Should the High School State Football Championships continue to be played in War Memorial Stadium after this year?

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36% (223 votes)
58% (359 votes)
No Opinion
6% (39 votes)
Total votes: 621

State football championships in Laramie

After witnessing all five games in Laramie I changed my mind.
In the week before the 4-A game I thought it was a shame that the Broncs couldn't host the game because I know what hosting that game does for the community but driving home Sunday gave me time to think about the game.
It was a tremendous event UW and the WHSAA did a great job of putting this together the atmosphere in the stadium was electric with the Jumbotron , firing off the cannon the big video screen with in-game replay etc.
War Memorial stadium is the BEST place to have the state championship football games.
Most teams don't go to the finals every year it took the broncs 12 years to get back on that stage in 1996 and 1997 they played the title games on the road (Natrona county, Evanston) in 1995 they played at laramie.
The last time Sheridan hosted the game was 1993.
It's just my opinion so I don't want to sound like I'm beating you over the head but if you didn't get a chance to see the games this year make plans to go next year and see for yourself it might change your mind.

4 the kidz

I agree it's for the kids! Having played the shrine bowl @ war memorial there is no bigger thrill than to play on the POKES field! It inspiring and isn't that what sports is about!

Championship football

I also went to Laramie for the games. While I wasn't fortunate enough to watch all championships, I did see some of the 6-man contest prior to the 4A final. I originally was completely against having all the games in one location---especially Laramie. But now my feelings are mixed. Of course I'd have liked for us to have hosted the game at the best facility in the state (Homer Scott field). However, I would agree with some of the previous comments that it's not about us...but the experience for the players who worked so hard to get there. It will be an interesting vote to see if the same format will be instituted next year. I for one would just like to say that it doesn't matter....our players, coaches, and fans are tops in the state!! Pick a place and we'll show up with HEART!!! Congratulations Broncs!!! You've made us all proud!!

Keep the championship games in Laramie

I just got back from Laramie and what a great weekend. Yes, because the Broncs won, but it was more than just that. The chance to see other teams from other classes play is a great experience.

While my family has been in Sheridan since the early 1900's I grew up in Washington state. All the state championship games have been in the same location for as long as I remember there. My friends and I would make the 4 hour trip to the Seattle/Tacoma area to watch a weekend of football even if our team wasn't in it. I witnessed the same thing in Laramie. I saw letterman jackets on kids who didn't even have a team in a game.

It is a great atmosphere for football fans and players alike to be in a venue like War Memorial stadium to experience the culmination of a seasons work. Most every state does this, as well as all divisions of college football (except division 1A) and the pros. Don't hate it because you've never done it this way before. Give it a chance and go for the full experience. If you are a true football fan you will love it.

Don't just think about yourselves either. Consider the players that have worked very hard for this. Most of them started preparing for this the second week of June with the summer weight program and various football camps throughout the summer. This is what they have put HOURS of blood, sweat, and tears into.

My son is on the Sheridan team and also on the yearbook staff at the school. He did interviews with his fellow players for the yearbook, and according to him the players were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to play on that field. Would you deprive them of this opportunity because you don't want to sacrifice a weekend and spend a few bucks to show your support for all of their hard work?

live feed and field game

Thank you for the live feed info Shawn-It's a site with Wyo-Preps ad so I can't belive as good as Trevor is he would't have caught this somewhere! For the sake of the kids-not someone's wallet! Thank you again shawn!

The only concern I have about Laramie keeping this championship is if we get a snow storm, Laramie always gets hammered! A long drive AND rotten weather???

If two networks are covering

If two networks are covering the same event, they typically don't promote their competitor's coverage. Sheridan Media had our own broadcast team covering the game and we were not involved in the video webcast in any way.

why should there be a home field advantage?

alright, i understand why you guys want home field advantage and its ok for a playoff and regular season, NOT for a championship game. You guys only care about the home field advantage because we have it THIS year, what about next year if we DONT have home field advantage? The field needs to be as neutral as possible, where both teams have a level playing field, yes Laramie is closer to Cheyenne, but if Gillette or any of the casper teams had won the chance for the game, they would have to drive as well. I also want to point out that other than maybe Montana, State championships are held at college or pro fields because of the neutrality and making the game special for the kids as well, in Oklahoma they Play at Joe Pickett field (OKlahoma State [they also play the semi finals there as well]), Arizona 5a div 1 and div 2 play at Sundevil stadium, i know that New york teams play where the jets and Giants play. southern California teams play at Qualcomm in San Diego. Where would they play the game if they held in Casper as well, at kelly walsh or maybe Natrona? that defeats the purpose of neutrality because its at one of their fields, home field advantage or not they have an advantage! Why are we always fighting against what makes sense?

home field adavantage

I dropped into your site to check out summer camps but became interested in your discussion. I live in Washington state and our semi and state finals are played in Tacoma. I haven't heard teams from my area (southern WA) complaining about home field advantage for the teams up north. The local blogs here are full of comments from players, parents and fans that are excited about the playoffs and going to state. It seems to balance itself out since a lot of the teams up north have to travel down here for preliminary round games. No system is perfect but I do believe having one site that holds the championship game every year makes more sense. Good luck to all of your teams sounds like you have an excellent high school football program.

SHS Broncs

Is the game going to be televised?

Not as far as I know. We

Not as far as I know. We will have it on AM 1410 KWYO and will also webcast the audio on our site, but I don't know of any plans for video from anyone.

I believe that the game is

I believe that the game is being shown here:
for those that didn't make the trip


No, While there is a lot to be said for playing where the UW Cowboys play I think there is even more to be said for a team that earns home team advantage being able to play in front of it's home fans.

4 Buses from SHS are headed down. This is to transport the Football Team, The Band, Cheerleaders, Pep Club and who ever else they can squeeze on the buses.
This is a max of about 200 people, including the Team.
I am sure a much larger crowd could be had at home.

I also don't thing it is fair for the "Home Team" to travel 5 hours while the "Visiting Team" travels less than 1 hour?

I disagree

You people are all looking at it in the point of view as the fans and people in the stand....High School football is for the enjoyment and pride of the TEAM, of the kids playing on the team. The pride and accomplishment these kids feel from knowing they played well enough to go to State is amplified by the joy and awe that they will be allowed to play on a real College field....hoping that one day they, too, will be allowed to wear the colors of Wyoming. You all make the choice to root for your team, and that's great. But do not take away their glory by complaining about what's not convenient for You! Think of your kids and their teammates and what they would want in this matter. And as far as 5 hrs compared to 1 hr....that was this year. What if next year it's our team against Gillette or Sundance or any of the Eastern towns? Then it would be a matter of us going 5 hrs and them 7 or 8. The fact of the matter is that you're basing your opinion on what works for you, not for these kids as it should be...and if you think it's for you, then you get out on that field and play a game and then we'll put it to a vote.

J. S. Luckjohn

i thoroughly disagree

i disagree, because its a championship game, it needs to be neutral. Both teams have earned their place up till this game and both deserve an equal chance of success, if a team wants fans, their fans can get off their butts and go watch it. That's why they invented cars and carpools.

In regards to driving five versus one, yes Cheyenne is closer, but are they playing on their own turf, they will have fans but not as many as would be if they play in cheyenne. I also want to point out it would be a flip scenario if they played in sheridan. Its all about neutrality. It really doesnt make sense to give one team a bigger advantage over the other, Look at all the other championships. NO BODY PLAYS AT HOME ITS A NEUTRAL SITE(superbowl, College national championship, All the various state high school championships at neutral sites). having homefield advantage for a championship is backwards thinking

I'd like to see them stay at

I'd like to see them stay at SCOTT field,the home of a legend.

I was against it until until

I was against it until until I read comments that it is a thrill for most of the players to play on Wyoming's field. And in a way it might get some parents looking at it like "This isn't too bad, maybe I'll come down and watch the pokes play. So for the kids, its probably a bigger thrill and despite everything else it is about the kids.
Long drive for some parents and grandparents, but in the end it has to be about the kids playing in the game.

Keep the Championships at Home

Having the championship games all be playing in Laramie is a nice idea. The kids get to play in a big stadium where they've seen the UW Cowboys play.

If the games were being played at a more central location such as Casper, that might be a little better. At least that would split the distance for most teams. I'm sure that would look more appealing to teams like Cody than Laramie does.

However, I think it is a loss for teams not to get to play in front of their home town crowd. Lots of dedicated fans may make the trip to Laramie to support their team, but due to convenience and time schedules, there would always be a larger crowd at a hometown game. Home field advantage in the Championship also rewards a team for their success during the season. Good luck to all the teams in their Championship games!

Why are we running this poll

Why are we running this poll again?It's already been run last year on here.

No Opinion

No Opinion: There are way more pressing issues to deal with.


I thought once upon a time the WHSAA decided that all state championships were to be held in Casper..It was because it was in the central of the state and for most folks its a 2 hour drive to get there or attend functions..

Are they rotating cities every 2 years? I heard that they were.