Should health insurance be allowed to be sold across state lines and on a national basis?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
86% (254 votes)
10% (29 votes)
4% (13 votes)
Total votes: 296

I question the point of the

I question the point of the question... Big insurance uses agents that are licensed to solicit in any given state. That part is only process designed to get around a given state law.. You can have an out of state agent call you as long as they hold a license in that state, I've been on the call floor as it happens.

Now, if you want REAL change, lobby and pass a law to stop making insurance a "for profit business" A shareholder should have no skin in the insurance game.... Any time you involve a group of shareholders you find yourself looking out for their interest not the policy holder... The policy holder / the man that pays to have healthcare there when the time comes has no voice in the care he gets.. IMHO


We need regulations with important health care. I'd like to see it stay in within state lines. Or would it be better if insurance went across state lines to become more competitive. We need a nutral study done on it. Cookie



Fat chance. If we don't take it the way Obama shovels it then it will not happen. It's ------ way or the highway.