Should the Federal Government pass legislation aimed at controlling carbon emissions?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
29% (52 votes)
69% (122 votes)
No Opinion
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 178

This bill will cause even

This bill will cause even more outsourcing due to the increased cost of production of goods. Therefore, we will have two choices when purchasing goods at the store, either buy foreign made goods for an affordable price (at the price of American jobs) or purchase American made goods at a much higher price (which amounts to nothing more than a tax). Outsourcing isn't always about greed, it is often about survival. This is a bad bill and should not be passed!

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23 Skidoo:
If you, (Americans), think that you have anything to say about what our one party government does; think again. The speaker of the House is from the district in San Fransisco where they lead each other around in leather diapers on a dog leash, (that's who she is beholding to for re-election and that is who has a voice in the game not you). Obama, during his half a term as a senator was the most liberal voting member of congress.

Now go ahead and take your poll and voice your comments but know this; Obama and Nancy Pelosi will never give your opinion one scintilla of a second's thought. You are less than a bug to them.

This is a nightmare, thanks a pant load democrats.


try me:
All this emissions garbage is,is the dreams of liberal bed wetters who want to break "King Coal",which is an industry made up of largely conservative capitalists who provide affordable electricity to the country through coal fired electric plants.

B Hussein O and his fellow democrat rejects won't be happy until this country is completely bankrupted.The liberals have no plan on how to power america,yet are still going ahead and banning proven methods of producing electricity for this country.Only the rich will be able afford utilities at the rate things are going.Without coal,you'll be assured of shortages in electricity and what electricty you do have will cost you two to five times what it cost while using coal.

Wind generation is a joke and it's already proved unreliable.Nuclear has so many risks that it's not even an option.We've already had Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

The only real alternative to coal is hydroelectric,yet your liberals are getting rid of dams off of every river in the country.China has as much coal reserve as america does,yet china is building the worlds largest hydroelectric dam and reservoir.

"Show me a 20 year old that isn't liberal in their thinking and I'll show you a person with no heart.Show me a 40 year old that isn't consevative and I'll show you an idiot".

This country is in its death throws and is being killed off by a goverment that was elected by a bunch of morons who lack the intelligence to even vote correctly.Hussein made a bunch of promises that he had no way of even remotely fulfilling,to a bunch of idiots who would believe the earth is flat if they had some politician telling them so.


I take no issue with sticking it to big oil.... They have no problem sticking it to us.. I understand that Wyoming is a coal state, but im sick of big oil and the issues they have caused the US with their game of control.

On that note I do not support Obama and his crew, but if they are going to try and stick it to the oil company I say go for it.. Truth be told, it passed the house, but I doubt it will pass the Senate. Sad


try me:
Hussein isn't going to stick it to the oil companies.He's gonna stick it to you.He'll continue to play his games until we're back at $4/gal. or higher gas.The oil companies won't take a hit,they'll simply pass their costs onto you the consumer.

You've got hairplugs Biden crying about not knowing how bad the economy really was.That's funny everybody else knew exactly how bad things were.And so did Biden and magic negro.

We've got unemployment at historic highs across the nation and you've got a muslim reject at the white house,without the slightest clue on how to lead this country. Instead of helping americans he's finding ways of cutting even more jobs through his wet dream of carbon restrictions.


I hear what your saying, and yes make no mistake big oil will pass all of the carbon tax costs onto the consumer, but that's where it gets interesting.. The Democrats are going to try and change the game by means of choice. You can stick with fossil fuel or you can invest in free energy, or something that can't be rate limited.. I honestly don't think they have a chance in pulling it off, but that's the game or the illusion of the game they want to be seen as playing.