Should the City of Sheridan release the names of the candidates in the running for Sheridan Police Chief?

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69% (304 votes)
29% (130 votes)
2% (9 votes)
Total votes: 443

Reality needs to set in

For those who know the truth about what has gone on internally in the police department under Card's reign of terror, and managed to stay in that environment, my hats off to each and every one of you. Let us all hope and pray, even with the controversy surrounding the topic, that true leadership will come to the department with the next chief of police. Regardless of whom that person is, they have a mountain to climb to earn any respect and trust of most of the members of the department. Which is very sad considering it is not that person who created such a problem, but the outgoing chief.

Police in general are disliked. They take your money, your rights, and sometimes your liberty. Some people are capable of realizing that you lost money, rights, or liberty because of the actions you took. You are responsible, you are to blame, not the officers who caught you. They still get labeled, blamed, and mis-treated by several people. They even get assaulted and killed. Because of an oath that they took to protect society. Thankfully there are some who realize that these people are humans, who do the job because it is who they are. And without them, society would crumble.

Where this all ties in is most cops can accept the disdain and abuse they take from the public. It's almost expected. But when there is little to no respect from officials within their own government? Where do they go from there? The selection committee has just said that there are no people currently working at the Sheridan Police Department that are qualified to be the Chief. I for one think there are plenty that would do the job in an outstanding fashion.

Regardless of the motivations (or lack thereof) that Kinskey has for not hiring from within, he lost any shred of respect I ever had for him. I only hope others see it too and can make things right the next time he runs for office.

RJones and ilk

You have never once stated anything of fact in this forum.
You and your [ content edited by Sheridan Media ] trolls don't like the mayor that's not the problem I have with your kind.
Moronic Quotes, conspiracy theories and stupid comments
show all of us the level of intelligence you have.
Hey [ content edited by Sheridan Media ] you complain about every weekly question on this forum never once have you said anything positive.
Why don't you do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock you used to live under.
Rjones or reality check whoever you are or you could just change your name again and start posting more absurdities.

*Thank you Sheridan media for having this forum it's to bad when these [ content edited by Sheridan Media ] make a mockery of your hard work.

Wow BS I can see your tears

Wow BS I can see your tears of frustration have gotten the better of you. Especially the dreaded conspiracy theory that trolls like yourself site whenever you've run out of options.In the end kinskey still loves your blind following like a sheep.

Fellow Contributors, The

Fellow Contributors,

The word "you're" is a contraction, a combination of the word "you" and "are". That is one thing I learned prior to graduating from high school. Many contributors do not appear to have accomplished that goal, so please allow me to explain why a good education is important.

In school, a student reads a lot about how to write properly. It is quickly apparent how foolish one looks when, for example, one's grant application is illegible (hard to read).

Another thing students read is about how it doesn't help situations to name-call. Only facts are important. Name-calling helps make people angry, and act irrationally. Our words reflect our community.

One good reason to hire someone from outside the department is because it helps prevent networks of evil from doing things like harassing people by setting them up to be pulled over for fake DUI's, which is what part of our dear Sheridan Police Department did to the present mayor. Many good people work for our Police Department and they need to be supported by competent, qualified individuals who can prevent such shenanigans and keep order and peace here. No one is 'hiding' anything.

Also, it doesn't really make a person qualified just because they are born in a certain place. Merely being born is, however, is generally a minimal qualification.

Finally, the citizens of Sheridan elected Mayor Kinskey. If you really have a substantive comment to share, please share it with him first. Vote your opinion in the next election, but for now, let's respect the hard work he is doing for our community and move forward to make our lovely City the best it can be.

Kinskey had his buddy card

Kinskey had his buddy card in place when he was caught drunk driving.He had his attorney who happens to be a major campaign contributor to him show up curb side to get him out of an arrest that he deserved,then went to the hospital an hour later to get a BAC test of course after allowing ample time for that BAC to lower itself..He then hired legal counsel and an investigator paid for by the taxpayer to get him out of driving drunk.

Kinskey won by 161 votes,hardly a landslide of support.

You know, in this situation

You know, in this situation I have to give Kinskey credit.. He did everything right. When you get pulled over you keep your mouth shut. You ALWAYS opt for a blood test and not a blow test. If your attorney is worth his weight in salt he WOULD have showed up.. Read up on how to handle a DUI stop, he did everything right. When you get pulled over the police are not there to be your friend, they are there to write tickets. The whole REDI thing is a joke, and the perfect way to set people up... Kinskey if I recall even submitted to "Field Sobriety Tests", very few people know that there are only three tests that are approved by the department of highway saftey. So the next time an officer asks you to act like a clown on the side of the road, ask him if it is one of the three approved tests. Never blow in the handheld device, always ask to go to the station and use the stationary one or get a blood test.

Yes,kinskey did do

Yes,kinskey did do everything right.Still doesn't change the fact that he was drunk driving.I've seen the police footage of the traffic stop and kinskey was handled treated far better then any other citizen would have been.His attorney did everything but physically assault the officer conducting the stop.And had she been anyone else would have found herself in jail and court over her actions.

You need some mayonnaise and

You need some mayonnaise and bread with that baloney. No need for facts! Keep spreading it, see what it does for us.


This message has been paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Mayor Kinskey....


Hmmmm.....kind of interesting to see what some of the locals back in Card's home in California have to say about him!

C'mon: You're points are

C'mon: You're points are well thought out and objective. Regarding point #4: Card does not have a masters degree. He earned/obtained a law degree from an institution that was not accredited at the time of his graduation. Further more, the Monterrey College of Law "will substitute real life experience for a bachelor's degree or LSAT score". Diploma factory?


I knew he had a law degree. I've heard that he likes to be referred to as Doctor Card. *rolling eyes*

Release of names for Chief

To Common Sense- You make some good points. One I noticed was #4. The following really puts in perspective some of the issues some officers' are facing with the current city government right now.

Through my cousin, who happens to be a dispatcher, I know several officers and dispatchers at the PD. One officer, who was very qualified and had also applied for the Chief position but was denied an interview (surprise!), has been trying to further their education by obtaining a Master's degree related to law enforcment. The city has as one of its policies some sort of reimbursement or assistance program that allows city workers to gather more training and education for their job positions and employees are encouraged to do this. It is being used by many city employees right now; including a lady who works at the Police Department who is my cousin's super. Even my cousin has looked into it. However, in this officer's case, whoever is supposed to make the decision to approve the training will not make a decision and so the officer is left hanging. I guess the officer has been trying since June with no luck.

Maybe this is some type of way to keep selected department folks down with some ambition so they can't achieve their goals or maybe its some excuse to use that there aren't persons at the depertment who want to improve themselves? Who knows. All I know is that at least someone has been trying to improve their education, but is being denied for whatever reasons.

Hopefully things will get better soon with a new Chief. There are some really unhappy officers and dispatchers at the department right now.

Common Sense

I'm glad to know that someone is trying to further their education. I hope there are more. I don't know how much the city is willing to reimburse their employees. But they certainly should be doing everything they can to help their employees further their educations and enhance their skills. The city and PD should be helping groom people to become chief or administrators.

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If your going to look for a new police chief, why not look with end your own department. If your police officers aren`t go enough to be a chief then they might not be go enough to be a officer.The Mayor of this city is puppet to his rich friends and big money.Why don`t we get a new Mayor and a new Police Chief from people that live and work here in Sheridan.This town and it`s people deserve the best.

C'mon Folks

There have been some very valid points raised here. But some very silly ones as well.

1. I don't like Card or Kinskey. Card is a very arrogant gentleman and should have never been hired. I whole heartedly agree that some of the crap that our officers have been subjected to is completely unnecessary.

2. Regarding The Sheridan Press. What they are doing seems personal and a little overboard. I think the final three candidates are having their names revealed. If I was one of those candidates and was working elsewhere, I wouldn't want everyone knowing I was applying for another job. The Sheridan Press should spend more of their time checking facts, spelling and sentence structure which has been a problem as of late.

3. This is not Mayberry. More and more, police chiefs are highly educated administrators who work on policy and budget, not riding around backing up his officers. Time to start looking forward and stop living in the past. Chiefs should have their officers backs and support them. But nowadays its from behind a desk.

4. Who in the Sheridan Police Department has been working hard to put themselves in position for being chief someday? Has anyone earned a masters degree? Nowadays a MA in something such as Public Administration is more and more common. Street officers should be getting BA's. But a BA doesn't mean squat went wanting to become a chief. Street
experience and knowing Sheridan is nice. But that doesn't mean you have the ability to do budgets and policies. Does anyone have a masters? Has anyone worked to improve their education? I'd be curious to know. I'm not sure that has happened.

5. I would love to see an officer inside the department get the job. But I'm not sure anyone has the education base to do it. I think it has made looking outside necessary.

6. Combining departments or voting for police chief is dumb and is not the answer.

7. R. Jones - your comments regarding the police chief from Gillette are ignorant. The man from Gillette is the best police chief I have never seen and Sheridan would be lucky to get a man like him. The Gillette chief is from Michigan so it is silly to expect he had a previous relationship with Kinskey. Next conspiracy theory?

So with you being in the

So with you being in the know and all.Why is it that we need the gillette police chief telling us who to hire as sheridans police chief?

The philosophy of needing an MA to be a police chief is rooted in the universities who hand those degrees out for large sums of money and of course the people buying the degree believe they then deserve 6 figure salary in return for that framed piece of paper.

Why should we the tax pay,have to pay for kinskeys attorney to advise him not to allow the public to know who the candidates for chief are?

I Agree

I agree with you. I do not feel that we need a police chief with a masters degree. I feel that is overkill for this community. We would be just fine with someone who has already been on the force.

Let's not get carried away.

I'm not in the know at all. But I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I don't have a clue why the Gillette police chief is part of the process. I have no clue what nonsense you are spouting about college degrees. Heaven forbid someone learn something.

I agree

Very well said! I agree with your statements completely, this is a very important position and you need to have people that work closely with the police chief doing the hiring. They are much more aware of the competencies required for someone to be successful in this position.

Your comments about the diversity of people who love it here is spot on. I believe it to be incredibly small minded to think only those born here can have a positive impact here.

In regards to Mayor Kinskey, I believe that he is acting with a set of values and beliefs that many disagree with, but I do not believe that he is acting maliciously or with corrupt intentions. He must also have a strong base of support to continue to be re-elected.

Why does he keep getting voted in?

The majority of the "Kinskey comments" in the Sheridan Media are anti-Kinskey. Why do the people in the city keep voting him in?

The reason he got re

The reason he got re elected,is becuase he was the life support system for the developers in sheridan.You had the majority of the contractors,engineers,building related retailers supporting him.I've got a copy of his campaign contributors and it's public info just ask for a copy.Top campaign contributors were Scott and Kinnison.

What really puts things in perspective,is wright didn't even run a campaign.Kinskey ran television ads and everything else and only beat wright by 161 votes.


I took your advice and looked up these contributions and $200 doesn't seem like a major contribution to give and turns out that the two people mentioned were not the top contributors. Once again, you just make stuff up and continue to spread lies.

Sheridan PD

How sad it is that our community has to undergo such turmoil, when in the world there is quite enough already. I have served in our nation’s military and even on the Sheridan Police Department. I have seen first hand how low the moral is at the police department. The officers have struggled very hard over the last several years to maintain cohesion, only for it to be ripped apart by our city government. The politics in this town is that compared to Chicago, but lacking the mafia. The department is micro managed and nit picked to death by city, via the current Chief. For example, during annual reviews officers are to do a self appraisal then the supervisor does one and rates the officer. Both appraisals go up the chain of command ultimately to City Hall where it stops at Human Resources. From there an HR person reviews both appraisals and gives their rating, which in most cases is lower than the supervisor’s rating. I am curious how an HR person can rate any officer having never worked with that officer, or even asked to go on a ride along with that officer to see their performance first hand. It is a numbers game and ultimately affects raises, moral, cohesion, safety, and creates tension.

This is only one example of the many that encompass the negative environment in which our officers must endure if they wish to stay employed and serve our community. Trust me, if think the cops are in it for the money you all are sadly mistaken.

Our department needs a Chief who will stand up for the officers, back them up on a call when needed, and support the entire department and not just the administration personnel. A Chief that will show our community they genuinely care for our welfare and not use the community as a meal ticket. A Chief that will patrol the streets from time to time, work with the team of officers, not against them. We need a Chief that will respectfully stand up to the mayor and council. We need a Chief that has served with the department, knows the officers, knows the community, knows the area, and most off all knows how to respect and support their subordinates. We need a Chief that is not a friend of the mayor or city council members. The time for all this big city corrupted politics must end. We are small town America; we have been this way for many years. People like it here because of that, if people want big city, then move.

We really need to reconsider the process for Chief selection and take a closer look at previous hiring practices. Does the Chief have to pass a physical fitness test as well? All the new officers that test must pass one, and then do it again at the beginning and end of the academy. The leader of the group should never, and I mean never, ask their troops do a task they would not do themselves. This goes for everyday life at the department as well. The Chief must strive to maintain cohesion amongst the troops and not be a butt kisser for bucks.

The mayor says he will not release names now, but did in the past, and even states in an article he may have violated the law by doing so, hum...anyone within the city government plan on looking in that, because if a city employee not in the mayor’s circle were to do the same thing (or similar) an investigation would have been initiated and they probably would have been terminated.
Out of all this least we forget how much money the tax payers have seen go to legal battles the city has been involved in over the course of the last several years. No wonder the city is broke.

Chief of police

Several years ago when I was involved in local law enforcement there was a push to consolidate law enforcement. On hind sight this looks like it would of been the best idea. This would have put all law enforcement under the sheriff who is elected by the people not appointed by an apparent self serving mayor and council. Maybe these discussions should be brought back to the table. Just remember that in the end the fine men and woman who work as law enforcment officers deserve that this community give them the most competant leadership available.

The problem with

The problem with consolidation,is the city pays officers higher wages then the county pays deputy's.There's no way the county is going to pay them all a higher wage.

The sheridan fire department is a prime example of consolidation costing more.Sheridan ems never made as much money or retirement as the fire department makes and the consolidation raised all those costs.

I was born and raised in

I was born and raised in Sheridan, and had family in law enforcement. It seems to me that Sheridan did fine all those years with police chiefs from within the department. I do not recall any out of state chiefs until Card.

Hendren was from texas

Hendren was from texas appointed by Della Herbst.Another mayor on par with kinskey.

I could care less if they

I could care less if they announce them or not. I only worry about the canidates having other jobs and what might happen if their employers find out.
That is what I think is unfair.

Funny how Mayor Wilson had

Funny how Mayor Wilson had no problems appointing Vince Yardas as police chief for 8 years and Yardas had spent his entire career with the SPD.

Hiring BS

As any native Sheridan County Resident (Rare and endangered)this is business as usual! [objectionable content removed by Sheridan Media] Why are we hiring all these out of state boobs and paying them huge salaries? I would rather give it to a local who worked hard and moved up! Kinskey is not a local!He might have been born here but moved away and brought his west coast flair and west coast friends with him to try run this town? I am glad Card is leaving and going back to the land of fruits and nuts! Is the next canidate going to be a friend of the mayor? Stay tuned and find out!

Kinskey wasn't born here.He

Kinskey wasn't born here.He and Bigelow both moved here as kids and have been friends since childhood.So it's no wonder Bigelow is in the position he's in.Kinskey spent more time in california and gillette then he spent in sheridan.Which goes far in explaining kinskeys need to include the gillette police chief in this hiring process.I'm sure a background history of this gillette police chief would show some prior relationship between kinskey or bigelow and himself.

The only way to run a kinskey style dictatorship,is to alienate management/administration from the work force.Kinskey upon his first election caused a division amongst management and workers within the various city departments that has never healed and he doesn't want it to heal.Because he'll lose control,since nobody can respect him.No free thinking individual who believes in the democratic process can respect someone like Kinskey.

In the case of a police department,you have a department full of Type A personalities,who deal with kinskeys type on a daily basis,they see right through kinskey.The only way for kinskey to gain control of police officers,is to hire a puppet police chief that will answer to kinskey and micromanage everyone within the department and never even establish a respected working relationship with personnel.

With the typical rhetoric

With the typical rhetoric from Kinskey,there's no way to even establish wether fair hiring practices are even being followed.There's no way to establish wether women and minorities were represented in the hiring process or anything.The attorney for the city can claim anything he wants,but the fact remains kinskey released names during the appointment of card and Cheyenne has no problem releasing names either.

There is no way to determine how many applicants there really were or are.There's no way to establish credentials on the applicants that were supposedly passed up.

The press had a letter to the editor that summed this whole thing up well."There's never any problem getting a Sheriff from the local population,yet kinskey just can't find a police chief locally".Hein identified the problem best,kinskey just can't find a Yes man locally.

Mayors' actions questionable

the Sheridan Press states that the Mayor and the DA are siting the state statutes and that's fine....but it makes one wonder just what it is that he's hiding if he has to keep everything a secret and has to hide behind a rarely heard state statute to keep this secret from all of us who truly have a right to know who it is that he has in mind to enforce the laws in OUR city......"methinks thou dost protest too much" Mr. Mayor.

J. S. Luckjohn

The article in the paper

The article in the paper mentioned we the voters should be able to select the chief of police. I agree with Duane Bomar - if we can select the sheriff via popular vote, why not choose the chief as well? In a rural county the sheriff is at least as powerful as the chief, so why not let the voters voice their opinion on who they want protecting them at night rather than a bunch of stiffs in city hall? Seems reasonable enough to me...

I agree as well

If we can elect a sheriff then we should be allowed to vote for the Chief of police as well. Both have an obligation to protect the community and enforce the law. Both have to deal with the population of Sheridan daily. So why shouldn't both have to be appointed to their positions in the exact same form. I still don't understand why one of our own very qualified boys in uniform can't fill the position instead of a "yes man" pulled out of the blue by our illustrious Mayor from one of his many out of state friends. I believe that the one of the qualifications for applicant for Police Chief is that they should have been born, raised and a citizen of the state in which they are offering their services for....just as the governer needs this as his/her qualification so should any other official that has to deal with the community in a high position.

J. S. Luckjohn

I disagree

The attitude of needing to be born and raised in an area in order to love or serve in it is old fashioned and closed-minded. It is sad that we would want this to be the criteria for any of our government officials. Most of the people that love Sheridan and contribute to the economy and lifestyle that we all enjoy were not born and raised here. Any government position should be filled by the most qualified applicant. If there is someone on the current force that is qualified, then by all means, they should recieved the position. But anyone with any business experience is aware that being a great employeee does not necessarily mean that a person will make a good leader.

Also, the hiring decision should not be put to a vote. The decision should be made by qualified people who will look at resumes, interviews, job experience, personalities, etc., as with any job. The general public does not have access to this information and would make the decision based on ungrounded opinions, such as where a person is born.

I am not completely aware of whether Kinskey hires people based on his friendship with them, and I'm sure none of you do either. Rumors are an evil thing. Believing everything we hear and forming strong opinions based on heresay shows lack of intelligence.

So what you are trying to

So what you are trying to say is we the people are not qualified enough to elect officials. How does the mayor obtain office? How about the governor? Senators? Representatives? The President of the USA? Next time you post a comment trying to insult the good people of Sheridan who were born and raised here by implying we are not smart enough to pick the chief of police, please take a moment and think about it. Thanks in advance for not replying to this and wasting bandwidth.

what qualifies one to be a local

I wish to start by saying what qualifies one to be a local? I do not think you need to have your birth certificate filed in the Sheridan County Courthouse or lived here all your life. Being a local is just that, a local resident that has residency and a dwelling.

I find this forum, public pulse, paper editorials and
"the talk on the street" important to understand the mood of the community. I read these forums often and rarely jump in. This topic has generated a lot of comments on " who is who ".

I begin by saying most of my friends have relocated to Sheridan because of its beauty and life style. My wife moved her from Indiana and calls Sheridan "HOME". There are many who live here who have chose to leave families and friends to live here. These people have made an important contribution to Sheridan.

I believe people are like trees ( if I may use this analogy ). The root system that is established is done over time to make a tree withstand winds and bad weather.
As people establish to this community they become rooted and are more apt to survive the Bad weather. No you do not have to be born here to be a full pledged " SHERIDANite".

I have seen those that have come to this community drawn by a job offer stay only until something better comes along.
Their intentions are good but the planting is bad.

I wish to close by restating that many people who have relocated to Sheridan are advovates of this western lifestyle, valuable contributors to our city, and my friends.

I believe however when possible we should look within our community for future talents and responsibilities.

Steve Brantz
Ward #3 Councilor

Just imagine where we would

Just imagine where we would be with a city administrator in place.The administrator was another of kinskeys games in an effort to remove the use of popular vote to make decisions in city goverment.

With a city administrator we'd currently be looking at kinskey and the administrator picking out a police chief right now.Council could be bypassed altogether,just like kinskey wants it.