Should the current Bowl Championship Series be replaced with a play-off system similar to the one used by NCAA Basketball

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
60% (162 votes)
12% (33 votes)
1% (4 votes)
Don't Care
27% (72 votes)
Total votes: 271

The mountain west is really

The mountain west is really in a decent spot as far as the next round of what conferences get automatic bids for BCS games. Most people think that the BCS conferences are set in stone like the 10 Commandments, but they are not.

Currently there are 6 BCS conferences, and in 2007 when the BCS did their study of the conferences to determine who would get the automatic bids the Mountain West finished 7th. Ergo that means that the Mountain West would be the first in line if the BCS decides to introduce a 7th conference or remove a conference that has not played up to snuff (ACC I am talking about you!)

So look for the Mountain West to make a big push for a spot in the BCS as soon as 2012.


TCU had a great chance to fire another shot at the BCS Monday night but the Horned Frogs "gagged it" in the biggest game in school history and the biggest game in Mountain West conference history.

The national media that can put pressure on the BCS school presidents by opening up the party to the likes of the Mountain West conference didn't get what they wanted Monday a BIG win by TCU.

Many pollsters were poised to make TCU number one in the national rankings if the Froggies had won big over Boise State as expected, but the Froggies broke under the pressure of a big game which set the Mountain West back in their attempt to get to the "Grown-up" table which is the BCS.

Better Luck next year."GO POKES 2010"


When the system recognizes The Mountain West then I will recognize the powers that make up this phoney playoff system.