Should cyber bullying be a criminal offense?

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Apparently, most of you

Apparently, most of you seriously underestimate the extreme problem that bullying has become. I suggest you each visit your local library and read at least one, if not each of the following books: Bullies by J. Middleton-Moz, The Respectful School by S. Wessler, Your Child: Bully or Victim by Peter Sheras, and Schools Where Everyone Belongs by S. Davis.

Bullying is a SEVERE problem with DEADLY results, and it is spreading like an epidemic across our nation (and across the world). This is not the only case where someone lost a life because of this horrible offense. And it is people like many of you not recognizing the seriousness of the situation that makes it difficult to resolve. So, so, so sad.


Why add more laws when they don't enforce the ones they have or bend them depending on circumstances? All this does is make lawyers richer!

I dont understand!

I don't understand, all websites give the rights to the owner of their page to delete the people posting bad things, they have the right to deny the person (s) they also can report it to the administrative department online. There are many ways to avoid this problem. I am sorry for what has happened in the past with people and them losing their lives. We need to step up as families, friends, and parents and stop this at our homes. Having another law pushed down our throats will not solve the problem. Watching what is posted and what is read is something we need to check daily. Many of us are into the cyber world and have to maintain what we do online. I don't see that this is something that lawmakers can maintian.
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

According to the Times

Laws need to be added or taken away according to the times. If we need to add laws to the system to protect people (especially youth)in this cyber age, then so be it. On the other hand there are many laws that no longer apply to this generation that need to be abolished. Balance is a good thing, empathy is a good thing.

What is the lesser of the two evils-laws that get abused or people that get abused?

Yes, it is tragic that

Yes, it is tragic that people will abuse other's private space, but a dorm room is not a private space when you are sharing with another person.

People in this country need to be responsible for their own actions. To feel so hopeless that you don't even want to deal with it in the proper manner is strange. He did after all choose to jump from a bridge, so that is how he wanted to deal with it all. Blaming his roommate or others doesn't bring him back or change the situation. And more laws to convict the roommate or others will only fill up the prison. Wonder what will happen to society when we all are being sentenced for looking at someone wrong, saying the wrong thing, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gosh, the prison will be pretty full and then who is going to pay for that? hmmm.

We need to quit being a blameful society and take responsibility for ourselves. He had other choices, but chose to make the one he did.

Be responsible for your own actions. Quit being victims.

So...that means that a

So...that means that a women's locker room in a school gym is public space, and so if I decide to video tape women changing and put it on the web, heck, that is public space. your logic, one cannot even change clothes in their own dorm room because that is public space. Come on people, are you really that brainless?

Jimmy, what you are saying

Jimmy, what you are saying is half right. Unfortunately, ignoring the other half devolves your comment into the realm of absurdity, to put it mildly.

Of course life is tough and full of failure, and it is important to teach our children to be resilient.

But just as important is the need to teach our children not to be bigots and jerks who blatantly disrespect the privacy rights of others. This is a "fine line" issue, as we shouldn't assume things we do in public may not end up on the web. But to violate someone's private is sick and perverted what these kids did. I think those kids should be-well, I won't say. And I think as a society, we need to get over our sick little childish perversions about people's private matters. Seriously, if you are so concerned because a guy is gay, you probably need your own head checked out. If that violates your own sensibilities or your "Christian" moral code or some other such nonsense, fine. Nobody is forcing you to have a gay lover. But have some decency and respect the basic human rights of others.

RE: News Flash

Yeah jimmy, way to go! That guy should have grabbed a gun and filled those 2 full of hot lead. That would of shown them, huh? Or, you know, maybe it should be criminal to post a sex video publicly without consent. But I guess morons have rights too, huh? It's a free country and all.... I still think the kid should have taken the law into his own hands, since we can't have laws to protect the innocent.


Are you positive there are

Are you positive there are no laws on the books about taking a video of this privet nature "without consent"? I'm thinking at a minimum there would have been a nice civil case that would have made certain that these two clowns would have worked for free for the rest of their life in order to compensate the victim.. I would bet that there were both criminal and civil laws that were broken here. Is what it comes down to is what the county prosecutor wants to push, and what a judge is willing to consider... a lot of times a case will come before a judge or prosecutor and their opinion will be, no harm no foul... That is where the REAL problem is! That is the issue that needs addressed, NOT adding more laws on top of laws we ALREADY have....

Dorm room??

With it being a dorm room and shared with one of the filmers, I think that there is a pretty gray area about breaking a law. After all why can't you tape what goes on in your own "house"? I think the two clowns were the ones in the bed!!!

Zebra, I thought you were

Zebra, I thought you were smarter than that. As I said in my other post, it is absolutely absurd to assume that a dorm room is entirely public space, and thus, fair game for video taping whatever goes on. A locker room is "public" too... So, by your logic, (or lack of) people should not be able to even change clothes in their own dorm room because heck, that is public space...It is too bad you cannot separate how you feel about gay sex from the real issue of invasion of private space.

Dillio (I think is the name) is one of the few logical people making comments on this issue.

I think the other clowns are those who have apparently no ability to use logic or reason....

What law was broken?

What criminal law was broken? the filmer was the "leasee" to the room. The private space was just as much as his as the roommates. He paid the rent. So you're right it's not a public space, it was their private space. Maybe he thought the roommate was stealing from him or preforming crude acts on his bed?? But, again tell me what criminal law was broken?

Zebra, I never said any

I never said any criminal law was necessarily broken...I don't know all the facts and current laws on the books. But you should really slow down and think through what you are saying. So maybe the roommate did think he was stealing and that is why he video taped him. And so he posted the video on the internet because....?

And how is this different than posting a video of men or women changing in a "public" locker room?


First off, I've never said anything about being right or wrong for posting the video. I've only questioned weather it's a crime to film your own dorm room. As far as a difference, common sense tells me that 1. you sign a lease for a dorm room, that makes it a private room with you as the leasee. All you are required to follow are the rules set up by the lease owner and I doubt video recording is mentioned in the rules of the lease. 2. a public locker room is just that a public room. You have to have the owners permission to video record.

Do you give Wal-mart permission to film you when you walk into the store?

Maybe you should read the post before you type as I've said earlier in this post, I've never questioned the right/wrong of posting the video on the interent.

Does anyone know all the

Does anyone know all the facts ? Did the video also have audio ? If the video did have audio, that would be a good place to start.. You can't record audio between two people unless one of the two knows.. I think that's how the law reads... It varies a little bit sate to state. That's just off the top of my head... There might be more. The point is a good prosecutor if he wanted to, could have put the clowns in the hot seat.. leave it up to a jury of their peers ...


In civil law I think it is

In civil law I think it is called "malicious intent".... Might want to look it up... While I don't approve of their lifestyle, It's clear to me who the clowns were in this situation..

A very well stated comment.

A very well stated comment. Thank you, Jimmy.

News Flash:

It's too bad that young student had to take his own life, but life is tough and full of failure, opposition, and challenges. Our children need to be raised to understand this instead of creating more laws that get abused.

It's what you do after you get pushed down that matters.

I agree 100%, We already

I agree 100%, We already have laws on the books to deal with these issues. We DO NOT need more laws, use the ones on the books, and or raise the penalty of an infraction..