionable wether or not money should be spent on N. Main.Especially since we're talking about $850k a year in electricity costs for ornamental lighting on N. Main alone.

You had Robin and Brian trying to garner public outcry by claiming that the interstate interchange was going to go in by the new port of entry and that's nothing but a lie,which is being promoted for maximum effect.

Add to all of this,Forward Sheridan wanting a grand entrance to their tech center and the whole N. Main revitalization starts looking like the Dog and Pony show it is.

I was just looking at the

I was just looking at the interchange from the an areal google map, I have to agree, a guard rail would be tax dollars well spent in a time of a greatly needed budget restraint.

North Main Interchange

WYDOT has been planning to fix/move the North main interchange for at least 5 years. They have had many Public meetings asking for input & opinions. Now, all of a sudden, the North main group is screaming about "any changes" because they chose not to pay heed to all of the available information. The Interchange, as it is, is dangerous. The number of accidents are public record. This bunch of circles entering & exiting MUST be changed. The #2 alternative is a great fix. It will be safer, will look more attractive to the travelers, help the North Main project be more viable & will NOT put anyone out of business. The representatives from WYDOT have only been helpful & caring. They started with 6 or 8 alternatives & have narrowed it down to 3, by using all of the information gathered from those who have attended the Public meetings. The last meeting at the Sheridan Inn had a great crowd. So, some people are paying attention.


In typical fashion you had

In typical fashion you had Robin Debolt and Brian Kuehl telling fairy tales about how north main was going to be bypassed by wydot,when in fact that never was the case.Some people are willing to go to any length to try and waste tax dollars on North Main,while the city promotes growth on the South end of town.

Mr. Smith makes good cents!

Why is it that people have to create jobs, spend money (they don't have!) and then to finance this RAISE TAXES!
I don't agree with with most of the younger generation out there who want a social state, with high taxes! Cut the wa$te! Lower my taxe$!

What is wrong?

east bound on-ramp

how about installing a guard rail on the outside of the on ramp ( left side) ? i dont think anyone has gone off the inside (right side) of the ramp, but there are several accidents each year that someone goes off the left side of the ramp and down the embankment. this is the worst designed on ramp i have ever seen....fix it.