Should the government ban text messaging and/or cell phone usage while driving?

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73% (332 votes)
25% (115 votes)
No Opinion
2% (10 votes)
Total votes: 457


Texting is dangerous and there should be a major education campaign against it. Come up with a catchy slogan like, "Texting while driving? Time-out required." or "Take a time-out to text, no driving allowed." But, being stupid should not be a crime. If we take away every personal choice to be responsible, citizens never will take responsibility for their own choices and thier lives in general.

My opinion is that, in

My opinion is that, in general, if your activities are not endangering others the government should mostly stay out of it. This is why I don't agree with seat belt laws. If I don't buckle up it makes no difference to anyone else on the road. I don't think the government should play the role of parents and pass laws that only protect us from ourselves. However, talking on a cell phone while driving is a dangerous distraction, and texting is even worse. People doing this while driving are endangering other people, and therefore the activity should be illegal.

Ban on cell phone/text messaging while driving

I definitely feel that cell phone usage and text messaging should not be allowed while driving. I am an avid walker and must always be careful when crossing any streets or intersections to be sure that I make eye contact with the driver before crossing to avoid being hit as many drivers are distracted while driving and using their cell phones. If a call or text message is so important that it can't wait until you reach your destination, you should pull over to a safe area and complete your call or text message for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

what level of government

It would be one thing if the city, county or state would ban texting on cell phones and I do support the idea at that level. It is another and negative thing for the federal government to legislate regulation on this and so many other issues. I do have a problem with people texting while driving and while I would hope that people would be responsible for their own actions they are not. They put other people at risk and lives have been lost because of that lack of responsibility. If you need to text, pull over. Otherwise, just turn off your phone when you get in the car and check it when you are no longer endangering the lives of others.

Get rid of both!

We do have enough government control. But does that mean that we should never again let the government legislate a new law? I say get rid of both. Penalizing someone after they've killed someone is too late. Studies show that texting while driving is the equivalent of driving drunk. Yes, let the government make it illegal. The life they save, may be mine!

ban on cell phone

I think we have enough government control. People need to be responsible for there own lives. If they want to wreck and kill there family. Let it go. If they hit someone else punish them to the fullest. Seat belts are in the same catagory. I think our officers have enough to do with out adding more stress to them. We should be helping them by trying not to wreck. Where is our common sense?

Law Enforcement would be one

Law Enforcement would be one of the biggest violators out there if a ban was passed.They're on cells constantly while driving.

As was said before all it would really be used for is probable cause to pull you over in hopes of having a routine traffic stop turn into a felony traffic stop and your arrest.

I agree, we have laws on the

I agree, we have laws on the books that address this issue. This is just one more law that would invoke probable cause to have an officer ask you where are you going where have you been type of questions.

Text messages yes, cell

Text messages yes, cell phone use no.
Should a driver pull over when using the phone absolutely, but the government should not ban it. Laws are already in place should a driver cause an accident for driving carelessly, which would apply to cell phone use.