Should the NCAA Basketball Tournament be expanded from 65 teams to 96 teams?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
6% (22 votes)
53% (178 votes)
1% (5 votes)
Don't Care
40% (134 votes)
Total votes: 339

I like the tourney the way

I like the tourney the way it is leave as is!!! Got to love March Madness!!!!

Survey question

Should RC Jones run for office? After all he thinks he has all the answers!

Kinskey has done such a good

Kinskey has done such a good job of showing everyone what not to do as mayor.You could easily do the exact opposite of kinskey and do 100% better then he has.

When I asked for poll

When I asked for poll suggestions it was because one of our many brave "anonymous" posters was whining about the current question.

This was not an invitation for RJones and company to hijack the poll to continue their tiresome complaining about Kinskey.

Any further off topic posts on this poll will be blocked.

If you have serious ideas for polls, email them to us.

Seeing as how the Spray Park

Seeing as how the Spray Park plans have thankfully been put on hold, I think a good use for that Parks and Rec budget money would be to clean up the South Park Open Space area. It would be really nice to see all the unnecessary fencing torn out. Such a simple project could send the money to local workers instead of a CO consultant, and it would be a one time expenditure not requiring on-going future maintenance expenditures. I wonder if others in Sheridan would support such an idea.

And Then!

And then let every red headed step-child into the dance! Come on what ever happened to competition in this country? Stop the warm and fuzzy feelings all over and keep it special! Wyoming will never get in with our current BB coach anyway!

It's a pretty simple question

Why can't can't you answer it?
If you want to grind your axe start your own thread.

(I can't believe Kinskey messed up the NCAA basketball tournament too) LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Sisson asked for poll

Sisson asked for poll question options,and in typical kinskey fashion,big dave is providing us with a plethora of poll questions himself.

Don't worry Trevor,you can vote for kinskey again next time.


How about who wants to do away with daylight savings time!

Another good poll question

Another good poll question would be.

"With York Place in foreclosure.Did Kinskey and his friends on city council have any right to waste sheridans optional 1% on an out of town private developer"?

How 'bout "Should Kinskey Be

How 'bout "Should Kinskey Be Removed From Office,Prior to or After He Totally Bankrupts Sheridan"?

Aren't there more important

Aren't there more important things to care about than this??

Feel free to suggest other

Feel free to suggest other poll ideas if you have some.

Should the city have used

Should the city have used the One Cent sales Tax to put in Curbs, Gutters and Sidewalks on Huntington street?

Hunting street was all ripped up last year and new drain pipes were instealled. The city paved the street but refused to put in curbs and gutters so that the water could flow properly into the drains they put in. They did this to spite the people who live on Huntington because they wouldn't pay for part of the curb and gutters. Many of the residents on Huntington are elderly and just don't have the money for this and can't afford to take out a loan. The 1% sales tax should be used in cases like this to fix the streets properly. If Huntington was down town where the tourest could see it the Mayor would have spent the money and did the street the right way. But instead the rain will wash away at the soil at the edge of the road, find it's way under the road and then freeze in the winters to come causing the street to break up.
There was absolutely no reason why mayor Kinskey and the town couldn't have fixed Huntington the right way. A job isn't worth doing unless it's done right !!!!

Huntington is a prime

Huntington is a prime example of wasted optional 1% sales tax.Sadly it's but one of many examples of this abuse by kinskey.

To answer the poll question.I'd prefer to see NCAA Basketball combined with the NFL just to see how it all turns out,plus it'd be over with in February.