Should high school students be subject to random drug testing?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
55% (322 votes)
44% (255 votes)
No Opinion
2% (9 votes)
Total votes: 586


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Just look at your comment...spelling, grammar and punctuation for the answer to your own question...

J. S. Luckjohn

Once again!

Once again its the ADULTS not the kids who cause the problems! The people who scream for this action are the one's who are guilty!This sounds like the man who is against abortion rights.....they have the guilty concenous!

The people who come up with

The people who come up with these ideas are the ones who need to be drug tested. And not randomly either, MANDINTORY! Once a month on a random day of the month.

The "people" I'm reffering to are the mayor, all city councel members, the school board, and any and everyone else in the local government.

Until those people do so, no one else should be required to get tested. If they feel that they're too good to get tested then who are they to demand it of others?

Drug testing!

i dont think drug testing should be going on! Its what the kisd to out side of school! but the ones that bring drung to school then drung test them kids an stuff! an if it all about laws why is it comeing good in other citys an counters. Thats there life not every one can save a life! u may help but let me tell u there not going to get all the hope you may think your giveing! but i say drug test the ones that people knoe that do them bad drungs!!

Here we go again...

It's obvious from your answer that you use quite freely and often...I had to reread your comment 3 times just to decifer it. Wow...

J. S. Luckjohn

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a good example of excessive use

Interesting post. A good example of excessive drug use frying the brain.

Anybody that has difficulty

Anybody that has difficulty composing a message that is readable should be drug tested (see above for example). Are these kids so excited about getting high that they can not pay attention in class?

The problem with piss

The problem with piss testing,is if you end up with a bunch of failures.You then openly show what a failure the school system really is and what a joke and waste of time drug education and awareness really is.It's the same reason the majority of employers would rather not have a drug testing program in place.It costs them more then it saves them.

School age kids also fall under juvenile law and the protection that provides,drug testing would never stand up under those civil rights requirements.

It's also school not a job or occupation that places the public at risk if sobriety is absent.

The teachers unions and associations would fight drug testing also,since their membership of teachers would be one of the biggest violators.

Random drug testing

High school students, especially in Sheridan, are not all treated the same, and everyone knows it, especially the kids. Certain kids can be picked up for DUI, MIP, etc. and have no consequences whatsoever, depending on who they are or who their parents are in the community. Other students with the same offense can be dealt with harshly. I have no faith in the powers-that-be to do the right thing - and isn't that sad! No drug testing until everyone is treated the same.

Sadly, I'd have to agree.

Sadly you're right, the kids who had influential parents or were on the sports teams always got a lot of breaks around here, even 20 years ago when I was in school.

Yep, things never change. I

Yep, things never change. I remember things being much the same way.


I say it should be mandatory that all who recieve a check from the Government should have to undergo MANDATORY, not random, urinalysis. Once the Government officials prove they are obeying the laws they wrote, then let them come for us.

"The tree of liberty must be

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." --Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

History shows the only

History shows the only winners in that situation are the ones who continue to finance both sides of that coin. This time there will have to be another way.

Freedom is a winner

Personal freedom is always a winner to me, How dare anyone attempt to usurp and demonize personal freedom in this country. I think we are in large part complacent about our freedom here because it hasn't had to be fought for in living memory.

I understand that. All I'm

I understand that. All I'm advocating is if your going to fight, fight with your mind, not the cost of your life.

Civil disobidence is key

Legal civil disobiedence is key, we could all start by working less hours in order to deprive government of revenue, the same revenue they use to enslave us every day.

Yep thats one way to go, but

Yep thats one way to go, but goverment may not be the only enemy at this point. That's why I feel it may be best to, as a collective on a given date offer up our social security numbers to the public domain.

Government, banks, and corporate America

Government, banks, and big business have become one entity and enemy of freedom and the common good in this country. Everyone who can should drop out of the system as much as is feasible.

Free choice

When the school district demands urine from my kids it will be their last day in Sheridan schools. Yes we do have a choice and we will choose to go elsewhere. Anyone who thinks government is the answer to social problems needs only to look at things like social security and medicare to see that more government isn't the solution it's the problem. Then we would be on the phone with the ACLU preparing a big fat lawsuit for violation of the forth amendment of the US Constitution.

my action

plain and simple should this even come near fuition...I will pull my children out of the system to home school them or place them in a system that believes in and acts in concurrance with the Constitution of the United States. I don't only speak for myself on this matter, I know at least 15 other families that will do exactly the same. Take those removed from those who will undoubtedly drop out and then tell me how much of an enrollment will you have left....

J. S. Luckjohn

Go ahead, test.. It’s a

Go ahead, test.. It’s a waste of time, the higher more sensible courts will only find that it lacks "probable cause". In the end it will be a total waste of your tax payer money, not that anyone who votes yes will care. The fees spent to defend the testing will be staggering, but hey Sheridan residents can foot the bill. Don't forget the payouts for damages to the people of the rights you infringed on. Special interest groups who support rights would eat this one up. I've see this kind of thing play out in larger cities that can take somewhat of a financial hit. good luck..


It has always been better in my book to try and fail then to do nothing at all. I am a radical on the other side of this coin. The more freedom we have, the more we tend to abuse and take advantage of the system. Human nature. I do not think people are stupid but we do thrive on policy, guidelines and organization. Just makes sense to our psyche.

The bottom line is that the abuse of drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc can cause harm to people and people make up society. This negativity does not make the world a better place and in the end that is what we all want, a better world. Of course there are people that think otherwise, but they are needed to balance out the system, a necessary evil.

All these problems begin in the home and then it goes from generation to generation. Good place to break that chain would start in the school system. Youth spend more time in school then they do at home. Adults spend more time at work then they do at home. Most logical place for random drug testing would be at the school, although I do not think is should be random, I think what is good for one is good for, that way there would not be any discrimination.INDEED

Of course

Of course Mr.Trujillo thinks that the state can do a better job raising kids than the parents can, 230 years ago we fought against this type of thinking, as did all those who opposed the Communists and the Nazi's, maybe it's time for the pitchforks to come out?

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." --Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

Part of of Problem or Part of the solution

Great assumption. Let me hear your solutions and then maybe I can see where you are coming from. Parents are doing a great job? NOT.If parents were doing such a great job the state would leave them alone. There would not be all this rhetoric about random drug testing and such.

I do think communists and nazi's were pretty closed minded, like some of these posts. Cut off the nose to spite the face. Crazy man.


No acceptable solution requires the people of this country to forfeit their rights to protction against unreasonable search and seizure. Acceptable solutions to this nations problems never include forfeiting our rights to the government.

when and who wrote the constitution

The constituion was written in retaliation of the British. It needs to be written again by various races to apply to the yeare 2009. The solution lies there within.

I don't think so

I don't think so, not now, not ever. My rights are never negotable. Perhaps you should explain further where race comes into play? Should whites have fewer rights?

who wrote the constitution?

How many native americans were involved with the writing of the constitution? How many african americans were involved? Maybe you know the answer. Let me know. Rewrite the constitution with the input of all different races that make up todays USA. Do you pay taxes? If the answer is yes, then your rights are negotiable. Taxation without representation.

Usually the minority have more rights, being white or causcasian in America today is being the minority. So whites should have mo rights.

First off im fine with the

First off im fine with the people who wrote the constitution. Are you a raceist ? I could care less how many native americans, or african americans were involved, I respect the document AS IS. And you want to know a little something, my father with his Native American background is on the role's for his free goverment hand out... I put that crap behind me YEARS ago, and never looked back.. I found my own way, and you know what, I do better then most in this countery. I'm well respected in my line of work, and stand on my own. I honestly don't think you want to go down that Native American road with me because I've been there, and know it well. As I said in the past, I make my own fortune as should any man. I made myself backed with eduacation, and that is what this topic is about. How many Native Americans pissed their education away because of some dumb excuse. My father was one of the biggest alcoholics of Sheridan. Education was the only thing I had to keep my sanity, and in the end it was all I needed. African Americans, I wish both groups the best of luck. When the put their grudges and race card behind them, I feel they may one day do very well for themselves. But yes, I do stand behind the constitution and the men who wrote it.

Angry Republican

First off, I am glad you fine with all the white people that wrote the constitution in direct retaliation of the British. What year was it written? Oh wait, wasnt the Declaration of Independance written first, then the constitution then the Bill of Rights? It is not a timeless document and you cant argue that is lacks diversity. Whether you like it or not. Strange you call me racist and I call you Rebublican. Trust me I do not like insinuating or calling people names. Seems childish, but I will play this time.

I know from personal experience that culture and diversity cultivate positve results. Been to Santa Fe New Mexico lately. This includes all races, I was just using a couple as an example. Please correct me if you know otherwise.

The way you write is very defensive, probably stems from your childhood,(just guessing) not healthy for you to have so much anger. But you could be one of those people that use your anger to drive through life. I feel sorry for those that are close to you. We cause the most harm to those we love.

Education is good for all. No argument there. I know a few native americans and several other races that are not pissing their education away and have much to offer society. We must hang with different crowds.

In a nutshell:

I wish all groups the best of luck, I am a Patriot and support President Obama 100%,(but I am not a democrat) education is one of the keys to success, the past is not the way, change is progress, and for the sake of all, cheer up or get some counseling. Are you Repulican? I really would like to hear what gollum has to say. The post was more directed towards him or her, but thanks for your post.

Yes I am a republican,

Yes I am a republican, however I didn't support Bush. I don't buy into the left right paradigm. I do support less government, and I do not believe in a global government.

Native American / African America, your the one who put that out in front of your constitution argument I just don't see the reason, so in a sarcastic way I tossed out the race word to provoke your reaction. race has nothing to do with it. The document itself is a GOOD document. The document had a forward thinking perspective, the second amendment is clear proof of that.

"Culture and diversity cultivate positive results", I don't know about that one. I agree Culture cultivates positive results, but it is a mater of perspective. I feel that diversity to the extreme is a destructive force of culture. That's just my opinion.

I do write in a defensive way when it comes to the constitution, I chalk it up to being a patriot. I do take offence when I feel people try to undermined the freedoms it grants me. I see how people try to attack the constitution with a straw man tactic, and it bothers me to all ends.

I agree with both of you on

I agree with both of you on your sides of the argument.. but i agree with this guy the most because our constitution is the shortest in the world but has been going the longest. and both native americans and whites have the right to present the idea of changing this document to this day so even if the constitution back then was biased, people have the right today to try and change it... so i dont think it really matters....but back to the main subject you guys kindof got a little off on the whole drug testing issue. i as a high school student and athlete think that drug testing should be allowed becuase its unfair to other students and teammates to have to suffer becuase of this one or more persons mistakes...i also think that people are stupid to do drugs and alchol especialy if they do sports. The people that are doing this kindof thing should be stopped as soon as possible and i think this is the best way to help that


I try to provoke thought also. I do not bash republicans but I pick up on thier way of thinking. There are many this area.

Keep Provoking, good to keep the mind moving.



It's exactly that kind of thinking that is going to place these children in a practical military state of living...and cause major drop outs. What's next? Uniforms because you and people like you decide that wearing skulls and skate attire is not part of the "policy, guidelines and organization"? Longer school days and years so that we can keep them all in a controlled environment so that they're constantly watched and so that the school system can take on ALL of our parental responsibilities??? Who are you and others like you to tell us that we cannot raise our children and so a higher power must instead. Not all these problems do begin in the home...check your statistics...most of the parents of the teens on drugs had absolutely NO idea it was happening....that's how most addictions get out of hand. Are you saying that just because adults spend 2/3 of their time at work...providing for their families...that it gives the educational system the right to take their parenting responsibilities away from them....that's just ludicris. It's not "radical" thinking at all but rather a very nearly communist way of thinking in my opinion. I truly feel sorry for any child you may have if that's the way you're raising them to think as well.

J. S. Luckjohn

Open your eyes

1. there are already "major dropouts" maybe give youth more structure and there would be less drop outs. Humans tend to thrive in structured environments.
2.Schools that have uniforms actually perform better in all area's of acedemics including the arts.
3. Longer school days just like in china, more hours to learn, more education, more math, more sports. more, more more.
4. If you are raising your children, great, if not, the state will, very simple. Either you suck at it or you are good.
5. It all begins in the home, the parents instill (thier own warped version)or dont instill values, morals and ethics and then it gets passed on from generation to generation. The parents raise the children, the parents show them right from wrong, PARENTS AND HOME This is done so much and for so long that even parents cant see what is happening, because they think thier way is "a normal life".They do not know any better. IGNORANCE

The parents that have no idea thier kids were addicts must not be doing a very good job at raising them, hence here comes the state again. Maybe these parents are spending too much time at work. Too little quality time with the ol family. Still ludicris?

I happen to be raising several children. All free thinkers and all artists with very strong sense of direction and conviction. Warriors for what is right. So far drug and alchohol free,because it does begin in the home. No need to feel sorry for them, but thanks for thought. Feel sorry for people that are closed minded, people without solutions, or better yet feel sorry for no one and be merciful instead. Whatever floats your boat. At one time I thought commumists were considered radicals.

Im going to tell you something

I am a student at Sheridan High and i have a concern about what you say. You either suck at parenting or your good at it. This is not entirely true. Yes i admit in certain situations children need to be removed from their home for a better life for instance domestic violence cases. I have my own story. You see my mom is a good mom she gives me and my brother the love, and support we need to be a success in school. Though since my brother has become a freshman he has been struggling. Most of this is because the school sees my mother as unfit to be a parent. My brother isn't a bad kid. Sure he's a little anti-social, but i know he doesn't do drugs, or does things he's not supposed to. It started with his ELT teacher ( Extended Learning Time) He started being truant to his ELT class because his teacher scared him. So far he has had 15 absenses (for medical reasons) and a few truancies. His ELT teacher, and everyone else started diagnosing him off the bat that he was bipolar just because he told his teacher no to something that was completely unecessary. They called DFS on my mom because she wont let them medicate him so they can turn him into an emotionless veggie in class. He's a good student and now he has to go to court to see if he gets put in a group home for 15 absences and a few truancies when i know people with more than 50 absences and truancies up the wazoo! Because my mom cant get off work to come kiss administrations rear everytime his teacher says he's defied her they want to take him away from me and my mother. I dont want to lose my brother to the damn government! He's a good student, and a good brother! why do they have to ruin the lives of families!? who is anyone to judge who is a good parent? in some cases it's certainly not the government!!

I dont know you, but you

I dont know you, but you sound like a good person, One thing I will say is be carefull about how much of the goverment Kool-Aid you drink...

What I mean by that, is dont belive every statistic you read. There just may be an agenda behind it.

Just a person

So far I have been called a racist, and communist, but not a good person. Thanks, I think?

I am not afraid of Big Government, I do not live in fear that my rights will be taken away. My children do not live if fear of the Goverment.I do not think there is a conspiricy or hidden agenda's. Yep I do things wrong (sometimes on purpose) and if I am caught I will pay the price

I believe in Revolution. Revolution of the mind, the spirit and the soul. Those are the only things that can truly be free. Those cannot be controlled by anything but myself and my maker. I will always be bound by my physical self.

I like to listen to all ideas and come to a conclusion, stay open minded,read between the lines. I do not go by stats unless challenged. Mathmathics speak for themselves. I think it was some recovering alcoholic, he said "change the things that you can and accept the things that you cant change" makes sense to me.

"I am not afraid of Big

"I am not afraid of Big Government"

You need to think about that in the perspective of history and culture. What was the end result of every single Big Government solution ? Have you watched the movie "schindler's list", there was one scene in there that told a very interesting story. It was a scene that lasted about 10 seconds or so. It was two groups of Jewish people standing outside in the cold around a fire. One group was the working class, the other was the Jewish police who where there only to keep the Jewish worker in line. Both groups had the Jewish star on their sleeve not because they wore it out of respect for their religion, but because at the time it was required by German law. My thought was not so much about the star they were forced to wear but in the end where both groups of Jewish people ended up. It was just a movie but there was a lot of truth behind it.

In alot of other states,

In alot of other states, drug testing is used in high schools. Although the whole student body isn't tested, they limit it to athletes and kids who park on campus. In order to recieve a parking pass or play sports, you have to enter your name into a random testing computer. This allows kids to refuse to be tested.

In alot of other states,

In alot of other states, drug testing is used in high schools. Although the whole student body isn't tested, they limit it to athletes and kids who park on campus. In order to recieve a parking pass or play sports, you have to enter your name into a random testing computer. This allows kids to refuse to be tested.

In alot of other states,

In alot of other states, drug testing is used in high schools. Although the whole student body isn't tested, they limit it to athletes and kids who park on campus. In order to recieve a parking pass or play sports, you have to enter your name into a random testing computer. This allows kids to refuse to be tested.

Drug Testing Students

First I read the article on the front page about this and was apalled at the spelling that the writer used. His "there" should have been "their". Additionally his use of the word "than" not once, but twice, when the correct word should have been "then" made me wonder if the next poll should ask if Sheridan Media should use someone that is obviously functionally illiterate to write an article for them? You know, Spell Check is a wonderous device!
But about the poll, why should teachers or school administrators be expected to handle an issue with our kids that should be handled in the home by their parents? And just what would they do with a student that tested positive for drugs? It is beyond the responsibilities of our school system to even be considered for this task. They have entirely too much on their plate already just trying to teach these kids to ask them to take on this additional duty. Dumb idea, it should have never been proposed.

dont be a tool ...

Aside from your focus on grammer and spelling, you may want to channel more of that energy to expressing your point of view on the topic, or in this case the poll.

We did this

Drug test everybody in the work force and in the schools,teacher and students starting in the 5th grade. No choice, not random, everybody!! No discrimination.

1.Our country would save billions of dollars in lost work time and work related accidents caused by drug use.
2. Save billions in medical costs and care because of drug use
3. Spot and isolate troubled youth and start a recovery or prevention program. Get them while they are young.

When we as parents and adults do not step up to the plate to make a positive impact on society, the government steps in and starts taking away our liberty, what do you expect? They come into our schools, they come into our homes, they control the media, they control the economy, they control our food source, they control our perscription drugs, they make us have insurance on cars, and on and on. Where does it stop? The only freedom we do have that cannot be controlled is our freedom of thought, freedom of spirit, and free will.

This is the based upon the same concept as the smoking ban they have been trying to pass, smoking is not a right, freedom of speech is a right, right to bare arms is a right, smoking cigs is not. There is one thing that really sticks in my head. "Thou protesteth too much" it seems the only people that would be against a simple illegal drug test probably do drugs themselves. Who really cares, dont break the law and all is well.

Ghandi said "Independence means voluntary restraints and discipline, voluntary acceptance of the rule of law." If each of us cannot do this, then get ready for big brother, he's coming. Wait, Big Brother is here. chew on that for awhile.

You've got to be kidding me!!

All that I have to say in reply to your answer is this:


J. S. Luckjohn

Somthing to think about, thanks

Strange post, now I will have to ponder the context and contrast of Ghandi and Hitler. Stange indeed. Elaborate for me, I would like to hear more. Unless you only read the first part of the post, then I do understand.


Ok,I see your point,but it doesn't make sense to me, sorry, but I don't see how you can say that people that say No to the question are all drug users. You can not prejudge someone, oh wait that is what this question is about, we are prejudging our childern and saying they all are using drugs. If they are caught on campus, then the school has the right to call the parents and the police and go from there. If the parents want testing then it is us to them. WE as parents and grandparents need to be more involved in our childern's lives. The whole thing of "testing everyone" fine by me if "you" are also willing to do this without any complaints, or fights, or crying, or anything else that will come from this. As for the smoking bit, well, I am a smoker, have been for years, it is my "freedom" that someone has taken away from me. I have stop going to places that do not allow me to smoke. Okay, so drinking, eating chocolate, overeating is not a right either and I feel that it is harming me and that all the fast food places should be shut down, not more junk food on the shelves,only fresh fruits and vegetables all the time, no fatty meats, no hamburgers with all the trimmings, see how this can turn on the world? One freedom down and many to go. The goverment is taking all of our rights away, one pick at a time.

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Wow, where to start ?

Wow, where to start ? "people that would be against a simple illegal drug test probably do drugs themselves." That alone is a bold statment pulled right our of your rear. I do not or have I ever even thought about doing drugs but im smart enough to know that one thing has nothing to do with the other. I'm against "random" DRUG testing. Why because I see how it evolved in other parts of the world, and the outcome is not something that America needs to consider. People forget we are granted our freedome until it infringes on the rights of others. I'm not a Smoker, but what a person does in their own home as long as it DOES NOT infringe on my rights or the rights of others, so be it. now just for kicks I mulled around your " No choice, not random, everybody!! No discrimination." It's an interesting thought as long as there is TOTALY equal punishment. This is a key factor, and im sorry I don't think humanity is at this point of acceptance yet. Bottom line, getting drug users in the system right now is all about making MONEY make no mistake about it. We dont put people in jail to get them help, think about it. Its all a system to extort money from the working man AKA slave. People need to understand this. Just like the speed cameras, its NOT about making the roads safer. It's about MONEY. Its about a chain reaction that channels money in ways that you can not possably think about. Sheeple need to wake up.


It it just like mathmatics, 2+2=4. This sheep does not oppose testing any person for illegal drug use, including myself. It does not infringe upon the rights of anyone, but would actually end up making society safer for all. Why would any oppose this unless they have something to hide. People lie, does that mean everybody is a liar? YES. Whether you lie once or 100 times, what is, is. When someone does illegal drugs or smokes cigs in thier house,does it infringe upon my rights? Will have to ponder on that one. I know it doesnt help and the side affects are negative, which in turn produces negative energy that spreads on down the line, which eventually ends up screwing up the whole world. You have millions of people doing this every hour of every day. I think it might infringe, all this negative energy transference. Ever read the law of thermo dynamics?

The smoking ban will be just for public places. No one really cares if you kill your kids in your own home or vehicle with 2nd hand smoke. Not in Wyoming.

It is not all about making money, is slowing traffic down about making money? Equal punishment, will have to think about that, since everything is not equal. The punishment will have to fit the crime, o to speak. Not all crime is the same,using drugs and distributing and using drugs are very different.

All people are liars (bold statement of fact) some people use illegal drugs, some people smoke. We are all part of this mess. We can now be proactive and make a positive impact on the world that has eternal signifacance or we can continue on our path of paranoia and ignorance and blame everyone else for our problems. Drugs are not bad, traffic camera's are not bad, cigs are not bad, illegal drug testing is not bad. People are bad. Pretty good for being a sheep that is sleeping, I cant wait to wake up, that will be scary.

Random drug testing

Beth Larson
Alright, you and I see things much the same way, just as the majority of this poll. People are missing the point, the importance of drug testing our children, the huge problem with drugs, the increasing danger to them and our society. I accept the fact that there will be "those" fanatics, convinced that the "government" is out to get them and take their "rights" away. Look at how much freedom we have!!! When something is proposed that might expose people to danger's that not only hurt themselves, but the rest of us, they get out the soap box and say things that are ridiculous. These kinds of statements are sad but also almost laughable. It reminds me of the radicals involved in Ruby Ridge. I accept the reality that there will always be people of this mentality. You did forget to mention alcoholics, they are just as ill as the drug addict and it is a disease. No one chooses to be a addict of any kind, however it is a big reality of our life here on earth. Many comments have been made about parents taking responsibility for their child's drug problems, however, there are parents who choose to ignore the problem and do nothing about it, I think hoping their children will grow out of it or it will magically go away. These kinds of problems are painful to deal with and a parents worse nightmare. If you close you're eyes, you can't see it. If drug testing is done in the schools, then positive results should be turned over to authorities or better yet a possible committee that could be developed with resources to help these kids. Fund raising could be done to support this and I'm sure there are Federal Grants that could support this kind of program. People in this community also care deeply about this problem and would donate funds to support this kind of program. The school system should not be responsible for the results, but only a vehicle to drive the process. We can all debate this subject til the cow's come home, it's time to do something about this serious problem that is reaching an epidemic level. This problem puts ALL of us in danger. I am confident that the "yes" votes will prevail and WE "YES" votes WILL get something developed for this tragic problem! I will actively campaign and do what ever I can do to promote this, because I feel very strongly about "doing something" to decrease the problem. I can't live with "doing nothing" and only focusing on finding blame in all kinds of ridiculous places, accomplishing nothing and actually contributing to the problem!

Beth Larson

my vote

I don't believe that the school system should be a replacement for a parental responsibility. I honestly believe that should this actually come to fuition, we will see a lot more drop-outs as (even if we wish to hide our collective heads in the sand on the issue) it has been proven that Sheridan has an extrememly high rate of drug use among our youth. I do believe, also, that our educational system is already cutting some of the most important class experiences such as art, music, and classes to mold and make our youth more rounded individuals just so that they can save the funds. If this were to go into effect, it would be more expense than the school system could actually what else would they cut so that the funding would be there? As for personal choice...yes, we do have that...but it should be kept out of the schools. The only exception to the rule of no testing would be if it were seen to be done in school and the youth is to be questioned by authorities for such matter...then it becomes the Law's problem. But then comes the question of what consequence will the youth be sentenced to if the school is responsible. We are taught as parents and responsible adults that the punishment should fit the crime...but is the school the entity who should have the say over such matter that does not pretain to education standards??? Why would we, the parents, allow the school system to discipline our children at school for something that was not done on school property? What sentence could they actually enforce? Detention? Suspension? Expulsion??? What good would it actually do? And the latter 2 choices will only cause the youth to want to drop out more, so where is the good in the tactic in the first place? We need to put more thought into the consequences of this action...instead of the stigma of the youth doing drugs in the first place.

J. S. Luckjohn


Kudos to niterythms sister! Her kids may not realize yet what a good parent they have but they will some day.

Whats wrong with this picture... NO WE SHOULDN"T ALLOW THIS

We have faught to keep religon out of our school, because some people didn't think it was right to evan say the pledge of allegaiance... Which in personal opinion is BS!! We have fuaght to keep the government out of our personal lives as far as what we can do and when we can do it... Who responsibilty is it to check and see if our kids are on drugs... The schools or the parents? It is the parent job. If we allow the schools to start randomly testing our children for drungs. Whats next? School Uniforms??? Tatoos and percings will not be allowed. You can't die your hair certain colors and have it styled a certain way. We want to protedct our kids but we also have to have a certain amount of trust and respect in them as well. As parents we have to be responsible for our kids.

I voted No

I don't think they should, we have enough problems without adding more to our schools. I do however feel that it is up to the parents to test their childern. My sister thought her kids were doing drugs and she asked for a drug test and she found two of them were positive, now she as a parent can take care of this problem at home,not in the public eyes or the school system. This is something that parents need to be more responisble for,not our schoool systems. Maybe if parents were more active in their kids lives we wouldn't have to relay on our school system to take care of them.

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

I vote YES!

Beth Larson
What is wrong with our community? Are people closing there eyes and ears to this drug problem? It starts in youth. We as parents do everything possible to protect our children, vaccines ect. Employers test employees, is that unconstitutional??? Do you want to keep a job? Of course you do and those of us that don't do drugs or have a drinking problem have no problem with this testing. Why would we. Some people just don't like to be told what to do, even if it's a good thing and in the best interest of the rest of us. Testing could save many lives by getting these children help before they hurt themselves or others. What about the three youths involved in the recent murders? Could they be using drugs?? Quite likely. People in a sane state don't commit acts like this, something is terribly wrong! If they might have had testing in school,and they were using.... maybe they would have gotten proper help. We test our children for other possible problem areas, learing disabilities, behavior problems, ect. ect.! What would it hurt??? Only by some adult's false sense that the "goverment" is controlling our lives are people hurt and deprived of help. From what I see in our community especially in the adults, someone should be controlling their lives because they are dellusional and out of control! This drug problem is HUGE and very dangerous to them and the rest of us. When are people going to wake up!

Beth Larson


It's no wonder so many kids don't succeed in high school.. People don't expect any better of them.

Think about it, if someone has low expectations of you, how hard do you have to work to meet them?

If we assume that every teenager in high school is acting wrongfully, how can we expect that they'll amount to anything better? If they know that someone already expects them to fail, who do they have to disapoint if they do? Whereas, if people have high expectations of their personal aspirations, they HAVE someone that will be disapointed if they DON'T succeed.. if they DO mess up.

Kids WILL work to meet others' expectations of them -- so why are we setting them so low?

I vote yes

Student-Athletes should be randomly tested because performance enhancing drugs are working their way into high school athletics. They are dangerous enough for adults and kids that are still growing are more at risk of side effects.
The normal student body shouldn't be tested unless there are sure signs of drug abuse.


Why should school jocks be tested. Its called be responsible for your own kids!

No agenda

There is no agenda; but there is a thing called 'probable cause' (4th amendment) that makes the gov't be reasonable in searches. Again; general student population should not be tested unless there is probable cause (smelling of alcohol or marajuana; for example).
Jocks should be randomly tested for the reason I stated earlier. If only every parent were responsible.

athletes choice

From a high shcool student perspective:
student athletes should also be tested becuase we had to sign a "contract" saying we wont do any drugs or alcohol during the season and off season so i dont think it would be against our 4th amendment because we already signed a permission slip saying we would submit to drug testing if it was presented. Even if all athletes were tested and not the whole student body the athletes still have the choice to quit the sport if it is unconfortable to them. so i am for random drug testing.

First and foremost, lets not

First and foremost, lets not go down the road of saying that when a person under 18 signs ANYTHING, that it is binding... These kinds of "contracts" are a total joke and do not wave anyone’s "4th amendment right". I get so sick of this junk that the schools send home now days I stopped signing all of it. It's a total waste of tax payers dollars to print this junk... As a parent of a minor, I’ll have the say as to when my child has waved his rights..

I agree with this 100%, but

I agree with this 100%, but the uneducated do not seem to understand this point. Due to that lack of understanding it weakens all aspects of our constitution. Some people seem to feel the constitution is susceptible to selective enforcement, like Legos pick and choose. This unequivocally is what weakens the relevance of the document.


The police can pull you over without probable cause, it is called profiling. They of course will never admit that, but it is done all the time. That is why these drug tests would have to be for all, not just a select group or a specific profile. Even the undeducated know that.

The constitution is meant to change as society changes, that is why they have these things called amendments. It is not meant to be the Word of God, but as guidelines to interpet and follow. Of course this document has mistakes, it was written by man. What would make the constitution weak would be its inability to change. Without change it would just remain a stagnet document specific to that time. Thank goodness for amendments.

Who are these educated or uneducated people you refer to? Are the people with the Masters or PHDs smarter and better then the ones with the BA and so on? Education without reason or understanding is quite useless.

Answer the question: Would you submit to a required or random drug test? Not because you are suspected of illegal drug use but as a necessary part of employment, scholarship acceptance, etc? We lead our youth by example. Are you a good example or a bad example? We each have the choice.

That's where your wrong,

That's where your wrong, condition of employment is a choice in my oppinion so if I want to work at a given place I would submit. Attending school is not a choice, So in that case I don't think people who want to push drug tests should be able to leverage that. I personaly don't think DUI checkpoints are moraly correct, I think that they violate two areas of the constitution. Yes I do understand that the the constitution is a living document, but it seems to me that whenever we stray away from the original words we tend to have issues. IMO

Not Wrong

In my oppinion, not wrong, not a choice, you need the funds (which everybody does)to live day to day, you submit to tests or whatever to meet thier employment requirements. Same concept can easily be applied to public school sectors. All employers and public schools should do this, not just a select few. These days employment is a must to survive not a choice. People are even coming out of retirement to work again. Economy has forced people back to work.

The constitution was written in direct retaliation of British rules and policies. How many Native Americans or African Americans were involved with writing the the Declaration of Independance, Constitution or Bill of Rights? Times change, society changes, and so does the The Constitution of the United States Of America. We should write a new constitution that applies to today. Get the best of the best to do this, black, white, chinese, mexican, irish, etc for input. Just an idea.

DUI check points? A way to monitor and keep drunk people off the streets and highways. What is moraly incorrect about that? Why bash practices that can make the world a better and safer place? Better to have solutions and be Proactive in my oppinion. Will have to ponder about rights VS safety, etc.

-- First Off - "employment

-- First Off -
"employment is a must to survive not a choice"

Who you choose to work for IS a choice, if you make the choice to pimp yourself out to someone who demands a drug test that is a CHOICE, I work for corporate America so I know.

"Times change, society changes"

Look where these changes got us, take creative accounting practices of today as opposed to accounting practices of the past.. I do agree things change, but for the better ? look where it put the country..

There is a balance between change and heritage, time and wisdom..

"DUI check points? A way to monitor and keep drunk people off the streets and highways." is it ?
I myself don't drink, I also don't live in fear of those who do.. does that mean I agree with drinking
and driving, no. but to make law or act out of fear is not always a good thing. MADD was key factor
of DUI and current law because mothers could not tolerate the loss of sons and daughters they lost
to drinking and driving, but in the end it made huge money for the insurance companies. did the law
stop the deaths of sons or daughters, no .. there is not even ANY proof it changed anything. All that
resulted was the shift of money from the working class to the CEO's of the insurance companies.
So go ahead make your changes on a whim or fear, but the end result is always the same. The
constitution had forethought it was an attempt to be proactive, not reactive. Is this the case with how we
approach law now days ?

Change what a wonderful thing, now 80% of families have both parents working... did it help ? or was it a
way for the money makers to tax two people in a house hold as opposed to one. where did the money shift go? What was the cost to the American family and was it worth it ?


Maybe you have more fortune then people I know, but they were forced back into the workforce (to a job not of thier choice) to meet daily living expenses due the decline of the economy, cuts in insurance, increase in living expenses,etc. Some of them have to accept a job or paycut, it is not choice. I am glad you have the choice, others do not.

Deregulation of the rules and policies of Corporate America caused alot of creative accounting practices. These practices allowed people to become more dishonest, it was probably in their nature to begin with. . Deregulation, greed, envy, dihonesty= Corporate America. I wonder how many of these people were on illegal drugs.(not you, of course)

Yes, some change is bad and some is good, but without change there cannot be any growth. Without change you cannot find correction. Without change, things remain the same. Change will happen whether you want it to or not. Ponder...................

If a Drunk driver kills you , your sister, your mother, your children, your spouse, oh well, such is life. But if one DUI check point stopped any of the above,then it is a good thing, wouldnt you agree? The freedom to drink and drive and kill people does not out weigh the right of public safety, or does it? Not out of fear,but out trying to be proactive until it is done right. This could mean a thousand failures and one success, but right is right. Where is your optimism? Have you lost hope for humanity or just Americans? There are only solutions not questions or excuses!!

"Have you lost hope for

"Have you lost hope for humanity or just Americans" you know I can honestly say I ponder this question every day, I ponder it out of hope.

I agree some change is good, but not in the case where you Point, Shoot, and then Aim.... Yes if we save one life with a checkpoint this is a good thing, but how many lives do we kill at a checkpoint in the name of greed ? Now days once you start down the slippery slope of taking ones, drivers license have we not limited his right to work ? Have we not restricted ones right to free travel ? I'm not saying I have the answer, I honestly don't think anyone does at this point. I think we have a few ideas, but in this situation there is no and never will be any silver bullet and it is pointless to think there ever will be one.

"Maybe you have more fortune then people I know"
People make their own fortune. I tell my family every day that we need to go where the work is, We need to fill the gap that needs to be filled. I move around because I do not limit the scope of my options. I do believe that some people do make the choice to limit the scope of their options, and that in a way is creating their own fortune.

Back on topic:Should high school students be subject to random drug testing?

I still feel it is not a good idea, up front it sounds like a good idea, but the outcome is we train our youth to be submissive, It goes back to Ivan Pavlov and his dogs, and my question is who has the right to ring the bell ?
Also when we train people to be submissive its just away of making a slave feel good about what he or she is submitting to.

Hope and change

Without change everything will remain the same. That is a fact. As of now everything remaining the same is unacceptable.

Without change there is no fortune. Fortune does not come without change. The change that has happened (to millions of people) lately has been in the way of misfortune. Unacceptable.

Without change there is no progress. You must have change to move forward. Include forward thinking.

Checkpoints are a way of measuring gain. Whether they are DUI checkpoints or Random Drug Tests. These check points can be and will be used as guages on how healthy our society is. Is the free travel of the individual more important then public safety? My oppinion is that safety of the people is more important then someones right for unrestricted travel. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

You are either submissive or you are not. You make that choice. But in reality the choice has already been made for you: each time you use a FDIC Bank, each time you get a Drivers License or renew you old one, each time you pay your taxes, each time you pay Social Security,each time you use your SSN, the list goes on. You can say we are free, but we are not. We do have the right to bare arms, but explain that to the police or the feds that smoke you for an unpaid parking ticket because they verified you have a concealed weapons permit. Sounds stupid or funny, but just another part of reality.

It is alright to follow rules that make the world a better place, better for the individual and better for society. I do not believe in random drug testing, it has to be all or nothing to make positve difference. A person should be given the option of refusing the tests and then provide a written explantion of their refusal. I would still test them just because it is human nature to lie, but I would feel great when I am proven wrong. So cheers and drug tests for all.

This is the type of person

This is the type of person who does not know or understand words like "police state", or what the 4th amendment stands for. The typical true product of a modern education, or better yet someone with an agenda. The poll question did not say anything about student athlete.

Should any agency make a case for this kind of testing it would be even a better argument of why home school is better for children and parents.

Not only no but HECK no..

People of this community need to single out and chastise anyone who even trys to float this kind of thinking. Anyone with a level head knows this is yet another attack on our rights as a parent. The longer we let people float this kind of thought, the more rights we will see go by the way side. It's not even a matter of holding the line any more, they have our personal rights and freedom so beat down we will never get back to OUR line in the sand. So I'll say this again, when someone floats an idea like this I personaly would take it as a personal attack on me and others who belive in freedom.


So what you are saying is that being able to do drugs as a high school kid is a personal right and freedom we have as Americans?

Don't be stupid, im saying

Don't be stupid, im saying that parents need to take ownership of this and not leave it up to the school. If you suspect your child is on drugs there is nothing that says you can't march your son or daughter in to be tested. If you dont want to take ownership of your kids fine, but dont infringe on the rights of my son or daugther. You need to understand the 4th amendment, its not there to HIDE anything.... It's there stop your goverment from over reaching their position... Do you understand why we have a second amendment? It's not there so you can go deer hunting, it has nothing to do with hunting... It's there to protect us from our goverment when they over reach the scope of their position. I'm not saying that we are at that point yet, but when you start to give away your rights what do you think the end result is. Take a history course. "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely", where do you think that comes from ? I grant you this, the people who understand this went to school to learn. Why did you go to school?

No, but the adults working

No, but the adults working with them should be. If however, an adult notices behaviors that signal possible drug abuse, that should be brought to the attention of their parents and authorities.


This sort of thing is just a step closer to a police state.

i agree

I just hope it never comes to that....


well on our way

We're already well on the way there from the patriot act to our own mayor wanting to install speed cameras. The so called leadership of our country constantly lusts for power over the citizens of our once great republic.